Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 27th

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Creature Comfort:

It's beginning to look a lot like Twixmas....

As much as I love Christmas, I also love the days that follow.  The 26th marks the beginning of Twixtmas, the time between Christmas and New Years. For many, it's a busy time, highlighted by parties, family gatherings, and hitting the malls for holiday sales.  For me, and for FH, it's a quieter time meant for lounging, chilling, and self gifting the present of time and self indulgence. 

It's also the time of year to be fashionably comfy, and perfect time to pull out, the put on, and then pull off again, your track pants, your favorite pair of undies, your pj's or your holiday onesie. Today's theme is all about feeling comfortable and relaxed. You can check out my previous Twixtmas post on FH:  HERE: & HERE: HERE: & HERE:

The particular group of hot hunks in their loungewear were part of the series of images sent by Jeff from Shutterclickphx.  I love featuring Jeff's images over the holidays, and his Christmas story. (HERE:)  As these models prove, comfy clothing can still be incredibly sexy!  Check out more hot men lounging in and out of their comfy clothes on the NEXT PAGE HERE: Happy Twixtmas!

Twas Late Christmas Morning...

My man always works late Christmas Eve.  His job is a bit of a mystery, but he always comes home in the wee hours of the morning on Christmas night exhausted, and strangely, covered in soot.   This year however, when daybreak hit on the 25th, he still wasn't home.  This was a bit odd, as as late I know he works, he always told me he had to be done before the sun came up.

Since I was my usual degree of holiday horny, I decided it was time to get my candy cane stirring on my own.   Although it was usually Kris's sack that ignited my white Christmas,  this year, I'd have to improvise with just a little rub and tug with a little fleece and fur from Kris's extra winter hat.

Then what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a tardy hot boyfriend with a long erect spear.  The sugar high from the cookies, had clearly kicked in, he dove onto the mattress, and started to rim. Although Christmas was over, he eventually came, too bad all that sugar, hadn't improved his aim...

It wouldn't be a holiday without featuring the work of JayBee from Frisky Frolic. Jay is busy these days working on a special project, but promised to go through is archives to see if he could put his hand on some holiday images I haven't featured before.  He finally found them late last week, and they arrived via Instagram messenger late Christmas Eve.  Like most late Christmas gifts found a little late, the option is to share them, or else tuck them away until next year.  No tucking for moi!

12 Days: Julian Haig in Dial S for Santa

'A Christmas mystery with Lana, who comes back to her hometown to visit her mom for the holidays only to encounter Nick, a new police detective, with whom she teams up to discover who is behind a string of unusual burglaries in their town.'

Although I keep my tree up too long into January, I do change the lights to clear white, and take off anything Christmas related.  I add a few silver or gold balls, and it's now a 'winter' tree until I finally take it down mid to late January.  I don't however enjoy Christmas movies, or even hot naked guys in Santa hats after the 26th or 27th.  This means, this is my last 12 Days featuring films from the Christmas sesason.

I did catch Dial S for Santa, well, the second half, while wrapping a few gifts late on the 23rd.  The holiday movie wasn't a Hallmark film, but aired on the UPtv network.  I don't get that cable channel, but one of our local channels often plays their movies after they air officially on the cable network. I really wasn't paying much attention, excepted when Nick, a hot, chiseled face police officer, popped up on my screen.

I headed to IMDB  to discover that the hot cop was played by Canadian based actor and model Julian Haig. Haig was born in Melbourne, Australia and is the younger brother of Australian actress Georgina Haig,  Julian is also the son of Russell Haig, (Hagg) who served as art director on 1971's A Clockwork Orange

After high-school Julian obtained a Bachelor Degree in Sports and Exercise Science before making the move to acting and followed in his sister's footsteps. Deciding the right move was to study full-time acting, he auditioned for the full time Program at 16th St Actors Studio in Melbourne and was accepted. 

After he graduated in 2015, he  made the move to Vancouver, Canada.  Since moving to Vancouver, Julian has busy and has appeared in a variety of Vancouver based productions.  Haig has appeared on Arrow, Once Upon A Time, and had a recurring role as Elio on the CW's Riverdale.  I stopped watching Riverdale awhile ago, but after seeing a few caps of Julian on the show, might have to finally watch those last few seasons that I've avoided up until now. 

Julian doing the 'towel' challenge

Celebrating with KJ Apa


The Hesitant Hibernator: Ben by John Mar Photo

'The comfort of reclusion, the poetry of hibernation'
Marcel Proust

Usually this time of year, most bears have entered hibernation.  They usually head into their dens in late October or early November and nap and chill until spring returns.  During the winter, it's good for bears to minimize their skin and furs exposure to the harsh winter elements. 

Contrary to popular believe, bears do not actually fully hibernate during the winter.  They enter a lethargic state, and a lighter state of sleep called torpor.  They often wake up, but usually just roll over and doze off again.  Sounds like how many people in the North East and Midwest spend their January's and February's. 

Ben is one bear who fights the urge to hibernate during the winter.  Although he loves to snuggle into his cozy den, he has far too much energy to stay cooped up napping all winter long.  This bear is also California based, so sneaking out of his den, and checking out his surroundings, is an absolute must, regardless of the weather of season.

When photographer John Mar sent along a selection of models, and holiday photos, I knew these shots of Ben in his plaid onesie, would be perfect for Boxing Day and Twixmas week.   Although Ben doesn't officially hibernate, a day or two being snuggled and nuzzled by his bulging beautiful body would  beariffic. 

'Ben was such a fun model. He brought his red-and-black flannel onesie and it created such warm, inviting pictures, perfect for the holidays! I look forward to working with Ben again in 2024.'