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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 21st

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Happy Birthday today March 21st

Happy 62nd to actor Matthew Broderick!

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Out on a Limb (1992)

The Back Fence:

A Bull's Eye View: Kris by MaleForm Photography

When I first began FH, my main go-to site for connecting was Model Mayhem.  Like everything on-line, trends and technology change, and many models and creators moved to social media as their primary platform for connecting and displaying their work.  I still like to drop by MM now and then, for the contests, and for the clean, and easy and organized way artists can share their work.

On social media, portfolios can sometimes be complicated to view and absorb.  On Model Mayhem, most creators share their best, or favorite photos, and I find it much easier to ger an overview of an artist's style and focus.  That's exactly what happened on MM a few weeks ago when I came upon the work of Marty from Maleform Photography.

I was immedeately struck by how beautifully specific Marty captured the male form.  Marty doesn't use a lot of 'extras' in his work, just a clean focus on the model in front of his lens.  I was also drawn to the choice of models that Marty chose to capture.  Most of Marty's portfolio was filled with images of mature men.   Mature not as in old, but mature meaning men whose masculinity appears authentic.  It's not just 'put on' for the shoot or the camera, but well earned from live experiences.   

One of my favorite models in Marty's port was Kris.  The images of Kris exude a strength and confidence, and all of the qualities that first struck me about Marty's work.  I think some of this is due to the relationship between the man behind the camera, with the man in front of it.  Kris and Marty are  not just creative collaborators, but friends, one going back to when Kris was just beginning his journey into modeling.  Both have continue to pursue their love of the visual arts, and Kris has had his images displayed in various publications including DNA magazine.

The London based photographer's beginnings were in finance, working as a corporate photographer for a marketing department.  During his time there, his employer purchased a pro camara, and paid for Marty's Photoshop training.  Although he's since left the company, Marty's love of the art form remained.  He got back into photography about three years ago after investing in his passion and buying a new dslr camera.

'I often work with actors and models and I can practice with many artists I know. I do male form and mainstream photography.  I enjoy working with men, especially art nude. . I want all models I work with to feel comfortable and safe. It is nice to push the boundaries but only when both model and photographer are happy do it.'

Marty describes Kris as a great collaborator, and easy and fun to work with.  This particular series, was shot while on a trip to Scotland: Edinburgh and Highlands.  They began by shooting in an apartment in Edinburgh, and then shot on another day, outdoors in the mountains.  I often ask photographers and models who shoot outside if they're ever discovered or watched by people passing by.  For this shoot, there were observers, but not the human kind.

'The outdoor experience was funny when a few cows and a bull were watching us. The bull, (below) wasn't happy about us being there and taking pictures.'

Just A Sliver...

'Not sure why Sharon Stone keep talking about me all these years later? Does she still have a crush on me or is she still hurt after all these years because I shunned her advances?'

Last week, entertainment social media was a buzz with the back and forth between actors William Baldwin and Sharon Stone.   Most of you heard the story, Baldwin responded to a story in PageSix in which Stone claims that producer Robert Evans wanted her to get intimate with Baldwin her co-star in 1993's Sliver.  The story wouldn't have been as bad except that Stone, seemed to go out of her way to unnecessarily slam Baldwin for his acting abilities.

I've always liked Sharon Stone, but at the same time, found some of her 'stories' a little inconsistent.  I don't know what happened on the set of Basic Instinct, but her story, in addition to changing over time, never really made complete sense.  Stone seemed to enjoy the attention she got from her 'version' of the famous interrogation scene, and one has to wonder if her desire for attention was in part, why she decided to insult Baldwin about a movie that's over 30 years old.

The Brothers Baldwin

I don't support all of Baldwin's comments in response to Stone's claims, but in this particular celebrity feud, I'm team Baldwin all the way.  Billy Baldwin, and his beautiful behind, holds a special place in my sexual awakening.  I still remember being a teenager seeing Backdraft with a group of friends at the theatre.  I had to literally squeeze the arms of my seat to keep from expressing my excitement when that shower scene with Baldwin and Jason Gedrick was in front of me on the big screen.

My fixation for Baldwin's butt was so intense it led me to go to the theatre to see Sliver by myself.  It was the very first time I went to a movie alone, but none of my friends shared my desire to see the thriller.  The theatre was almost empty, which made it easier to enjoy Billy's few flashes of nudity.  The flick wasn't great, but Billy looked hot and the recent media story, had me wanting to take a little look back.  

'The story of the meeting I had with Bob Evans imploring him allow me to choreograph the final sex scene in the photo below so I wouldn't have to kiss Sharon is absolute legend.'

Like so many scenes of male skin, some of Baldwin's backside from Sliver, didn't make the DVD version, but thanks to a clip from xyzpdq, the scene with the edited out ass were thankfully found.