Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pic Series Of The Day: Matthew Naiman by Allen Zaki

Recently Photographer Allen Zaki shot model Matthew Naiman to build his portfolio. As you can see the results are pretty spectacular! Check out more of Allen's work at his site HERE: and Blog found HERE:

Hair: Etienne Ortega
Makeup: Lisa G
Stylist: Johnny Chavez

Model of the Day: Andres Gutierrez

Andres Gutierrez, one of the new faces at Red Models is certainly a stunning one! Here are a selection of some of my favorite pics of Andres.

Next two shots, by one of my favorites, Joseph Bleu.

Next Four shots by Kevin Polvent.

Last two pics by Samuel Zakuto.

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 16th

Such a great shot of Marcel from Vista Video by Hans Fahrmeyer.

Happy Birthday Today June 16th

Happy Birthday today June 16th to:

A favorite Actor of mine, Daniel Brühl who I first saw in a favorite film of mine, 'Good Bye Lenin' turns 31 today.

Daniel in 'Ein freund von mir' (2006)>

Daniel in 'Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken' (2004).

Actor, Model and Musician Michel Altieri turns 31 today.

Just Because: Gilles Marini

Wow, one of the hottest pics I have seen of Gilles Marini as he particpates in Cosmopolitan’s annual Naked Centrefold special to raise awareness of male cancer for the Everyman campaign.

Kudo's to Talk Show Hosts

Ok Ok, I just blogged below about not liking sites that serve to bring others down, but, at the risk at being called a hypirite....

Kudo's to Al Roker, Whoopi Goldberg and all the talk show hosts who are finally calling these two knobs for who they are. Their 15 minutes have to be up soon, PLEASE!!!

I think these two should always wear the masks!

Sex and Politics:

This is not a picture post, it is my views, feel free to skip!

The past week has had me receive my first hate emails.
Cool I guess, we cannot all agree.

I remember struggling awhile ago seperating my love of an entertainer and thier politics. The entertainer was actress Patricia Heaton. Seeing her on talk shows, I really differed with most of her views. I even stopped watching 'Everybody Loves Raymond' for awhile. Then I grew up just a little... 'Raymond' was one of my all time favorite sit-coms and Heaton as Debra was nothing short of amazing. I still don't agree with most of what she says, but that no longer stops me from enjoying her amazing work as an actress.

How sad that many cannot stomach Sean Penn movies (my all time FAVORITE actor) due to his politics. I do not want to be one of those people who shuns real talent and great work because of an actors views.

Now don't get me wrong, I might decided to throw out my DVD's of an actor convicted of some sort of violent crime or who did something pretty horrible, but there is a line.

I thought I was sort of sitting on the fence with the Palin/Letterman issue. I was critical of his joke, and stated I liked her in the past and complimented her hard work, but when push comes to shove I tend to believe she jumped on this issue with glee to scrape her way back into the headlines and onto the front pages. Just my thoughts. I hope my occasional rants on politics or a social issue don't turn people away, but if they do, oh well. Although I am not naive enough to think most click on Favorite Hunks for my views, I do hope however that the blog is just a little more than just pretty people pictures. Just a little...

But...I supported Hillary not Obama, I believe in Universal Health Care, I believe this country does not do enough to help those in need. I think the government is in far too many places they do not belong, but yet know, people are in need of financial aid right now. I want the money to go to adoption services, foster care, edcuation and not to banks and financial companies. I hate cruelty, I HATE P H and any site or person whose goal is bring others down.

But...I will be taking a bit of break from politics, I just felt there were a few public disappointments this week. The vultures decending on a good, decent man, Dustin Lance Black, Letterman, a comedian, getting called a pervert for a bad joke, a beauty queen with a right to her views, getting so much public air time, and even Obama, who I support, letting many down with the gay marriage issue.

I also know I know nothing, I just know what I feel.

Scene of the Day: Fraser Brown in 'The Insider's Guide To Happiness'

If you read this blog, you know I am a HUGE fan of the blogger Casperfan. Casperfan has introduced me to many men around the globe I had not heard of before. My most recent 'crush' via Casper fan is Fraser Brown from New Zealand. After watching a clip of Fraser in 'The Insider's Guide To Happiness', a New Zealand television drama I had to watch more.

Fraser is so hot! Not your typical tv hunk, well not typical in the US anyway. Fraser is a man of many talents, including being a former merchant banker after completing his degree in finance. He also is a accomplished skier and spent a year racing in Europe and as a ski instructor in the US. (maybe some of you swooped down a hill with him). Besides acting, Fraser also produces but his first love is acting.

"I spent a lot of time with my clothes off in this series," Fraser admits. "It's all right. I'm kind of used to it. But [as an actor] it's still challenging. I don't not enjoy it, but it's just weird."
Fraser Brown

Pic Series of the Day: Jason Boyce by Nate Jensen

Jason Boyce from Nous Model Management shot by Nate Jensen.
Great look, great shots!