Sunday, November 7, 2010

Favorite Pic Of The Day for November 7th

Corey Kirk by Chris Teel!

Check out the exciting new contest sponsored by FH & Chris Teel below!

Happy Birthday today November 7th to:

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They include the gorgeous Rick Malambri who turns 28 today.


With the success of contests launched by notable photographers such as Dylan Rosser, we are launching our own model search for the next great MALE MODEL! Photographer Chris Teel, along with, myself Tye Briggs, owner of FH, loved the idea so much we wanted to begin our own search to help the launch the career of an upcoming talent!

The Internet is full of hopefuls looking to break into the modeling world. Although there are many sites, like Model Mayhem ,which help talent get noticed, sometimes you need a leg up to get your career kick started and to get yourself noticed.

Chris Teel has helped launch the careers of many new models in Canada and the US. FH currently reaches as many as 25,000 visitors a day. If you have ever dreamed of being a model, want help building your portfolio and feel you might have what it takes to successful in the industry, Model Search 2011 might be the kick start you need!

FH and Chris Teel are launching MODEL SEARCH 2011!

Between now and December 4th, models are encouraged to apply to be the winner of Model Search 2011. Models should apply to FH ( starting today!

Between December 5th and December 7th our panel of 5 judges will select the top applicants for public voting. Public voting will occur between December 8th and January 1st with an winner announced on January 9th 2011.

The Winner will Receive

-Photo Shoot with Chris Teel
-Selected shots from the shoot will be showcased on FH
-$500 US (to be award upon completion of photo shoot).
-$200 H&M Gift Card


-Must be at least 18 years old.
-Supply a minimum of 4 photos (more is ok) that clearly show your face and body, either nude or in underwear/swimwear. (Note: Nude images will not be included for public viewing/voting).
-Stats – (height, weight, measurements, date of birth and your current city and country your living in).
-Although we are looking for a new talent, professional models are welcome.
-Models must be able travel to one of the following cities for the shoot: Toronto, Montreal or New York.

-The winning model will be shot in a variety of looks, including artistic nudes - please ensure you're are comfortable with tasteful nudity before submitting your application-

Voting: Chris Teel and Tye Briggs are determined to have a positive contest without drama. Watching past model competitions it has been difficult to watch the negativity that sometimes comes with the voting process. We expect passion and determination but if any model and/or their fans partake in excessive voting (blogger determines one vote per cycle), or bringing a negative tone to the contest or other models we reserve the right to remove that model from the competition.

Model Search 2011 Judges:

Chris Teel: A few years ago Chris Teel gave up the security of a full time job to devote his full energy to his passion for photography. Moving from the West Coast of Canada to Toronto the leap of faith has led to Teel becoming one of Canada's hottest new photographers. In the past year and a half Teel has focused solely on photographing images of the male physique. Chris's focus is on hot new talent and in the past year has helped build the portfolios and the careers of Corey Kirk, Sammuel Boux, Jae Garcia and many more talented new models. Teel features his work on Fine Art Photography by Chris Teel found HERE:

Tye Briggs: By day Tye Briggs spends his days in court helping youth and families make their way through the court system. Keeping kids from a life behind bars can be stressful which is one of the reasons Tye unwinds by working on FH. FH launched almost 3 years ago and has grown steadily, now reaching sometimes up to 25,000 viewers a day. Tye, who at different times in his life dabbled in photography, singing and acting has an affinity for new talent and tries to shine a bit of a spotlight on models, photographers, singers, dancers and actors who generally do not get a lot of attention elsewhere on the web.

Corey Kirk:Corey Kirk is the perfect person to help with the search as he has experienced first hand working with Chris Teel. Corey's modeling career has rocketed over the past several months and has led to Corey working with some of the world's top photographers and has seen the results on international sites and blogs. DNA magazine recently featured him on their blog and has touted him as an up and comer with “the most impressive abs we've seen in a while”.

Brandon Ruckdashel: Brandon Ruckdashel is an actor, singer, model and photographer. Ruckdashel gained the attention of the New York critics for his work on stage in various productions including the critically acclaimed Ascension. Brandon followed this up with numerous stage and film roles. Brandon has been seen on television in productions such as The Lair, National Debt, Cougar School and Co-ed Confidential. When not on stage or in front of camera, Brandon also loves to write. Besides many songs, the past year has seen a focus on his first full play Exposure' which began readings this past summer

All those interested should submit their applications to


Leading the judging panel is 22 year old model Corey Kirk! Corey (photographed above by Chris Teel, burst on to the modeling scene earlier this year. Corey is the perfect model to be the face of MODEL SEARCH 2011. Strikingly handsome yes but as well Corey knows how to form professional relationships with those he works with and as well those who enjoy his work. Corey also demonstrates the passion and determination required to be successful!

Check out Corey's site HERE:
Corey on MM HERE:
Corey on FH HERE: