Saturday, September 23, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 24th

Jocelyn by Saki
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Bienvenue Automne

🍂  Welcome Autumn! 🍂

End of the Seasonal Sightings:

'Summer's lease hath all too short a date.'
William Shakespeare

With the arrival of Autumn this weekend, it's time to transition from Summer seasonal sighting to visuals of fall.  As I usually do, I'm emptying out my summer folder and posting many of my favorite images, that I didn't get to use over the last few months. we transition from lush greens and bright blues, to comfy orange and browns, check out some of the extra summer shots, and lots of mooning men, on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Mindy's Men: Glenn Howerton

Earlier this year, as part of my remedy for insomnia, I started binging The Mindy Project.  I've previously shared, that I often choose to watch a sit-com at bedtime, something silly and not mentally taxing to help lull me into dreamland.  I enjoyed the first few seasons of The Mindy Project, but got a little blasé about the show after about season 3.

The Mindy Project

Recently, while checking out some episodes of ER, a show I don't recommend using to fall asleep, I saw a familiar face.  The adorable face belonged to actor Glenn Howerton who played Cliff, one of Mindy's boyfriends in several episodes, starting in season 2, of the sit-com.  On ER, Howerton Dr. Nick Cooper in about a half a dozen episodes on the show's 10th season.


I loved me a little Dr. Nick, and was disappointed the hot intern left so early in the season.  ER was one of the actors early roles after beginning his professional career in the early 2000's. Howerton had moved to California after graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts as part of Group 29 from New York's Juilliard School's Drama Division.

One of his first regular roles was in the short lived That 80's Show,  and small roles in films including Serenity and Must Love Dogs.  Soon after, Howerton took the role he's most famous for, Dennis in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

I've never seen It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but always wanted to give it a go.  It seems like the little show that could, remaining on the air since 2005, without really getting a lot of media attention.  In addition, from the few clips that I've seen, they get often find reasons to get Howerton out of his clothes. 

Une Belle Matinée: Jocelyn by Saki

Oh, what a beautiful mornin' 
Oh, what a beautiful day 
I've got a beautiful feelin' 
Everything's goin' my way

FH viewers how much I love the changing of seasons, especially when that change is from summer to fall.  This past summer has been a difficult one for many.  Usually it's filled with sun filled days, time at the beach and outdoor fun. Where I live, it was a summer filled with wild fires and smoke, floods and lots and lots of rain.

There weren't many morning like the one written by composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist Oscar Hammerstein for the musical Oklahoma.  When Curly belts out that number at the beginning of the show, the tone is set for what's to come.  This morning, although it's now officially Autumn, we had one of those days.  Cool, sunny with the promise of eight to ten hours of sunshine and warmth. 

It was on a bright Autumn morning that Saki and Jocelyn got together to shoot.  I loved that Saki opened his shoot with Jocelyn opening those big barn doors, looking out at the sun, and basking in all that lay ahead.  FH know Saki from his work as a model, my most recent piece, featuring his many naked dips in the Mediterranean.  (HERE)  As much as I love Saki's work as a model, I also love the beautiful tone he sets when stepping behind it.  

One of my favorite pieces from last year was Saki's shoot in the garden with Joffery. (HERE:) Since then, I've wanted to return to that garden, and share more of Saki's work as a photographer.  Thankfully, he was on board when I recently shot him a list of some of my favorite models that he's worked with.  Near the top of that list was his work with the scrumptious Jocelyn.

How did you first connect with Jocelyn?
We followed each other on Flickr and Jocelyn really wanted to pose in front of my lens: he did it twice! 

What struck you first about his appearance?
His slight squint and the unusual curvature of his erect penis 😊 

Was Jocelyn comfortable posing nude?
Jocelyn was very comfortable with nudity, 

Did Jocelyn share why he chose to pose nude?
The discussions tend to take place after the shooting but we have not discussed his motivations 

Where did this shoot take place?
These images are from our second shoot. They were taken in my "garden" (interior of the "wagon", cellar, exterior) 

Love those barn windows, is there a story behind them?
My father has a garden in the Paris region on which my grandfather placed an old freight wagon (very fashionable in France in the 1950s with the working classes to spend the weekend). Very rudimentary comfort (neither water nor electricity): 1 table, 4 chairs, 1 armchair, 1 wardrobe, 1 bookcase! 8/ no preferences.

What was your favorite part about working with Jocelyn?
I liked everything 😊