Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Favorite Pic Of The Day for October 26th

Above: Eric Glenn by Jim Wilkinson Images (See more below!)

Happy Birthday today October 26th

Happy Birthday today October 26th to:

Julien Arias turns 27 today.

Jonathan Chase turns 31 today.

Anthony Rapp turns 39 today.

Actor Dian Bachar turns 40 today.

Tom Cavanagh turns 42 today.

Keith Urban turns 43 today.

Cary Elwes turns 48 today.

Dylan McDermott turns 49 today.

D.W. Moffett has always been a favorite actor of mine. D.W. turns 56 today.

James Pickens Jr turns 56 today.

Just Because: David Beckham

On Sunday it seems David Beckham cut his finger and had to change his shirt twice and then finally had to change his shorts. He preceded to do so right on the field and was said to have got quite a reaction from the crowd. This did not seem to slow down Beckham, who still hopes to play for London but will play out the remainder of his contract for LA. Even with the mishap, Beckham scored for the LA Galaxy in the 2-1 win over FC Dallas.

Thanks to the original poster!

Eric Glenn by Jim Wilkinson

'I've been photographing "real, normal" men for over 10 years. Perfection is not a requirement and often I've found it to be a detriment. I like to capture that special essence that makes each man a living, unique work of art.'
Jim Wilkinson

It was Jim's eye for capturing that essence in 'normal' men that first drew me to his images. I am not sure how 'normal' Eric Glenn is however. Eric reminds me of a movie star from the 40's or 50's with his dark hair, classic features and body. Jim has literally hundreds of photographs of Eric and he truly looks amazing in each and every one. Jim says Eric truly is his muse-one of the most amazing men he has had the honor of photographing in the last ten years of his career.

'I first met Eric at a Pride Party in Seattle in the summer of 2010. He mentioned to me that he had written to me a few years prior to that day, when he was still in the service. He said that he had inquired about me photographing him. To be honest, I didn’t remember that conversation. I do know that if I had seen a photo of his face, I would have been all over him to do the shoot. Turns out that he subsequently got out of the service, settled in north of Seattle and we lost contact. Till that sunny day that we met. He was hanging with some mutual friends, the intro was made and we set up a time for our first shoot.

I saw a book once where the photographers were asked to show images and tell a little bit about their “muse”. This is the model with which taking a bad photo is nearly impossible. There's such a connection between the photographer and the model that the most casual observer can see it and understand it. Usually one can see it in the model's eyes which seem to open to his soul. And there is a sense of trust between the model and the photographer as the model lets down his guard and “lets the photographer in” to see who the model really is. And in the process, the photographer is able to draw out the very best from the model. That's Eric and that's why I've taken so many images of him. He is the ideal man- my muse.

The plan is do produce a self-published book on him in the not-too-distant future. At the moment, he’s living in another state and going to school. My hope is to meet with him sometime next year and finish the book project. He’s the kind of man that you can’t forget- that smile and that amazing connection just keeps coming back to haunt me.'

Jim Wilkinson

'It has been said that each snowflake is unique. I see each moment in time as an intersection of subject, emotion and light. It is my goal to try to capture some of those unique moments/images before they "melt" away. When photographing a male figure, what grabs my attention is usually the model’s eyes, mouth and facial structure. What I try to capture is the model’s "soul": that unique combination of personality, heart and past experiences that makes each flesh and blood man a one-of-a-kind piece of art.'
Jim Wilkinson

Jim's description of his work parallels exactly what draws me to it. Jim often uses a simple, yet colorful backdrop to showcase his models. I know many photographers use similar backdrops but for some reason they stuck out for me with Jim's work. In looking at his various shots of Eric it seemed each set, even with similar poses took on a different tone, put forth a different emotion with subtle differences in lighting back drop color. In shooting this way the viewer is drawn directly to the model and their face. Yes, Eric Glenn is hot but through Jim's lens it was the subtle grin, the eye twinkle, the the tilt of the head, the position of the body that transforms Eric from simply being hot to being someone special. Jim removes the metaphoric 'filter' many artists use and exposes an essence, a sense of self many work so hard to hide.

Thanks Jim for sharing your work with Eric with FH!

Please check out much more of Jim's work at his MM Page HERE:
& Jim's official website HERE:

Jim Wilkinson's NAKED TRUTH

Exposing Men's Souls

Eric graces the cover of Jim's new book NAKED TRUTH a project near and dear to Jim's heart. When going through the preview on Blurb I was hit hard by the emotional punch Jim has created with his images, and equally as powerful, his words. Some of the words hit close to home and it was both shocking while at the same time refreshing to see some of emotions, often suppressed, laid out so openly.

I strongly encourage you to head over to Blurb HERE: and check out the preview.

“Jim’s work is always startling in its commentary on the human condition. His work penetrates deeply into the soul of a man, but particularly reveals the suffering and agony at the core of a gay man’s life. At the same time he captures the deeper desire for the universal need for connection and of the wish to love and to be loved. His images make you weep and smile, they make you mad and yet leave you with a deep desire to love the wounded one. Whether gay or straight they are profoundly human and reach to us all”.
Roy Barsness Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist