Thursday, June 26, 2008

Favorite Pic of The Day for June 26th

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for June 26th Chris O'Donnell

Chris O'Donnell is one of those interesting guys who I once was crazy about but now find really bland. When I was a teenager, his boy next door look was very attractive, and he made some very interesting choices with roles then. I loved Chris in Men Don't Leave, School Ties, Fried Green Tomatoes, Circle of Friends and even Mad Love. Then it seems he hit a wall creatively, maybe it was his choice, maybe it was that he was now a bit older, but his roles and movies seemed to get less interesting, even boring. He did have some interesting roles on tv with the Practice and Grey's Anatomy. (It is no secret I am not a Patrick Dempsey fan, so Meredith should have gone for the hot vet). Hopefully Chris will make some interesting choices again in roles so he does not fade away with fans memories being his latter roles. Chris turns 38 today.

Did anyone else think that Chris's bubbles were too well place in this School Ties scene? Matt Damon and Brendan Fraser were completely shown, but O'Donnell looked like he had bubbles somehow attached to him... Loved this movie though.

Also celebrating today June 26th

Happy Birthday also to:

Netherlands freestyle swimmer Mark Veens turns 30 today.

Sean Hayes turns 38 today.

Chris Isaak turns 52 today.

Favorite Classic Soap Hunk for June 26th Shawn Christian

Shawn Christian hit it big in the soap world with is role as Mike on As The World Turns from 1994-1997. Between is frequent shirtless scenes, his sex God hair and that face, he became a favorite with soap fans and non soap fans like myself. Shawn did what few soap stars are able to do, maintain a quiet, but busy career in the business since he left the show over 20 years ago. He returned to the world of soaps last year for a role in Days of Our Lives, but inbetween he hit many of tv's prime time hits with guest appearances or contract roles on shows like Pacific Palisades, Summerland, Charmed, Ellen, Beverly Hills 90210, Crossing Jordan, Birds of Prey, Las Vegas and Boston Legal to name just some. Although I am not a soap watcher, I did take notice of Shawn in magazines and other tv appearances.