Monday, September 13, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 13th

Beautiful shot of Samuel Boux by Chris Teel.
See (and hear) more below!

Happy Birthday today September 13th to:

Happy Birthday today September 13th to Sergio Parisse who turns 27 today. Check out last years post on Sergio HERE:

Also Celebrating today:
Braden Bacha turns 30.
Scott Vickaryous turns 35.
Fabio Cannavaro turns 37.
Jason Cook turns 30 today.
Tyler Perry turns 41 today.
& Roger Howarth turns 42 today.

Blog Reader Favorites:

Today I begin posting the Favorite shots from some of the readers of FH.
First up is Ben Adams as sent to me by Jill.

Jill is one of my favorite blog readers to hear from as she always has comments about my posts and is a great source of encouragement. Jill has also been responsible for several posts over the years on FH and had me spending quite a bit of time on the hunt for pics of Jay Ryan (aka Jay Bunyan). Jill Chose this shot of Ben Adams. Ben is an English singer-songwriter, best known as a member of the popular Boy band A1.

Jill says of Ben:

'I simply adore this guy. It's Ben Adams, a pop star from the UK, and he is simply gorgeous. He's cute, funny, witty and has the most beautiful hairy body. Here's a shot he did for a magazine. Sensational *swoon*, he's a super furry hunk'

Thanks Jill!
More pics to follow and please send in your favorite shot to

'Looking Into Your Eyes' by Samuel Boux

FH readers will know I have posted several times over the past several months about the beauty and the talent of musician Samuel Boux. Samuel's music has become a part of my evenings and helps me transition from the stress of my day into the relaxation of my evenings. Samuel's newest song 'Looking Into Your Eyes' is a great addition to his ever growing catalog of songs.

Take a listen for yourself at Samuel's page at REVERBNATION HERE:
If you have not already check out my previous posts on Samuel by clicking HERE:

I need to thank again my friend photographer Chris Teel who was responsible for introducing me to Samuel and his music through his work with him. Every time I post on Samuel Chris has supplied me with new material to share with FH. If you have not been to Fine Art Photography of Chris Teel be sure to drop by today! You can also check out more of Chris's work featured today at DNA online! Congrats Chris!

Marcus Mc Nevin Gets F E A R L E S S

21 year old Marcus Mc Nevin hails from Malahide in Dublin, Ireland. Marcus has been various sports since the time he could walk and has turned his love of sport and fitness into a career as a Qualified personal trainer.

Marcus is dipping his toes into the modeling world but plans to take the full plunge soon. He has some shoots planned to fill out his portfolio soon. Marcus is looking forward to making his way to New York in the future but in the mean time sent the two shots above to Justin Violini at Fearless.

The Fearless Project:
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More Marcus Mc Nevin:

A Look Back: The Astin Brothers

In the late 80's and early 90's, brothers Sean and Mackenzie Astin's smiling faces were seen all through the teen magazines. Their mother, Patty Duke is a well known actress known for her various tv roles as well as her battles with mental health issues and work with the Screen Actors Guild.

I was in my early teens at the time and remember crushing over MacKenzie when he was on 'The Facts Of Life' and Sean in 'Toy Soldiers'. The Astin brothers had and have two of the most adorable faces, Mackenzie's father is actor John Astin (The Adams Family) and Sean's dad is music promoter and writer Michael Tell although it was once rumored his dad was Desi Arnaz Jr who he most certainly resembles.

Both Mackenzie and Sean have worked steadily since their time as teen idols. Sean most recently appeared on tv's 24 and of course his time in The Lord Of The Rings saga. Mackenzie has been seen the last several years on tv shows such as Lost, House, Psych and My Name is Earl.

Mackenzie in 'Widows Kiss' (1996).

Sean in 'Toy Soldiers' (1991)

More Recent Shots of MacKenzie and Sean
Check out more of Sean in my Goonies post HERE: