Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 28th

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Mr. Universe

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Winter Berries

Some of the best gifts come after Christmas.  When I was growing up, every Christmas, without fail, my mother would forget some of the gifts she'd hidden away.  Over the next few weeks, we get a surprise pair of sock or underwear, or some other small gift she'd tucked away and forgotten about. 

Last week, I posted a Christmas themed shoot that Luke G. took for the site.  Although I used one of these winter berry shots as pic of the day, I tucked the others away.  When I was going through my Christmas shots today, deciding what to put in the recycle bin, and what to save, I couldn't not share the rest of this series.  Of all the shots Luke sent on this year, I think these, with the winter berries in the background, are some of my favorites. 

Luke G on OnlyFans

Favorite Click: Teddy Soares in The Real Full Monty

For the last several years, one of London's ITV's traditions has been presenting the television show, The Real Full Monty.  The reality series features both male and female 'celebrities', rehearsing for a final strip on the last night of the show.

I only discovered the series a few years ago, thanks to seeing caps and clips on Casperfan, one of my favorites places on the web to visit on a regular basis.  Last year, right after Christmas, I featured clips and some of the holiday promotional shots of the cast. (HERE:)

This December, when I was looking for clips of the series, I headed back to Casperfan to see who was on this season of the series.  There was one celebrity who caught my eye, mainly because of his beautiful face and smile, and  his truly incredible ass.  Teddy Soares gained his 'celebrity' status by appearing on Love Island, but I think his appearance on The Real Full Monty gained him many more fans.  You can heck out more, including a clip of the final strip at Casperfan HERE:

Teddy Soares on Instagram

Twist of Fate: Dillon by DiVASTANZO

'Comfort and safety always comes first. It's my number one priority to create a safe space where all models are empowered to be authentic, explore and collaborate.'

I have a love/hate relationship with sites like Tumblr and it's follow-up Tumbex.  I'm not a fan of sites that post thousands and thousands of images, usually without providing credit.  It's like a fast food art gallery. There may be millions and millions served, but few end up really being satisfied. Having pages and pages of images, one after the other, make it difficult for really great images to get noticed and stand out. Sometimes however... fate intervenes. 

Every once in awhile however, in a virtual sea of images, I discover a shot that grabs my attention.  I love images that draw me in, force me to stop, enlarge the image and then take a closer look.  That's exactly what happened earlier this month, while searching for holiday images,  When I see an image I love, I always want to know more.  Who took it, who's in it, and how it came to be. 

The holiday search had me ending up on a Tumbex page. (one I couldn't find again if I tried..) As I was scrolling, I was drawn to a stunning black and white image.  The artist behind the image was not credited, but thankfully this time, the model was.  A quick search of the model took me to the Instagram page of the artist behind the image. 

The model's name was Dillion and the artist was writer and photographer Anthony DiVastanzo. I loved the look and feel of the black and white shots.  I especially loved some of the framing and unique poses and the moments of movement that Anthony captured. I immediately got in touch about featuring more of his work.  

Anthony's work as a photographer began as sort of an accident.  After bringing a group of his friends together for a photoshoot, the resulting images ended up in more than just his friend digital photo albums, or framed on a shelf or bookcase.  Through what Anthony describes as a twist of fate, the shoot ended up on the cover of a magazine. 

It began by accident when Anthony DiVastanzo brought a group of friends together to produce a photoshoot. Through a twist of fate, that shoot ended up on the cover of a magazine.  That twist of fate began a journey that had DiVastanzo;s imagery featured in major publications throughout New England, affording him the opportunity to be featured as an artist, panelist, and personality.  Over time,  DiVastanzo;s focus shifted from editorial production to producing photography coffee table books, and now gallery shows and film

'We lost a generation of queer voices to AIDS. I believe so deeply that it is up to our generation to work that much harder to tell our stories...  When everything started, my vision was all about high fashion androgyny, but as the years passed, I started to think about the next stories I had to tell. Those stories happened to be centered around male vulnerability.'

The authenticity that Anthony described is evident in this series with Anthony, as well as his beautiful and sensual expression of empowerment.  As unique and unusual as some of Dillon's poses may appear to be, there is something so organic and natural about his energy, the fluidity of movements and emotions and joy conveyed.  I have no idea if Dillon has a background with dance or yoga experience, but I was really drawn to unique architecture he created with his body.

'I met Dillon in college. We had always been friendly, and stayed in touch over the years. I thought he would be perfect for a shoot, so I reached out. He was more than happy to pose, and the day of the shoot, he said he was open to all of my ideas. We shot for a new series titled Paint, which is still a work in progress, but his images were so striking, I started using them for additional submissions right away. He is a natural and I look forward to shooting with him again in the new year. His excitement for the work is everything I wish for when photographing talent.'

Dillon equally enjoyed the experience, especially being able to reconnect with his college friend.  Dillon shares that Anthony is such an incredible person, and the shoot provided the opportunity to not only work together, but creatively connect on a much deeper level than the past had permitted. 

'I go into each shoot with a storyline, and as I'm shooting, I discover that the story I'm telling is nuanced by the model. The secrets in their eyes. The expression on their face. And I realize, every time, I'm just the person with the camera and the concept. They, the models, are telling the story.  I'm only here to capture it. The images I don't release are usually from the story I think we're telling, instead of the story that ends up being told. '