Sunday, April 5, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 6th

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Succulent Selfies

Hat or no Hat?

Instagrams that Inspire: Leslie Jordan

'Me, a homosexual? The very idea makes me howl with manly laughter.'
Beverley Leslie

Eating Out: All You Can Eat

Many of you may already have heard, but one of the best remedies to isolation anxiety is spending some time with actor and comedian Leslie Jordan!  Although Leslie gained mainstream attention for his role on Will & Grace, you no doubt have seen him before.  Jordan's been a fixture on television and in film since the early 80's.  I think one of the first times I took notice was after seeing his turn as 'Brother Boy' aka Tammy Wynett in Sordid Lives. (2000)

The first night I discovered Jordan's Instagram, I went down the rabbit hole watching and enjoying videos for over an hour.  Jordan is a natural storyteller and in addition to being hilarious, many of his stories are incredibly touching, especially the ones about his father.  The 'bride doll' on Christmas Eve being my favorite.  Jordan tells tales of his many roles in Hollywood, his co-stars, his family and riding his bike (wicker basket and all) to farm markets on Sunday mornings.

I especially love Jordan's stories about his co-stars, including the recurring theme about his crush on American Horror Story co-star Dylan McDermott.   McDermott also pops up occasionally in the comments section responding to Jordan's posts.  I think one of the most surprising things about Jordan's videos was finding out what a crazy busy schedule he has.  We often assume the actors we see on TV and on film, shoot their projects, then lie around their swimming pool.  Jordan is on the road constantly, some weeks, making two or three videos, each from a different State he's visiting or performing his one man show in.


Some of you may have seen Jordan's Dorito's Superbowl commercial.  I had to add it given it also featured  Nick Ayler, a model and DJ that FH have enjoyed for many years.

Classic Playgirl 1985: The Full Mark Monty

'The six-foot, 18 pound body ripples with perfectly aligned muscles.'

Mark Monty
Playgirl's Man for April
Photography: Laura Bergman

Spring is finally making it's comeback to Rochester, new York. The maples and birches are thawing out, flashing green hints of foilage to come. Like the trees that the line the street where he lives, 27 year old Mark Monty is strong and easy to lean on... both physically and emotionally.

'I always wanted to be a centerfold for Playgirl Magazine. That was just a short-term goal tough, I'm hoping this will springboard into something a little longer-lasting. Acting would be nice!'
Mark Monty

Room, Bed & Bored: Stephen by Jack Saul Photography

Bedgasm: The feeling of complete and utter euphoria which peaks when climbing into bed at the end of a long and difficult day.

In this time of social distancing and isolation, it's tempting to spend more time in bed.  Our beds are a source of comfort we take to in times of both pleasure and pain.  With our lives feeling a bit like the movie Groundhog Day,  I don't think I remember a time when I've so looked forward to bedtime and the welcomed hiatus that sleep can provide.

Although I'm working at home these days, I've resisted spending more time in bed than I normally would do.  I force myself to get up early, and stay out of my bed until bedtime.  Some days it's easier than others....   Some nights, our minds churn with worry, dread and negative thoughts.  Some nights however, if we're lucky, we're able to focus those thoughts on future fun and fantasy.

If you need any specific inspiration, there is a  room and bed many FH readers are familiar with.  London based photographer Jack Saul has utilized this room, or one in the same hotel just like, as his makeshift studio many times, and I've been fortunate to have featured many of the models and shoots on the site.  It's always interesting to see how a model responds and interacts with a specific location, and Stephen appears to be enjoying his horizontal hiatus.

Jack had been hoping to work Stephen for awhile, having followed his work as a model, dancer and blogger.  Unfortunately, Stephen isn't performing any longer, but Jack had always been intrigued by the way he performed in his Youtube videos.  Jack was also impressed with his ability to weave classical dance and ballet poses with confident eroticism (doing the splits with an erection...) into his modeling work.

'I have since 'borrowed' some of Stephen's poses and concept within some of my own shoots. Although he's now more focused on a career in beauty/fashion, he was up for a shoot and we decided after connecting on Instagram that we should do a very basic, stripped down shoot.'

Stephen really enjoyed the experience, and was especially impressed with how chilled out and easy going Jack was during the process.   Stephen wasn't initially sure how the stripped down process would go, especially given Jack uses only natural light, and no post production.   After seeing the final images however, he was really thrilled out it all turned out.