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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 25th

Jamal by Chris Freeman
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Matt Battaglia: ACTORS & Skin

'I loved being in the spotlight. Someone suggested It try acting. I had no experience,  Once I got into acting school, it all changed tenfold. It was no longer a hobby; it was my focus completely'
Matt Battaglia

Although I'm sure I spotted him earlier, the fist time I really noticed actor Matt Battaglia was during his stint as Drew Boyd on Queer As Folk. I know I'm not the only one who noticed, especially given one of his first sex scenes with Emmett (Peter Paige) was one of the shows hottest.  Battaglia's buttocks is a work of art and the show didn't waste any time in putting it in the spotlight.

Battaglia's turn as Drew was also noteworthy due to the type of character he was playing. Drew was a professional football player, engaged to a beautiful woman, who also loved sex with men as a secret side.  Drew let Emmett know right away his feelings on gay men, and they weren't positive.  Drew is ultimate forced out of the closet by blackmail, and by the end of his story arc, seems to be embracing who he is.

Battaglia was a great choice for the role.  Not only due to his physical looks, but also, because most of his prior roles had been straight romantic leading men, and masculine action heroes including his turn in the Universal Soldier film series.

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Lights On-Clothes Off

'He quickly devised ways and orchestrated multiple opportunities to bare all whether for childhood friends, high school buddies, art classes, house parties, gay and straight nightclubs, porn movie theaters and seedy sex clubs.'

Last December, I introduced FH readers to life and art model Stu. (All Eyes On Him) I always love featuring life models, and exploring their experiences posing naked in front of large groups people and in more intimate one-on-one art and photographic sessions.  Art models embody so many of elements of exhibitionism, voyeurism and erotic vulnerabilities, themes I love exploring on the site.  

Given his many years of posing, Stu has an extensive resume and graciously shared many of his experiences in the first piece.  That however, proved to be just the tip of the iceberg. Although Stu has regularly exposed his body, he wanted to expose even more in his new book Lights On-Clothes Off.  In the fictional memoir, Stu takes his main character Eddie Saul  through an intimate exposure of a person's discovery and development of his hidden inner desires and his secret life as an unstoppable exhibitionist.

Given the book is a fictional memoir, I of course was curious about the how much of the book was based on Stu's actual experiences, and how much was made up for the novel.  Stu shares that almost everything in the book is based on his own personal experiences as an art model and exhibitionist. His choice to write a fictional memoir allowed Stu the freedom to change the names of people, places and  buildings as not to identify anyone other himself. All of the exhibitionist scenarios described in the book were not fictionalized, and are ones experienced by Stu.

Many years ago I hesitated to share my exhibitionism with artists I posed for. I'm sure some assumed that I was an exhibitionist since I was so freely naked in art classes. Some models, for instance, would cover up immediately after posing but I was never in a hurry. I'd hang around naked and chat with everyone and check out their art while they checked me out. (I didn't undress before the classes as that would have ruined some of my enjoyment—standing on the posing platform and being watched while I undressed.) 

As I got older and more self-confident (in my mid 30's) I began to freely let artists I was posing for know about my other sans clothing activities. So really what I've divulged in my book should not be a surprise to most artists I've worked for. From current artists I really haven't had any comments other than praise for the book. And, I'll add, praise for the cover which was painted for me by a San Diego artist I've posed for many times—Jaron Stokes. His work is awesome. 

Over the past few years I've invited non-artist friends to several of the performance art and art posing sessions I've done. One was me showering (naked of course) for fifteen minutes every hour, from noon to 8 pm, on two days during a huge art fair. This was a fun performance for me, one month before Covid hit, with lines out the door to see my 'show.' And I really appreciated when friends of mine would be in the audience snapping photos. Some complained about the steam from the shower fogging up the lens on their cameras or cellphones! lol 

I'll also add that my being honest about who I am with my husband has kept me from ever having to hide my fetish. In fact, on our third date he came and did some drawing in a group I was posing for in a museum in San Diego's Balboa Park. By exposing the real me to him I've never had fear of disapproval or shock. When I pose online he handles the lighting and the cameras—how wonderful. 

Stu is looking forward to future readings, both online or in-person. Stu does these dressed, and of course undressed, depending on the wishes of the host.  Stu is still posing for groups online and looks forward to when he can return to posing in person hopefully soon.  If you want to check out the book, or look into having Stu join you to pose, or discuss the project, you can reach him through the Lights-On Clothes Off site HERE:

Bourbon Street: Jamal by Chris Free

'Most of my photoshoots are like jazz--improvisation.'

Given we're spotlighting his work with Jamal, its especially fitting that photographer Chris Free describes his work process as a jazz improvisation. Fitting, as the shoot took place last year in the birthplace of jazz. Although Chris resides in Chicago, he reached out to several models before traveling to New Orleans last year.  Jamal ended up being one of the best and most reliable models, leading Chris to set up several follow-up shoots to capture other looks and themes.

'I start by getting to know the model a bit--what makes them tick, why they desire to do a sensuous photoshoot that may include nudity. Then I assess their physical attributes by watching them move from various angles. Then, finally, I try to see how I can use the environment around us to give context to photos that draw attention to them. I like my photos to draw attention to the model, not the photograph.'

When Chris sent on his work with Jamal, some of my favorites were the shots of Jamal strolling completely naked along Bourbon St.  If you've check out my previous features spotlighting Chris' work, you know he often shoots models strolling naked in a variety of beautiful locations.  Chris has utilized museums, beaches, sand dunes, old abandoned buildings and the grounds of a luxury hotel.  Jamal strolling down Bourbon St. is certainly is one the most visually erotic.

In part, the eroticism stems from our perceptions of Bourbon St., and the visuals of the area we're used to seeing.  We usually see the street filled with hundreds of people, partying and celebrating.  During Jamal's evening stroll, the usually busy street was eerily quiet.  The shoot took place at the height of New Orleans pandemic shutdown last spring.  

Chris and Jamel planned the shoot for 10pm and Chris reports the streets were deserted.  It was so quiet, that Jamal even walked onto several front porches, posing in front of people's front doors.  Although no one turned on their outside lights or opened the doors, I'm guessing there may have been a few eyes peeking out from behind the curtains...

'Jamal is striking in many ways, but the physical attributes that always get my attention are his beautiful locs, his sculpted, fit, but not over developed body, his grand dick, beautiful ass and legs. Can't get enough of any of these.  He's fun and fun-loving and wants to exude sexiness and playfulness. He really sells his sexiness in every post. It flows very easily. He loves to be naked and sexual. '

Of course every long walk builds up a sweat, so after strolling the streets, as shower was in order.  You can see much more of Jamal's sexy shower, and much more of Chris Free's work with other models on his Patreon Page HERE: