Friday, March 23, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 24th

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Happy Birthday today March 24th

Happy 30th to actor Finn Jones!

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Finn as Loras Tyrell (with Will Tudor) in Game of Thrones

FaVorite Soap Hunk of the Day William DeVry

I don't watch General Hospital, and wan't really familiar with actor William DeVry until a blog reader recently asked about him. When I googled DeVry, who plays Julian Jerome on the ABC soap, I knew I had seen him, and his incredibly sexy chest before. Checking out his IMDB page, I think it was from some of his guest appearances on television shows as well as his regular roles on Beauty and the Beast and Stargate SG-1.

The Montreal born actor appeared in a number of Canadian based television shows until moving to California in the early 2000's and starting his career in daytime. DeVry had roles on Port Charles, All My Children and The Bold and the Beautiful until landing his role on General Hospital in 2013. In between his soap stints, the actor worked steadily on shows such as Hemlock Grove, Nikita, NCIS, and Castle.

It is no wonder the 49 year old hottie has been steaming up so many bedrooms on daytime given how incredible he looks without a shirt on. When the blog reader contacted me however, it wasn't about a scene featuring DeVry without his shirt, it was about a scene featuring DeVry without his pants...

Indeed, back in 1997 DeVry was pantless in the Kris Kristofferson narrated western anthology series Dead Man's Gun. I found a copy of the actors Fortune Teller episode and made a few caps below. If you want to see a bit more, watch my short clip below, or check out the entire episode which is available on YouTube HERE:

With Nancy Lee Grahn on General Hospital

Dead Man's Gun (Fortune Teller) 1997

Spartan: Damien Mathew by NICKET

'No retreat, no surrender; that is Spartan law. And by Spartan law we will stand and fight... and die.'

Some of you may remember my first piece featuring Nicholas' (NICKET) work with Damien Mathew last Autumn. (HERE:) I really loved the images Nicholas had sent on and when he told me they had been shooting together again, I looked forward to seeing what he might be sending on. Nicholas sent on a great set of images of Damien, again shot out in the scenic fields and hills around Santa Cruz.

As hot as the 22 year old model looked, the location and wardrobe was very similar to the previous images I had used. There were some great new poses, but before choosing some final shots, I e-mailed Nicholas back to see if he and Damien had shot anywhere, or worked on anything a little different from the previous images that I had used. Nicholas got right back to me that indeed they had, thanks to something Damien had just recently found.

What Damien had found, was a striking, and a little intimidating helmet, one that reminded me of depictions I had seen in images and films of the Spartans, inhabitants of the ancient Greek city-state. When you google Spartans, several things come up, but at the top of the list are images of the helmet, as well as the phrase ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ.

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (Molon labe)

Come and take (them), a classical expression of defianc eattributed to King Leonidas of Sparta as a defiant response to the demand that his soldiers lay down their weapons.

What is so interesting about the connection between the helmet, the Spartans and ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, is the tattoo Damien sports on one side of his incredibly hard, and incredibly sexy stomach. That tattoo stood out to me when I first featured Damien, so much so that I made it the title and theme of the piece. What makes the connections so interesting to me is that the helmet wasn't chosen to connect with Damien's tattoo, it was simply a twist of fate the brought everything visually together.

'The old saying one man’s junk is another man’s treasure definitely proved true for this photo shoot. The inspiration for this shoot came from the impressive helmet left behind when someone moved. Although a little big Anthony pulls off the look very well and makes a convincing warrior. Complimenting the wardrobe was the forest location by a hidden lake provided by Anthony. And of course Anthony’s excellent physique kept up with hard work and dedication.'

Damien doesn't appear the least bit intimidated by the powerful prop, and it almost looks like he's reconnecting with a piece of his history. Damien's steely blue blue eyes look ready for battle staring out from his spike adorned head piece. Now Spartan's (sadly) didn't wear grey Jockey briefs, but like the helmet, Damien wears them well and the entire look reminds me of a bit of a sexy fantasy game, one however, for grown ups only.

Richard Rothstein A Spring Nor’easter

Winter Storm Toby, the fourth Nor’easter in less than three weeks, covered the storm-ravaged East Coast with a fresh blanket of snow just in time for the start of spring.

For many, picturesque snowy New York scenes are the stuff dreams are made of. Quiet streets of snowy silence as a blizzard forces a speedy city to slow down. But... those dreams for most are December, maybe January dreams, by late March, most consider a spring Nor’easter more of a nightmare...

Not me, despite shoveling more last night and this morning than I did all winter, this late winter storm was a welcome visitor. This past winter, though cold, was most absent of major snowfalls, so it was nice to get my fix before the crocus pop through. For Richard Rothstein, it was a last opportunity to have his Manhattan studio blanketed in white, one last opportunity to coerce a model to drop trou while the cold, wind and snow whip around them.

Some how, despite the freezing temperatures, I don't think Richard had to do much coercing to have Sergey slip off his jeans. Even with the cold, and out on the public city streets, if you've seen my previous pieces featuring Richard's work with Sergey, you might detect that neither snow, sleet or possible passerbyers would be a deterrent. In fact, I think they would only add to the shoot's energy and excitement.

Although it is a winter wonderland around my home, and I am all shoveled out, I am thinking with April just around the corner, this weeks storm was a beautiful goodbye to the season. Now I am sure there will be more snow, most likely not in these quantities, but unless Sergey is planning on hanging outside on my street, I say Au revoir to Nor’easter's a fine Adieu to Winter.  See you again in about seven or eight months.