Thursday, December 17, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 18th

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Happy Birthday today December 18th

Happy 52nd to Brad Pitt!

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Santa's Sack

With just one week until the 25th, FH readers can look forward to, or possibly dread, the beginning of my holiday posts!  I hope many of you have some calm quiet moments in between the chaos from now until then.

Stop Pretending You Don’t Have Genitals by Tyler Dårlig Ulv

Most of you who caught my July interview with Tyler Dårlig Ulv, (Solitary Creature) know that he looks hot from the both the front and the back. (as seen in the selfie below) It is the front however that Tyler put the focus on with his recent blog article, Stop Pretending You Don’t Have Genitals.

'Let’s talk about bulges and the mass-produced underwear and clothing designed to disguise them.'

Almost all main stream clothing lines design clothing to spotlight women's breasts, and the asses of both sexes. Very few design clothing that shows off a man's genitals in the same way. Maybe it's time to design men's underwear and pants that don't make men all look like Ken dolls.

Christmas Comes Early: Antony J by Danny Barson

'Antony was a gift to work with, it felt like Christmas had come early.'

Since first featuring his work back in 2012, I have come to anxiously await new images whenever I discover England's Danny Barson has completed a new shoot. In my last feature of his his work, A Second Helping, I was fortunate to be able to feature Danny's work with the irresistible Callum!

When I contacted Danny again about featuring more of his shots of Callum, I was hoping to showcase some of the images I hadn't used the first time I featured their work together. The day that I e-mailed Danny, he was in the middle of shooting Callum once again and I was lucky to be able to share the results with FH readers.

As luck would have it, when I e-mailed Danny a few questions about that shoot, he was brimming with excitement over the model he was shooting that day. Danny promised he would blow my socks off, and Danny's prediction proved arousingly accurate.

That model of course was Antony J, and as you can see from Danny's images, the 21 year old Gillingham model  has something pretty special. Antony has the complete package, a well endowed one at that. Starting with his dreamy brown eyes and his great lips and chin, Antony has been gaining a lot of attention for his modeling, so much so, he was motivated to leave his day job to devote his time to his modeling career.

Danny says that first meetings with models can go done one of two ways. Either you hit it off right away or you can struggle to gain a rapport, which makes it incredibly difficult to get the images that you're looking for. Luckily, Danny says there was great rapport for the get go. 'Antony was not only friendly and easy to talk to, but very open to do anything that was required for the shoot.'

As adorable as that face is, and as hot as his body is, Antony knows how to use those eyes to melt, and then reel in, all they lock on. As incredible as the nude shots are, I also love how Antony fills out his jeans and his sweater in the first piece at the top of the piece. I am sure photographers all over the UK and abroad who have yet to discover Antony's portfolio will be looking to get in him in front of their camera's after seeing the results of his work with Danny. Check out more of Danny's images of Antony on his website HERE:

'Antony is a rare and beautiful creature indeed. As soon as we met, you would have thought we had already several shoots under our belts. We were already talking of future shoots before this one had ended, so keep your eyes peeled for even more from this talented guy. Before Antony was modelling, he was working on the docks, we'll all i can say is, the docks loss is everyone's gain.'