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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 25th

Jake by Studio1x
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Happy Birthday today July 25th

Happy 49th today to actor Jay R. Ferguson!

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Blast from the Past: Keith Coulouris

The hottie guitar player on Murder She Wrote, who got offed while playing on stage, was actor Keith Coulouris. The Pennsylvania born actor got his start playing a 'thug' in 1991's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.  

Coulouris worked steadily throughout the 90's with guest appearances on television shows including: Married With Children, Renegade, Wise Guy, The X-Files, Pacific Blue and Silk Stockings.  He also appearance in made for TV movies including Dead Man's Revenge and The Conviction of Kitty Dobbs.

Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus (1996)

Coulouris also appeared in a handful of films on the big screen including starring alongside Marc Singer in 1996's Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus. The actors two on-screen nude scenes also occurred in films from the 90's, 1995's South Beach Academy and 1997's Annie's Garden.

South Beach Academy

What do you do when the future of your school, your family, and your fortune all rest on the performance of the school's all-female volleyball team? It's up to two brothers and a steamy student body to save the day

In this mostly forgotten 90's comedy. Coulouris co-stars alongside Corey Feldman and Al Lewis. (Grandpa Munster)  There is a very brief, and very dark quick shot of the actor's butt, but the scene is both dark, and edited in between he and Feldman's sex scenes on the beach.

Annie's Garden (1997)

'In front of his 15-year-old son, a father loses his temper and strikes his younger daughter, thinking she's trying to run away from him. Jump ahead ten years: the dad is dead, the mom is gone, and the son, Luke, is raising his now grown sister, Annie. 

Luke's overprotective, and she seems blood simple, a coquette and an innocent. He runs the diner in town, and one day, Lisa, a callow writer-to-be, comes through from Manhattan, keeping a journal, looking for interesting people. She takes a shine to Annie and then to the muscular and well-read Luke. But what is their secret, how many of the townsfolk are in on it, and what will Lisa do when it all becomes clear'?

Coulouris plays the muscular, and well-read Luke, and thanks to a naked boxing scene, we get to see his beautifully  muscular backside.  We also get a wee flash of the front.  I looked every where for a decent copy of this film, and almost ordered a copy on e-bay.  . But... then I checked with DC's xyzpdq who had a clip in his scenes from male skin archives. Thank you xyzpdq !  Thanks also to Steve who pointed out that Coulouris also wrote the screenplay for the film

I made a gif, (above) but if you want to see a longer clip of the actor in the film, you can download it on SendSpace HERE:

The Second Sunday in April

Each year, on the second Sunday in April, a 125 year old student-rowing tradition takes place in a canal just a little south of the Dutch town of Utrecht...

If you want to check out the full story of the varsity leap, check out my previous post from 2019 featured the words and images of photographer Ewoud Broeksma.  Thankfully, as you can see from these shots, Ewoud isn't the only one who attends the event with their camera.

Of course it's the nude male/clothed male and nude male/clothed female elements that I find so interesting and erotic.  The rowing students are expected to swim totally naked, except of course a tie around their necks.  The female students seem to all keep their swimsuits on.

The crowd is filled with both men and women fully clothed, adults, fellow students, girlfriends and boyfriends, teachers and even local news reporters.  Non-sexual, yet intensely hot, seeing the guys, for the most part, stripping down and diving in with so many strangers, and so many sets of eyes surveying every inch of their bodies. 

From the Seated Position: Jake by Studio1x .

'Every guy is different when it comes to releasing at the end.'

Not all shoots focused on the male form don't include a climatic ending, most in fact don't.  For some amateur models however, the erotic elements involved can be part of the draw.  This is the case with Jake.   Jim from Studio1x, has no expectations or requirements, he likes the model to lead the experience and get out of it, what they feel most comfortable with.

As a photographer, Jim feels when it comes to boundaries, it's the models who take the lead.  Jim feels his role is to be supportive, creative and and to make the whoever he is shooting feel special in front of the camera.  For so many models this can be a new feeling, and many, like Jake, enjoy the experience and get caught up in the moment.

'Every guy is different when it comes to releasing at the end. If they want to release that is fine and if they ask, I will capture those shots for them. Most do take me up on the offer and Jake was no exception. By the end of a shoot, after finishing some of the erotic shots, it was so needed and Jake did a great job at completing the task at hand.'

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