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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 24th

Treat Williams
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Happy Birthday today June 24th

Happy 67th to actor Joe Penny!

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Time to clean the Gutters...

Colt Daddy:

' An ass sculpted from stone and “a mustache that would make any highway cop jealous'
Colt Studio

When I was putting together my Father's Day posts, I compiled a list of models, themes and artists that I wanted to feature.  As usual, I had too many.  I usually tuck away the extra's for next year, but not sharing the incredible ass of Colt Model Byron Lockwood, especially for an entire year, seemed a crime.  Now, I'm sure many of you have seen Byron's butt before, but those who haven't, please do enjoy!

Byron Lockwood
Height: 6'00"
Weight: 220lbs
Dick Size: 8.25 in
Cut/Uncut: Cut
Position; Top

A former Mr Hawaii, (1978) Lockwood is blessed with a head full of thick brown hair, a body covered in rock-hard muscles and an ass sculpted from stone, Confident and self-assured, Byron's masculinity oozes from every pore. With his perfect cock, his smoldering sexy stare and a mustache that would make any highway cop jealous.

On the Water

Actors & SKIN: Treat Williams

The thing about a great actor, just like a great man, is their memorable.  Actor Treat Williams may not have reached the height of fame that some of his many co-stars did, but he a long and successful career, working steadily since the mid-seventies.   Williams didn't do a lot of on-screen nudity, but a few of his scenes were certainly memorable. 

Third Degree Burn (1989)

Scott Weston is a private investigator who is supposedly hired by a rich businessman to determine whether or not his beautiful wife is fooling around behind his back. During the course of his investigation Weston begins his own steamy affair with the wife. The husband then turns up dead and Weston becomes a prime suspect. Did he do it? Has he been set up? Or is he the victim of a third degree burn?

As you can see from the caps above, Treat's beautiful behind was sadly cropped to just a crack in the DVD and Blu-ray version of 1970's Third Degree Burn.  Thanks to xyzpdq and his SOMS, there is an cap which goes a little lower from the old VHS version.

Sweet Lies (1987)

Not a clear view, but a hot side view when Williams' character Peter reaches for the phone in the 1987 romantic comedy Sweet Lies.  The movie isn't really that well known, but I started to watch it last night on Youtube, and it hooked me enough that I plan to go back and finish.

Hair (1979)

Williams' most well known role also features the most on-screen nudity from the actors.  Two great butt shots, and a quick frontal when he dives in when skinning dipping. 

Although I didn't cap it, Williams also seems to show a bit of butt in 1994's Parallel Lives.  The scene is in a montage, and doesn't really show much, but the film was interesting because of it's interesting cast.  In addition to Williams, the film also featured Jim Belushi, Liza Minelli, Patricia Wettig, Ben Gazzara, James Brolin, Helen Slater, LaVar Burton, Paul and Mia Sorvino, Ally Sheedy and Matthew Perry.

Flashpoint (1984)

'Two U.S. border patrolmen find a buried 20+ year old jeep in the desert with a skeleton, rifle and $800,000. They keep the money. Suddenly, the FBI shows a lot of interest in the car.'

My favorite Williams nude scene comes from his locker room scene with Kris Kristofferson in 1984's Flashpoint.  You get a great view of Treat's tuchus, and the film also has a great cast.  In addition to Kristofferson, Williams' co-stars also included Jean Smart, Kurtwood Smith, Rip Torn, Kevin Conway and Tess Harper. 

In addition to inspiring me to continue this actors & skin series, I've also started a list of movies others have mentioned they've enjoyed from Williams.  I'm starting with Prince of the City, Once Upon A Time in America and hoping there is a version of the 1984 television version of A Streetcar Named Desire.