Monday, January 1, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 1st

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Happy Birthday today January 1st

Happy 53rd to model and athlete Beiron Andersson!

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The image above is one of Beiron's first nude shoots in the 90's, the image below, self shot from this past summer.


Expected, yet uninvited
Anticipated, but with suspicion
Both hopeful and cautious
Welcome 2018

Young Prince Phillip

No this post isn't about a young Prince Philip, (with one 1) it's about Aurora's Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. Both Phil's however, made pop-up cameo's during my Christmas. It began Christmas morning with my parents ritual of watching the Queen's message on TV. Every years since I was kid, they like to listen to Elizabeth speak about the year that was, and her wishes for the year that's to be.

During this year's message, there was a throw away line about Philip now taking it easy. I don't think she mentioned retirement, (I only have listened) but did say that at age 96, it was time to slow down the pace. The other Prince Phillip showed up briefly on the 26th. One of my nieces favorite gifts was her collection of Disney movies.

Although Frozen is now a few years old, it, as well as The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo seem on constant repeat at my brothers house. Despite buying her many new DVD's to try, nothing else matches their appeal, and I know his hope is to lose (hide) a certain movie about two Disney sisters, as soon as the coast is clear.

Below: Artwork by ADQuatt

A third sign that a piece on the dashing Phillip was due came last night. I was researching images for another piece when an image of Phillip appeared in my search. Many a Disney princess has required the aid of the animals of the forest, to clean a house, pick a dress, or get to them to a ball on time. This image, (by theredbones) switched up the gender roles, with a naked Prince Phillip being assisted dressing (or maybe undressing) by cute little creatures from the woods

Above: Phillip by the-red-bones

Disney Princess's have always been sexualized, but over the last decade or so, their male counterparts are getting equal treatment. Although historically, many Princes were very Ken Doll like as far as look and sex appeal, but in recent years, they have been given... well let's just say, a bit more muscle. Although Phillip was long ago, thanks to artists, Phillip and the other classic princes have been given a long deserved sexual edge.

Below: Phillip by Nippy13

Below: Phillip by Kim-Possible

Below: Artwork by theprincecharming

Below: Phillip & Prince Charming by Kim-Possible

A Stroke of Fortune: Donovan by The Third Eye

'Immediately my Third Eye fluttered open which allows me to view a person through a camera lens.'
Richard, The Third Eye

For many, luck is about destiny. As i some all knowing force or being is guiding the lives of some, but not of others. I don't really believe this way of thinking, that some people are just more 'lucky' than others. I do though, believe that luck, fate and coincidence exist, moments of fortune that occur due to time and place, important moments only possible by the split second blending of decision with situation.

If you have read and have enjoyed my previous pieces featuring the work of The Third Eye, you know that fate and circumstance are often central to story. Richard's skill as an artist of course completes the story, but the beginning, is all about the third eye. Today, most model/artist connections occur first on-line. Before deciding to shoot, both can view, and judge the work of the other. There is usually the opportunity to ask any questions, set any conditions or boundaries and discuss the creative vision (if there is one) for the shoot.

I always ask photographers and models I feature how they connected. I am always interested in what exactly it was about the other, the led to a decision to work together. Although connecting through Model Mayhem or other social media sites is usually the nexus, sometimes the meetings are not as predictable, and come as an unexpected stroke of fortune. Richard's introduction to Donovan certainly fits into this category. Richard considers himself lucky as photographer to have encountered Donovan, and I consider myself lucky to have connected with The Third Eye, and be able to share the images, and Richard's story of their creation, with readers of FH.

'As I grow older, I find it more and more difficult to manage my yard without help. For the last three years I would find a helper through Craigslist. That method has always been hit or miss. I made my annual attempt last month. I always expect the worst so I am not too disappointed. I contacted a young man in a nearby town looking for weekend work. We sat it up for the following Saturday. We sat the time for 1:pm for him to just come and look at the job.'

'As the time grew near, I perched myself in front of the window to wait. I told myself that if he looked “ strung out “ that I was not going to open the door. When I saw the car approaching I couldn't help but notice that it was a newer model car in good condition, not at all what I am accustomed to. It took a moment for my helper to get out of his car. Once the door opened I realized that this was like no helper I had ever had before.'

'Immediately my Third Eye fluttered open which allows me to view a person through a camera lens. I said to myself, Good God Richard this is a potential model approaching. It didn't take long to realize that he was a genuinely nice person besides his physical attributes. Once we examined the yard, it didn't take me long to bring up that I was a photographer always looking for new talent. He was excited to tell me that he has considered modeling and has been encouraged by a number of people in that direction.'

'Donovan had just been discharged from the Army and admitted he is not at all inhibited. He is very well spoken and very easy to talk to. If he were somehow affected by his good looks, then I probably would not have asked him to do a photo shoot. I did ask Donovan to shoot which we did the next day before our yard activities. We all know that not everyone is cut out to be a model. Donovan is not in that category. He found that he enjoyed being in front of the camera. He really does come to life. We have done two successful photo shoots. We have a wonderful working relationship built on trust and respect. I can't help but think, how lucky can one photographer get. The photos speak for themselves. The kid has got it!'

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