Thursday, January 31, 2008

Favorite Classic Soap Hunk of the Day: Hank Cheyne

I remember Hank Cheyne when he first hit tv screens playing Scott on Another World. Scott was orginially a great character, but the writers painted him into a corner as the nice guy, focusing thier time on writing more from the new hunk on the show, Sam Fowler played by Robert Kelker Kelly who was playing a more complex young hunk. Hank did have a nice goodbye storyline with the sad death by his girlfriend from aids. Hank went on to have a hotter storyline on Sunset Beach.

More Hank Cheyne

Thanks to xyzpdq for the caps above.

HANK CHEYNE and the hunks from Sunset Beach

Favorite Birthday Boys for January 31st

Super torso and singer Justin Timberlake turns 27 today.

Bullfighter Sebastian Castella turns 25 today.

Favorite Underwear of the Day:

Doug McKeon in Mischief

In my previous post on the movie Mischief, I added some caps of cutie Doug McKeon's butt scene from an old vhs copy of the movie. These caps are from the DVD which I purchased recently.

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