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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 15th

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Crack of Dawn

Michael Walker & the Art of the Stomach Selfie

Although Michael Walker's ass looks good from any angle, he seems keenly aware, there is one angle that's especially welcoming and delicious.  Many have done the 'stomach selfie', lying on one's stomach and taking a full body shot.  I' m not sure anyone has perfected it quite the way Michael has.

Michael's lines, curves and dimples, especially from this angle, are a work of art.  You get a close up of his great face and lips, then his beautiful round butt cheeks make the perfect view in the rear.

Cary Elwes: Sponge Worthy?

Beth: I realized after three years of marriage that David's little quirks were getting on my nerves
Jerry Seinfeld: Three years is a long time to be married

A few years after playing Westley in A Princess Bride, and appearing in Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Cary Elwes played a small role in The Wait Out, an episode in the eighth season of Seinfeld.  Thanks to a comment by George, (duh) Beth and David decide to divorce.  Great news for Jerry and Elaine, who have been waiting to swoop in and date the now separated couple.

Although I'm not a devote Princess Bride film, I did like the 1987 flick, especially Elwes and his sexy blonde bangs.  I think I really noticed the London born actor a the following decade in the 1993 flick The Crush. When I started this piece, I thought I'd be capping Elwes brief shower butt flash, but a little research indicates that beautiful wet behind was most likely a body double.  There was however, an earlier nude scene I had hand't heard about.

Lady Jane (1986)

Elwes looks especially fetching as Guilford Dudley, romancing Lady Jane Grey (Helena Bonham Carter) in the 1986 drama Lady Jane. Once again, Elwes' beautiful blonde hair takes center stage in this period romance.  Sadly, (spoiler alert) the romance doesn't end well for Guilford and Lady Jane. Unlike in The Crush however, Elwes' brief butt baring appears by the scenes edit, to be actually him.

This brings my Sponge Worthy series to an end, but there were a few other actors of note I didn't want to leave out.  Check them out on PAGE 2 HERE:

An Artistic Sense of Self: Francesco by Jack S Photography

'Francesco is the sort of model that really pushes the boundaries of the shoot in order to try to make it the best it can possibly be.'

There are some artists, who compile portfolios that I always looked forward to going back to and checking out. In the case of London based photographer Jack S, I return to check out his port, on almost a weekly basis.  Jack S is always updating his work, and always looking for new, interesting, and incredibly hot models to crate with, capture and share.

One quick glance at Jack's new work of Francesco had me quickly getting in touch.  The 26 year old London based model has an incredible look with his olive skin, beautiful hazel eyes and swoon worthy long flippy hair.  I'm a sucker for long flippy hair, and Francesco wears it exceptionally well!

The Italian born Francesco didn't initially intend to become a model, his passions actually lie on the other side of the camera as a photographer and cinematographer. When Francesco lived in Rome, his work within the cinema industry also provided many other opportunities in the industry, including modeling.  He decided to give it a go, and while following his passion to shoot his own work, he took advantage of the modeling opportunities to shoot and connect with other artists and photographers.

After moving to London, Francesco was looking to continue modeling, which led to his connecting and working with Jack. Jack says that Francesco's background as a cinematographer led to an interesting shoot as Francesco has a very strong artistic sense of himself, and really enjoys pushing  boundaries during the creation process.  A photographers dream!

The images you're enjoying are all from Jack, but he wasn't the only photographer capturing Franesco during the shoot. Brian from Qudos Photography joined Jack and Francesco for the shoot and you can see some great extra's and behind the scenes shots that Jack took of both Brain and Francesco on PAGE 2 HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for September Francesco 14th

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Happy Birthday today September 14th

Happy 41st to former Rugby player Ben Cohen!

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Come Sail Away

Sponge Worthy: Coda

Today marks the conclusion of my salute to Seinfeld's sponge worth men.  In the last month I've featured actors Patrick Warburton, Brian Mcnamara, Tom Verica, John Bolger and Cary Elwes. Given Elaine had over fifty 'boyfriends' during the series run, not to mention all of the sponge worthy friends of Kramer, George and Jerry, I could have gone on for awhile.  The guys below are all guys who made the list, sponge worthy for sure, but one sponge only....

Scott Patterson

Scott Patterson
Billy: The Sponge
Season 7 (1999)

Elaine can't decide whether Billy (Patterson) is sponge worthy, but finally agree's if he shaves his sideburns and cleans his bathroom.  Patterson's appearance means both Lorelai and Luke from Gilmore Girls made appearances on the sit-com

David James Elliott 

David James Elliott
Carl: The Couch
Season 6 (1998)

I never really got the appeal of David James Elliott, he was for me, a guy my mom liked to watch on television.  I did however think he looked pretty hot as Carl, the moving guy who moves Jerry's couch into Elaine's apartment. His relationship with Elaine does't last long, when she finds out he's pro-life, she ends it quickly.

Nicholas Walker

Nicholas Walker
Glenn: The Strongbox
Season 9 (2001)

Glenn is poor, which Elaine struggle with, but his being married seals the deal.  I was going to do a main piece on actor and former Soap Hunk Nicholas Walker, but couldn't find a decent copy of the 1997 flick Amnesia.  Walker is supposed to have a nude scene in, but there was none to be found in the copy I downloaded. 

Blake Gibbons

Blake Gibbons
Lyle: The Summer of George
Season 8 (2000)

I've always thought actor Blake Gibbons had a unique but strong sex appeal, and love him as Jerry's date's roommate/boyfriend in his Seinfeld appearance.

Anthony Starke

Anthony Starke
Jimmy: The Jimmy
Season 6 (1999)

Jimmy likes working out, Jimmy likes Elaine, Jimmy likes to speak in the the third person.  That doesn't stop Elaine going on a date.  I don't blame Elaine, Jimmy was annoying, but he and Anthony Starke are pretty cute.

Dan Cortese

Dan Cortese
Tony: The Stall
Season 5 (1997)

Both George and Elaine have a crush on Tony, (Cortese).  Jerry thinks he's a mimbo, and after Tony has an accident, causing damage to his face, Elaine breaks it off realizing she was only attracted to his good looks.   If it were still the 90's, there would be tons of hot shots of Cortese to find and share, but today... not so much.

Anthony Cistaro

Anthony Cistaro
Joel: The Masseuse
Season 5 (1997)

I thought Anthony Cistaro was adorable as Joel, Joel Rifkin, the boyfriend with the same name as the famous serial killer. I didn't know Anthony was a teen idol in the late 70's after appearing with Dyan Cannon in the 1978 TV movie Lady of the House.

There were several other actors who appeared on the show who've made previous appearances on FH: They include Matt McCoy, David Naughton & Jeff Yagher. (Below)

Jeff Yagher