Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TV Hunks of the Week: The Bolen's from Desperate Housewives

I have not written much about 'Desperate Housewives' lately. I stopped watching last season when they killed off the wonderful Nicolette Sheridan. She made the show special to me with some of the best line delivery on prime time. Keeping Dana Delany, (usually amazing, on DH boring as sin), was a mistake. That along with Marc Cherry's inability to maintain any sort of consistency with his writing and storytelling and the fact that even though gay, he could not write a decent storyline for a gay character with a gun to his head!

I have DVR's the last couple of episodes for two reasons. Firstly because of the promos for the plane crash storyline. Secondly, I was interested to see if Drea de Matteo could bring any life to a show I once liked. Well I watched a couple of episodes last night, and I was write to stop watching. The storylines for the main characters remain repeats of seasons past. Well acted, but poorly written and repeats. Drea heads the new family on the block, The Bolens and they were the only thing that remotely interested me. Jeffrey Nordling plays Nick Bolen, and Beau Mirchoff plays his son Danny. These two actors, both appealing, talented and HOT were, along with Drea the most interesting thing about the hour. Of course I will continue to watch for a bit, but... as you know Cherry cannot write for male characters, nor non housewives, so both will be written out before I have time to get my interest back.

I usually am not so negative about a show, but it is difficult when a show began with such talent, such promise, such ratings and BLOWS IT! 'Housewives' still brings in the ratings, but it is not because it deserves it. The ratings are for the past seasons, not the current one. I think viewers keep hoping it will back to where it once was. Not sure it is possible. As talented as the four leads are, even they are not able to continue enthusiasm over scenes that are repeated over and over and over again. That being said, Beau and Jeffrey are worth a look!

Beau Mirchoff

I began a crush on Beau Mirchoff when he was on 'Heartland'. Adorable, and mega talented. Hopefully when Cherry writes Beau out he will move on to bigger roles more deserving of his talent.

Below: Beau in 'The Grudge 3'. Thanks to Superherofan for the caps!.

Jeffrey Nordling

Jeffrey Nordling began acting professionally in the late 80's and turned up on many of my favorite shows. I really crushed over Jeffrey when he played Sela Ward's ex on Once and Again. The producers wisely put Jeffrey in tight jeans in many of his scenes and although I, like Sela would have chosen Billy Campbell, I would certainly have kept Jeffrey around.

Jeffery in 'And The Band Played On' (1993). Thanks to Charles for the download!

Just Because: Once & Again...

Just because: Since we are discussing Jeffrey Nordling, where the heck is season 3 of Once and Again???? The wonderful show ran for 3 seasons on ABC. With a devoted following, the Sela Ward, Billy Campbell show has only released 2 seasons on DVD, with season 3 announced for release a few years ago. Season 3 NEVER materialized, and with just 1 left, please release it! This exceptional family drama also starred Shane West and Evan Rachel Wood and deserves closure on DVD.

Favorite Face Of The Day: Gerrad Bohl

Some of you might remember a few recent posts I have done on one of my favorite photographers, Bill McClaren. Bill has been wonderful to help with some of my posts and I often check out his site and MM page to see his new work. In doing so recently I was instantly drawn to Gerrad Bohl.

I am sure when most see shots of Gerrad they are drawn to his amazing head of hair. With me it was his face. Strong, beautiful, reminiscent of a mythic hero of the past. Gerrad, and the artists who have shot him, have created a dramatic portfolio with images that highlight not only his strong face but his toned body and hypnotic blue eyes.

Below: Gerrad by Scott Marrs.

Gerrad describes his profession not just as a model, but adds Actor, Singer, Editor, Author, and Dancer to the list. Besides his modeling, Gerrad has extensive theatre credits and has most recently has worked on NBC's Trauma. Gerrad is also an editor and author for a website called Artistic Things which features art of all kinds. Be sure to check out that site HERE: Gerrad also has a website that is Under construction, but by the looks of the home page will have lots of info and pictures when up and running. You can bookmark that site HERE:

Below: Gerrad by Paul Mariano.

Gerrad Bohl

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 170 lbs
Measurements: 40-31-36
Shoe size: 10
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Experience: Experienced

Below: Gerrad by Sockpuppet Studios.

Next two shots by Stan Moreland.

Below: Gerrad by William D. Walsh.

Below: Gerrad by N C B Photography.

Below: The amazing shots below all by the great Nicolas Smith.

Gerrad Bohl by Bill McClaren

Some of my favorite shots of Gerrad are by one of my favorite photographers Bill McClaren. I have been been fortunate to have Bill assist me with showcasing his work in the past and love his shots of Gerrad, especially the one below. Check out more of Bill's work HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 1st

Great shot from Southwest Photography!

Keep The Promise