Thursday, April 22, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 22nd

Above: Beautiful shot by Fabien Lemaire:

Earth Day:
Hope it becomes more than a day, but a way of life.

Happy Birthday today April 22nd to:

Happy Birthday Today April 22nd to:

Brazilian football superstar Kak√° turns 28 today.

Ingo Rademacher turns 39 today.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan turns 44 today.

Actor Chris Makepeace turns 46 today.

Actor Ken Olandt turns 52 today. (See previous post on Ken).

Steve Bond turns 57 today.

The great Jack Nicholson turns 73 today.

Jumping The Gay Shark

I have been writing, like many on how this season of American Idol is not holding my attention. The reasons are many;

-Paula is Gone
-Randy is like a broken record, nothing new to say
-Simon is bored and makes no attempt to hide it
-Bringing Kara on was a huge mistake. Her first goal is obvious...make Kara famous.
-Ellen's huge talent does not transition well to Idol.
-The singers this year, with a couple of exceptions really do suck. The exceptions may have talent but not one can muster much excitement from anyone.
-The show has done NOTHING to bring anything new to the show except bring in new judges. Same old songs, same old mentors, same old theme weeks. Same group numbers that make everyone cringe.
-The show is now 9 years old.

I think the show actually jumped the shark at two moments last year. The first jump was when it was announced that Kara was joining the show. There was no real reason to mess up the judging panel. The show was still at the top of the ratings and attempts at 4 judges (with guests) in the past ended in failure. It is obvious now that all the 'All About Eve' type rumor were indeed true. The only reason to bring on another judge, a female at that was to push Paula out the door. I don't think anyone knew how drastically this would change the feel of the show. I certainly did not.

The second jump was a little less obvious and one the show could not have predicted. That jump occurred when Glee hit the air. Idol showed that there is an audience for variety, not the variety from the Donny & Marie and Sonny & Cher days, but a variety show for the present. Music, jokes and a hint of drama. Idol ran this wave for 9 years but then this little new show, on Fox no less began. It has music, laughs and a hint of drama. People found another way to hear bad covers of old songs each week. Unlike Idol however, Glee embraced the hokey, musical, karaoke aspect to covering old and new music in a way Idol almost seemed embarrassed about. Idol shoved corny down our throats each week, yet nailed singers to a cross when they were corny. The presented week after week retooled crap yet at the same time claimed they were looking for originality. The hypocrisy was becoming clearer to audiences each week.

Last night I turned on the tv around 10 pm only to discover I had not even remembered Idol was doing 'Idol Gives Back'. In any year in the past 9 this would have bothered me. Last night I did not care. The first 'Idol Gives Back' was an emotional filled 2 hours that had me donating money. The only thing I wondered last night was why The Black Eyed Peas feel the need to accept every invitation they get. They really need to be more selective. I read this morning Tim went home. I will miss him. He was a cutie and when I watched my DVR of the show he always brought a smile to my face. But unlike past years (like the Clay/Reuben year) I was not invested in any of them.

The Only show with music I wanted to watch this week was Glee and Idol ruined that by going over it's time limit and cutting off my recording. Thankfully I have heard Fox is repeating it tomorrow.

Idol has jumped the shark, and, given I believe Glee is part of the reason, it is the gay shark. With Idol running from everything gay, corny and Broadway the past 9 years... I find this both ironic and appropriate.