Friday, September 11, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 12th

Travis by Sergei K
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Happy Birthday today September 12th

Happy 35th to Yao Ming!

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Instagrams That Inspire

Getting yet another deep gasp of summer enjoying model Ryan Greasley recent Instagram post!

Big Fish

Back in 2008, I did a multi-post feature on my favorite CNN Men. (What was I thinking...) I have not watched much CNN since then to be honest, but this week the election (and being home from work with a cold) had me back watching.

I have always loved me some Chris Cuomo, not only incredibly hot with a great smile, Chris has a really engaging presence on television and seems like a genuinely nice guy. Chris was all over CNN this week, not just his regular gig on New Day, but because of his interview with America's most distasteful and misogynous blow hard. Chris held his own, and although he maintained respect for his fellow New Yorker, his facial expressions told viewers he knew the puffed up buffoon was full of shit.

Video via Mediate

It was also fun seeing Chris relaxed playing along with Anderson Cooper and Company on CNN TV quiz show. Chris is quickly becoming a big fish at CNN, (cue gratuitous shirtless shots) and he might just have me watching again, even between elections.

Sergei K: Light at the Top of the Stairs

The Twins

Regular viewers of FH, especially those who read all my babbling between the many incredible images of men, know that there are certain themes and locations that I especially love. Two of my favorite locations used to shoot the male form, that I both like to feature, and to write about, are windows and staircases. I have written numerous times, especially about windows and their ability to reflect both emotion, and story to a particular set of images. If you search staircase, and especially if you search windows, you will see some of the many features based on the two themes.

Whenever I feature imagery with windows, I instinctively get curious about what's on the other side. What is the model looking at, and who on the other side might be looking back at the model. Whether it be Marlon Boro's large living room windows, Von Melzer's third floor window, Indulis shooting men with the endless stretches of land and water on the other side of the glass, windows bring depth and nuance to the male form in front of them.


Many use windows for practical reasons, the natural life means the hauling around of less equipment. This is especially true for the travelling artist who shoots most often in motel rooms and make shift studios they encounter on the road. Others use the window as a balancing point, a way to give depth and perspective to their images. Others, like Sergei K, use the windows for multiple reasons, both for light, and for story.


'I love using natural light, and I love shooting at the windows - it creates a perfect frame and the most gorgeous lighting. The sun is capricious, the light is there one moment and gone the next, catching it is a challenge and a joy, and taming it is an utter satisfaction :)'

Brandon S

I first featured Sergei's work in July and his incredible images of Sterling. (Undoubtedly Sexual) Sterling wasn't provided the soft light of windows, instead Sergei surrounded him only with blackness which powerfully highlighted his body and energy. These images, are a wonderful contrast and although equally erotic, have a totally different vibe and feel.

Sergei describes this location as a special place to shoot. The staircase, and the beautiful wooden framed window at the top of those stairs belong in Sergei's home. Everything I love about the two themes is present in Sergei"s images. The first image at the top beautifully illustrates the power of story with the use of windows. Something clearly drew the twins onto the ledge to gaze out of the window. It is that mystery of just exactly what, that makes the images so compelling.



I love Sergei's recent work with Travis, who as you can see, could get almost anyone to follow him up those stairs .  Sergei's images not only capture his amazing physique, they also captures his intensely soulful eyes.