Monday, June 19, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 20th

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Happy Birthday today June 20th

Happy 69th to actor Miles O'Keeffe!

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Saki: Mediterranean Memories

Οι διακοπές μου στις παραλίες της Ελλάδας και της Μεσογείου

Even before I knew much about Greece, or even where it was on a map, I wanted to go there.  It started with seeing Summer Lovers on VHS in the late 80's when I was still just a kid.  The story, the location, the views...  Even more than the stunning shots of a naked Peter Gallagher, (HERE) it was the rock, the cliffs, and especially the beaches that made the area so desirable. 

I've enjoyed the work of Saki, as both a model and photographer since first seeing his modeling images on Model Mayhem.  I've been fortunate to have featured Saki's work for close to a decade now, mostly as a model.  Most recently, I featured the artist's work behind the camera with a piece last September and his images of the delectable Joffrey. (Wishing Well)

I've really enjoyed following Saki on-line, especially his Flickr site which had a comprehensive selection of his modeling and photography work.  Sadly, Flickr changed to a 'pro' structured site, meaning although people can keep their images there, they are no longer visible to others unless the artist pays a fee.

Thankfully, I've been able to keep up with Saki's new work on his Instagram and Model Mayhem pages.  Recently, I was struck with a few some beach shots Saki posted on his Instagram.   I've featured  few location shots from Saki before, but most, were interior shots I thought they'd be perfect for my 'beach day' and I was also curious about the location, assuming they were taken on a sandy stretch in France where Saki lives.

Turns out, the images were not taken along the Atlantic coast of France, but along several different beeches, in several different countries, with coastlines stretching along the Mediterranean. Saki was on vacations with different friends who snapped Saki on a few nude beaches, but mostly just quite, tucked away coves without a lot of other people around.

As you can see, in addition to Saki's beautiful body, he is surrounded by incredible visuals of the areas visited.  Most of these shots were taken in the Greek Islands; Syros, Milos, Patmos, Sporades and Crète.  In addition to the Greek Islands, some were shot while Saki was visiting' Portugal, Baléares  and Lecciona beach in Toscana.  I especially love seeing Saki in so many incredible locations as one of the things I love about FH is being able to virtually visit many of the destinations I hope to visit for myself one day.

Below: Saki turns the camera on a couple of the friends who joined him on his travels and who took most of the images above. 

Fun in the Sun: Noah White by Michael von Redlich

'Noah has a creative mind and a fearless spirit - he knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to speak up or act on his vision.'

As anyone who has acted or modeled knows, the hardest thing to fake is fun.  I remember acting in many plays, and getting angry was easy.  Having a director ask me to laugh however, was a challenge.  Smiles and spontaneous fun is much harder than brooding or looking sad.  It's obvious to me from this series of shots, Noah was having a blast.

When photographer Michael von Redlich first sent on this set, I was a bit overwhelmed with the over 1500 shots of model and porn star Noah White frolicking in the Atlantic.  Thankfully, they shot several different looks, With Noah in jeans, jean shorts, a sparkly speedo and even a crown that you may have noticed Noah wearing in the previous piece.  

The crown wasn't planned, nor worn for any real specific reason.  Continuing with his sense of play, the crown was just a prop that Noah brought along that he thought would be fun.  I've never seen hotter looking Jughead!

This series is simply a naked Noah having fun in the waves.  I could have added dozens of more shots of Noah doing cartwheels and handstands, but these are my favorites.  Of course some of the best moments were Noah bending over, and getting into position, before standing on his hands.

Into position...