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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 26th

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Seasonal Sightings:

 It ain't easy being green...  Soon, the wind will blow them all away, until then, relish the green!

FaVorites: Wiktor Sudol

Wiktor by Anthony Meyer

Wictor Sudol

Wiktor by Margaux Demaria

Height: 189 
Chest: 101 
Waist: 84 
Hips: 101 
Shoe: 45 
Hair: Light Brown 
Eyes: Blue

Wiktor by Frederic Monceau

Next 3 shots by Lulu Delafalaise

It was difficult to find much info, or a social media page, for model Wiktor Sudol.  It wasn't hard however, to find a slew of incredible shots from a great array of photographer to choose my favorites.

Remaining images by John La Bruce

Richard Egan: Putting the 'B' in Beefcake

Some FH readers may remember that I was well into my thirties before I gained an appreciation for classic films.  I avoided them, especially anything in black and white.  Thanks in part to working on the site, and in large part thanks to TCM, I've now taken a deep dive into classic films and the many hot actors who starred in them. 

Last month, TCM had another day and night devoted to actress Joan Crawford.  I'd seen a couple of the films on the schedule, but was intrigued by the write up and title of 'The Damned Don't Cry.'  I liked the film, but was more interested in the beginning, than the middle and end.  The 1950 film began with Crawford's Ethel, living in a rural community with her uncaring husband and his family.  

Tragedy strikes and Ethel changes her name, leaves her husband and his family and heads to the big city.  I was really drawn to the family briefly showed in the films opening scenes, especially the rugged handsome face of her husband played by actor Richard Egan.  I went out a hunt to find more of Richard's roles.

I'd actually seen the handsome actor before, but didn't connect him with the 1959 film,  A Summer Place.  Today, most actors do one or two films every few years, but during the fifties, Egan churned out over thirty films during the decade.   His roles slowed down in the 60's, but he still worked steadily in both film and on television.  Egan continued to work into the late 1980's with his last role being on the soap opera Capital. 

Searching for images of Egan quickly demonstrated he was promoted as quite the piece of beefcake at the time.  There are dozens of shots of his great chest and torso, and I'm guessing he was desired by many at the time.   Many of the shots I found appeared to promotional shots for Egan's role in 1955's Underwater.  The film seemed a great excuse to get actress Jane Russell wet and in a swimsuit, but there were also many hot shots of Egan underwater in his tight swimsuit.

I found a copy of Underwater, planning only to use it to get a few caps for this piece.  I quickly got into the film and ended up watching and enjoying the entire film.  Jane Russell does go in an out of an unfortunate accent for the film, but otherwise, it's a visually beautiful film to escape into.

With Gilbert Roland in Underwater (1955)

Two scuba divers find a shipwreck which may contain undiscovered treasure. However, their attempt to salvage it is threatened by scavengers.

An Early Autumn Day: Jay by Michael von Redlich

'And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.'
Oscar Wilde

Long time FH readers know how much I love seasonal sightings and how blessed I feel to live in an area with four distinct seasons.   Snow covered winters, blossoming springs, hot muggy summers, and spectacular falls.  

I think what I love most seasonal sightings is the change of colors.  White winters, pink, purple and blue springs, green summers and orange and red falls.  Without the distinct color changes, it would be like living in a large house with every room painted the same color.  No matter where you went in your house, the visual and feel would be the same.

When you're a kid, seasons are all about fun.  Skiing and skating one month, playing baseball the next.  One month your jumping into the ocean, the next, you're leaping into a pile of leaves.  As one gets older though, seasons can disappoint you.  This is especially true when you have a job and have purchased a house.  

All of a sudden, that snow you used to play in, is something you have to drive through to get to work.  Those fall storms and hurricanes that used to be exciting, are now stress inducing due to the damage they might bring to your home and wallet.   Hurricane Fiona just rolled up the East coast bringing to destruction to Canada's Atlantic Provinces and Ian is looking to pay Florida a visit.

In addition to taking a deep breath, when the seasonal changes are more stressful than exciting, I know it's time to return to those visuals that always bring me joy.   Some of you may remember the three part series I featured in August featuring Jay by photographer Michael von Redlich.  Michael's shots of Jay certainly spiced up my summer and thought they'd be the perfect set to welcome fall.

When I featured Jay in August, I shared that he and Michael had worked together multiple time for over year.  I initially posted only their studio work together, but promised I follow-up with their location shots.  Although Jay is wearing a little more than he did in the previous posts, it was a chilly day, so we'll cut him a little slack.  If you want to see him in less, or in nothing at all, you can click back to the earlier posts HERE:

You may remember that prior to connecting with Michael, Jay had never modeled nude before.  Jay quickly jumped that hurdle, pushing his boundaries and took it all of in his second shoot with Michael.  These images are all from their third shoot together.  At this point, trust was firmly established and Jay and Michael had established a flow which is evident in how relaxed Jay appears in his presentation and poses. 

As hot as Jay looked completely naked for the studio shot, I think this series is my favorite from different shoots that Michael sent on.  I have an affinity to images of the male form and outside, and love the locations Michael picked, and many of the angles he chose to shoot from.