Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 10th

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Seasonal Sightings

Media Men: Miguel Di Cachi

Miguel Di Cachi by Joan Crisol

Miguel Di Cachi on Instagram 

Joan Crisol on OnlyFans

Simon MacCorkindale in Falcon's Gold

 An archaeologist travels to Mexico to investigate rumors of the discovery of the ancient statue of a fertility goddess.

What does 1982's Falcon's Gold  (Robbers of the Sacred Mountain) have in common with Mare of Easttown, well nothing really.  But... one could argues, without Falcon's Gold, there may never have been a Mare of Easttown or any other original show or movie on cable.

Back in the early 80's, HBO, Showtime and Cinemax were mostly playing movies after their run in the theatres.  In 1982, Showtime's Falcon's Gold has a small place in history as being the very first film shot exclusively for a cable network.  It was a big deal at the time and it's success led to many original movies and television shows and the TV landscape we have today.

Last month, when I profiled actor Simon MacCorkindale, (HERE:) I thought I caught all of his nude scenes.  I'd forgotten about his 'cable rated' skin in Falcon's Gold.  Simon doesn't show much, but he looks pretty fetching with his come hither look laying in the hot tub.  Simon also is forced to put on a loincloth for a homoerotic fight.  I added some videos from the film, but apologize, I could not get the sound to work when I made the clips.


What They See: Jon by Richard Rothstein

'Photographing favorite models is how I do a housewarming.'

Regular FH readers are keenly aware of the unique way Richard Rothstein throws a housewarming.  While some of us have a few friends over for a BBQ or some Chinese take-out, Richard's method of celebrating is far more intimate and requires only one invite. It's also a function that he's fortunate to be able to repeat again and again.  Last month, after a recent move a few floors up, I featured Richard's housewarming with Jacob. (Under the Same Roof).  

For today's piece, Richard continues his housewarming tradition, this time, it is Jon Whitney who's leaving his beautiful naked imprint, both digitally, and directly, on Richard's furniture.  Some of you may remember Jon from his last appearance on the site.  Last year, I featured the New York based model's work with New Light Photo. (Compositional Elements)  Although 2020 was pretty much a shit year, one of the highlights for me was discovering Jon's work and following his many shoots and modeling jobs on his Instagram. 

On the surface, Housewarming parties are about new home owners showing off their new digs.  To show off how they've put together their furniture, their artwork and their new rooms.  In reality, it's a really a great chance to be nosey and judgemental.  Housewarmings usually mean a tour.  A chance to go from room to room and give positive feedback about all the homeowners hard work.

Of course we're usually quite kind,  at least to the homeowners face.  In reality, we're often pretty judgemental, taking note of their choices, both those we'll copy, and those we'll avoid.  In many ways, photo shoots are much like housewarming parties.  Photographers put their new work out there to both be seen and be judged. 

With Richard's work with Jon, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute, and every inch of the tour.  Jon is the perfect guide and a spectacular centerpiece, to all that surrounds him.  In addition to the hot naked models, Richard's apartment shoots also provided a visual smorgasbord of contrast and detail.  I'm always fascinated in the art on Richard's walls, what's lying on his tables, and what books are on the shelves.  Most interesting for me, the incredible panoramic views from the apartment's many windows. 

Whenever I visit a person's home for the first time, I'm less interested in what they have, and more intrigued with what they see.  I always spend time looking out their windows, and checking out their views.  Can they see streets, other people's backyards, into the windows of nearby homes or building.  Whenever I'm looking for a new home, I'm as interested in the view from the living room, than the living room itself. 

We spend countless hours thinking about the colors of our walls, and what art to place upon them. I spent just as much time placing furniture, to ensure the I get the perfect view when seated.  I love to look out of windows, whether while eating in the kitchen, sitting at my desk in the bedroom, or on a chair in the living room.  I love that Richard's apartment tour not only gives us his view from inside, but from outside as well.  

No tour of Richard's apartment would be complete without a welcome from Teddy.  Teddy was certainly a big part of Jacob's shoot,  (HERE:) and made sure that Jon felt right at home as well. 

Jon on Instagram

Richard Rothstein on OnlyFans