Friday, March 22, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 22nd

Above: In the tub with Robbie Franco
-See more of Robbie below-

Happy Birthday today March 22nd

Above: Benjamin by Dylan Rosser

Happy Birthday Benjamin Godfre!
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Have You....

Have you got your hands on Dietmar yet and spread open the latest issue of tMf?
If not, what are you waiting for? Issue #8 is now ready for your viewing pleasure!!!

tMf Magazine

Ryan Farrell in The Americans

I have not watched The Americans yet, but I after checking out the previews and reading some of the reviews, I can't wait until life slows down so I can check out the episodes waiting on my DVR.

I love both Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys and after seeing caps of Canadian hottie Ryan Farrell from last weeks episode, I think it is time to get started!

Caps via DCform2

No Limits: Robbie Franco

Robbie by Westerhof

'I would love to do a shoot on a beach with an horse, totally naked! To work with Wagner LA, Rick Day, Dylan Rosser and so many more amazing photographers!'

2 images above from konuralpphotography

Amsterdam model Robbie Franco says he knows is limitations. Although as a teenager, it was his dream to become a top model, he felt he was too short at 1.78 cm, (about 5 feet 10.1 inches)and not masculine enough for modeling. After giving it a a try, without a great deal of success, he decided to give up.

2 images below by Farrand Bloch

Cut to 2009, almost two decades later. Although Robbie had thought the dream was dead, somewhere, deep inside it was still simmering. After seeing some incredible images on the web from photographer Gabriel Muñoz, Robbie decided to given it another shot. Robbie contacted Gabriel about a shoot and the Barcelona based photographer responded, welcoming him to collaborate. Gabriel and Robbie have not shot together four times, with a fifth to be schedule soon. Regardless of where it takes him, Robbie believes photography is an expression of art and he is enjoying being part of the creation process.

Remaining images from Gabriel Muñoz

'Working with Gabriel was amazing! It was my first shoot and I was nervous but excited to become one of his models. He is a very kind and respectful person and made me feel comfortable right away, I loved it!'

Born in Sevilla Spain, Robbie's exotic, not to mention erotic, look comes from his Spanish father and dutch mother. He describes his passions as Italian food, traveling, horses, movies and television (especially Walking Dead, The Americans, Arrow & Revenge) and spending as much time as he can on the beach!

Talking it all off for a shoot was a bit strange at first, but Robbie admits to being a bit of a show off, so after shaking off the nerves, he loved every minute of it! For now, Robbie has decided to keep his love of posing naked pretty low key, not discussing it with too many friends or family. Robbie says if he ever obtains the success of someone like a Benjamin Godfre that might change, but for now.... mum's the word!

When asked what bodies parts get the most attention, Robbie replied, 'My eyes, lips, feet, nipples and dick.' Although I wholeheartedly concur, I would most certainly add his torso, arms and butt to that extensive list.

What most impressed me when I first saw Robbie's images was the level of expression and emotion he is able to convey. Posing a model on a bed is a staple that many photographers of the human form use. You see variations of the same poses and images all the time. There was something special however about Robbie's work, especially with Gabriel. I love this series and these images have become some of my favorites featuring a model on a bed. Sexy, erotic with a hint of isolation and loneliness...waiting. Such beautiful lighting, highlighting both Robbie's smooth, tanned skin as well as his beautiful green eyes. I love each of the poses and how every inch of his body changes slightly within each image, to make every photo unique. Robbie's has an amazing ability to create stunning, dramatic and strong emotionally filled images by using parts of his body, his heart and soul. While viewing these images, any previously thought of limitations are wiped thoroughly away.