Saturday, June 27, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 27th

Love this shot of Tyler Lough by one of my favorite photographers Kevin McDermott.

Favorite Birthday Boys for June 27th

Happy Birthday today June 27th to:

Ed Westwick turns 22 today.

Actor John Driscoll (whom I loved in the far too short 'Book of Daniel) turns 28 today.

Dancer Jason Beitel turns 29 today.

Model of the Day: Tomas Skoloudik

Model Tomas Skoloudik expresses more in his shots than most. There is an energy in his work that comes through his shots. Add on his amazing bod and devilish grin and you have a winning combo! Tomas is from a small city in the Czech Republic called Dobrany. Tomas ultimately hopes to break into the music business and moved to L.A to pursue this dream. You can see a bit more of Tomas at DNA models HERE:

Height: 6'0"/1.84
Waist: 70
Hips: 90
Shoes: 43
Hair: light blond
Eyes: Green
Chest: 90
Suit: 48 R

The remaining AMAZING shots by Doug Inglish.

Import of the Day: Raphaël Personnaz

The talented 27 year old french actor and director Raphaël Personnaz.

Raphaël began acting professionally at the age of 17 and has seemlessly moved from theatre to television and motion pictures. Raphaël has maintained his love for the stage and recently in between shooting 2 motion pictures also juggled directing a play. Although a big star in French Cinema, I think Raphaël will soon be known to a broader world wide audience. Raphaël was been selected by famous french actor Alain Delon to play his character in the American/German/German production "The life of Romy", from director Josef Rusnak. 'Romy' is a biography of the famed Austrian actress, Romy Schneider with whom Alain was engaged to in the late 50's.

Next three images from Nathalie Guest Models.

Below: Raphaël front row at a recent Louis Vuitton show. Raphaël has been tapped to appear in Louis Vuitton’s next campaign, which will be shot next month.

Below: Raphaël in 'La première fois que j'ai eu 20 ans' (2004).

Pic Series of the Day: Jeff Lynch by Prairie Visions Photography

Last December I did a post on Chicago actor and dancer Jeff Lynch. Jeff is also working hard to build and diversify his modeling portfolio.

Nebraska photographer, Kendal from Prairie Visions Photography has shot several amazing sets with Jeff. Kendal shoots in many styles and with many subject, but specializes in the male physique.

"The human body is an art form that deserves exploration and expression. Blending sensuality and athleticism together to show a model's personality and aura is my goal."

You can check out much more of Kendal's work at his Website HERE:
You can also check out Amazon where Kendal has two books you might want to check out, Desert Scout and Cowboy Fantasy.

The Cowboy Way!