Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 8th

Ernest Pierce by David Wagner
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Happy Birthday today March 8th to:

Happy Birthday today March 8th to:

Rugby's Bogdan Leonte turns 25 today.

James Van Der Beek turns 34 today.

Freddie Prinze Jr turns 35 today.

The talented and oh so hot Boris Kodjoe turns 38 today. (see more of Boris on FH HERE:)

Aidan Quinn turns 52 today. More Aidan on FH HERE:

Kudos To Warner Brothers

'Say:thems fightin' woids'
Bugs Bunny

The Best Part Of Waking Up....

I am curious about those who don't begin their day with a cup of coffee. I am not a coffee fiend, I don't drink it except first thing in the morning and avoid hitting coffee shops throughout the day. I especially love it with a bit of vanilla caramel liquid coffee mate. Hearing my automated coffee maker turn on in the morning does make getting out a bed just a little bit easier.

The info from this recent report about the positive effects of coffee is not new, I have heard most of it before. But this new article from Healthy Living did make it's way on many peoples facebook and twitter pages yesterday.

5 health reasons to not quit coffee.

1. It protects your heart
2. It diverts diabetes
3. Your liver loves it
4. It boosts your brain power
5. It helps your headaches

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