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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 29th

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PLAYGIRL March 1982

Researching actor Steven Ford for the piece below, led me to his 1982 cover and interview with PLAYGIRL magazine.  In addition to Steven, the magazine had some great pictorials, including centerfold and man of the month Demian Wolf.  Check out the highlights on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Demian Wolf

Steven Ford in The Beneficiary

'There are lots of sins, and the judgement of how serious they all are is not something we're supposed to make.'

I never saw actor Steven Ford on The Young And The Restless, I was just a kid when he was a regular.  I was introduced to Mr. Ford when starting FH and was searching for celebrity birthdays. I thought the blonde hottie was adorable and featured him in the site's early first years.  I knew the son of former President Gerald Ford had done a butt scene in a soft-core flick, but hadn't seen it until last week.

The Young and the Restless

When searching for info on Ford, I came upon his 1982 cover and interview with Playgirl Magazine.  It was interesting to read Ford stammer over his thoughts on homosexuality.  He certainly equated it to sinning, not being gay, but the sexual act.  He went on to compare his smoking as being on the sin level as being gay.  It seemed to me, he was doing what a lot of famous people did in the 80's, play both sides of the fence.   Given it was 1982, and given he was the son of a Republican President, I'll cut him a little slack.  Many politicians that I like and respect weren't that 'publicly' enlightened even a decade or two ago.

The Beneficiary 

A man and woman detective team investigate the murder of a corporate president, but because the deceased was a friend of the male detective, he is reluctant to believe the signs that point to the widow as the killer.

Despite not being that enlightened about gay sex, he certainly seemed into the 'straight' sex scene in The Beneficiary.  Ford really seems to go for it with his enthusiastic thrusting.  If the actress looks familiar, you might know Stacy Haiduk from her role as Kristin/Susan on Days of our Lives.

A Strong, Cold Wind: Gabriele by macpics

'There was a fairly strong, cold wind blowing up from the south.'

I know it's still only spring, but today, I was craving a dose of summer.  With the year and a half so many of us have had, summer has never looked so good.  Although many parts of the world are opening up, there are still places where hope for a traditional summer is still up in the air.  Parts of  Europe, Canada and Australian have all recently gone into new lockdowns, some for the very first time.  Variants can spread quickly, especially when some prematurely, view the pandemic in their rear view mirrors.

No better reason then, to head out for a day at the beach.  If you're lucky enough, you might just find yourself alone, with the sand and ocean in front of you, all to yourself.  That's exactly what happened when Ian (macpics) and Gabriele headed out for their shoot.  It wasn't the pandemic however that left the beach deserted, it was the weather, and an especially strong, cold wind. 

'In accordance with whichever law it is which governs these things, the weather wasn't very good that week. We only had one full day of sun for beach shoots. It was a quite cool for the time of year. When we went to the beaches, there was a fairly strong, cold wind blowing up from the south. It comes straight up from the Antarctica with only Tasmania in the way.'

Many of you may remember my previous piece featuring Ian's work with Gabriele from last November. (Morning Coffee)  That story began as a beach piece, as this was the first series of Gabriele that I saw.  When Ian sent on more from their multi-day and multi-location shoot.  I decided to save these shots until the winter was over, and summer was closer at hand.

Although the wind may have made things chilly for Gabriele, and a pain for Ian, I think it adds a beautiful element to the series.  Wind has a way of making locations look even more majestic and more rugged.  As wonderful as it is to head to the beach on a nice sunny day, my favorite times to go are during or just after storms. The power of wind and waves makes for a striking visual, and I love the surf in the background and how the wind whips Gabriel's white shirt around. 

'Despite the weather, Gabriele was a trooper and posed in beachwear (and less) anyway. At one point at Point Impossible, where he wasn't so directly exposed to the wind, I started getting very frustrated because the camera started playing up, doing very strange things to the exposures. Gabriele also knows his way around a camera, but neither of us could figure it out. Thankfully by then, we'd captured some great images.'