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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 16th

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Happy Birthday today October 16th

Happy 67th to actor Jim Youngs!

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Horror Hunks: John Phillip Law in The Spiral Staircase

'A mute woman's unspeakable terror!'

Thanks again to Mario Cantone, who along with Ben Mankiewicz,  co-hosts Monday's Creepy Cinema on TCM, I discovered yet another film to love, and another actor from the 70's to lust after.  The hunk in question this time, is John Phillip Law.  Law had a long career in Hollywood beginning the 50's all the way through to the 2010's. 

Law appeared in close 70 films, both Foreign and American based. Some his most well known roles include; The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad and in the role of Pygar in 1968's Barbarella.  It was actually Barbareela star Jane Fonda who recommend Law to co-star with her in the film.

In 1975's The Spinal Staircase we're introduced to Helen, (Jacqueline Bisset).  Helen has been incapable of speech since seeing her husband die.  Helen ends up at her elderly, invalid grandmother's old mansion on, of course, a dark and very stormy night.

The Spiral Staircase

At the mansion, she meets her uncle Dr. Joe Sherman, a respected psychiatrist played by actor Christopher Plummer.  There are a few other interesting characters thrown in, including her grandmother's no-nonsense nurse played by  Elaine Stritch.  Both Plummer and Stritch are great in their roles, as is Mildred Dunnock who places the grandmother.

We also meet Steven, Joe's younger brother who seems to be estranged from his family.  Steven is played by John Phillip Law..  Steven becomes the prime suspect when a deranged serial killer starts murdering members of the household staff, starting with those who are disabled.

The movie is a bit campy, and given Bisset cannot speak, she mostly runs in terror, with her screams not heard, just seen as gasps of breath by the audience.  Despite the contrived set up, I was drawn into the story, and the terror of being in mansion, during a huge storm, with a killer on the loose.  This film was first made in 1946, and I've read that version is much better.  I plan to check it out when time allows.

Barbarella (1968)

There was no nudity in The Spiral Staircase, but there was a shower scene that with a wet Law that had me wanting to see more.  After seeing some of his publicity shots for Barbarella, I was hoping he might have some nude scenes on his resume....

An initial search didn't really come up with much, a few 'quick or you'll miss them' butt scenes, but I deeper dive, especially into work in Foreign films, did lead to an interesting find, and an interesting full frontal.  Check out my Actors & Skin feature on Law on the next page HERE: & HERE:

Into the Wilds: Conner & Nico by Gordon Nebeker

'The concept for the shoot was pretty loose, simply ‘boy friends out in the wilderness.'  Both Conner and Nico were up for making things a bit more edgy than their previous shoot had been.'

Exploring relationships is one of my favorite parts about working on FH.  I love following and spotlighting models and photographers who have worked together frequently over an extended period of time.  It's especially fascinating seeing a model's first shoot with an artist, then getting to see new work that they've created sometimes many years later. 

Although photographer Gordon Nebeker is always on the lookout for new models to shoot, he also genuinely values the trust and the relationships that he's formed with many of the models he's worked with.  So many of my favorite shoots from Gordon have been with models he's worked with multiple times.  

So many of my favorite images don't come from the first, but from the second, third or forth times working together..  With trust established, and a relationship formed, both model and photographer often feel less restrained and more comfortable with pushing creative boundaries.  This is certainly the case with Gordon's work with Nico and Conner.

Many of you might remember Gordon's work with Conner and Nico from last year.  I featured their work individually, and together in a series of pieces last summer. (HERE:)  Gordon thought their chemistry was so good the first time, he wanted to bring them together again.  Both Conner and Nico eagerly accepted Gordon's proposal for a recurrent rendezvous.

This series of images were shot this past spring in Florida.  The shoot was scheduled over two days with the first day being both location, as well as shooting some of Gordon's exceptional, and popular underwater work.  The second day, they headed to a clothing optional campground about a 90 minute drive from Gordon's home in Florida.  All of these photos were taken there.

'My shoots are usually collaborative and I will suggest a loose ‘plot’ and the guys will often create their own poses with suggestions from me as to what tweaks will make the photo better. The photos together tell a story but I like to think each photo can also stand alone.. Nico and Texas are both excellent models and it is always a pleasure to work with them. '

As I mentioned, with trust and relationships established, models often feel more open to pushing both their personal, and creative boundaries.  Both Nico and Conner wanted more an edgier shoot, with a more erotic feel this time around.  Check out the results,  some behind-the-scenes shots, and Conner and Nico's thoughts on the shoot, and on each other.  Check out more on the NEXT PAGE HERE: