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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 25th

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Blessings in Disguise

If there is one item, most associated with Halloween it's a mask. Although many now seem to choose make-up to help create a character, most of us remember that smell... You know it, that fresh plastic smell when putting on a freshly unwrapped mask from a local department store, and that sweaty plastic smell at the end of the evening after a night of trick or treating.

Masque on FH:

Bizarro's Haunt!

Are You Ready to SCREAM???

Many of you remember my profile earlier in the year featuring model Calvin Cox and his work with photographer Chris Teel. (Freakish Resuscitation)  Chris' images had a bit Gothic, haunting feel, appropriate given Calvin's love of all things that go bump in the night, and of course, his Halloween attraction, Bizarro's Haunt!  

If you're in, or near Hamilton Ontario between October 26th and October 31st, be sure to check out the Haunted Attraction located on a 64 acre farm on 367 Highway 5 West.  Given it's a Halloween attraction, don't look for sunlight or daytime hours.  Bizarro's Haunt! opens at 11pm to make sure it's visitor's get the full impact of The Witching Hour....

Bizarro's Factory of Fear unleashes it's fear upon customers in whole new levels! Tight, dark rooms. State of the art video projection effects. Creepy animal cages and more are what you'll witness in this cutting edge Haunted Attraction!

Check out more details on the Bizarro's Haunt website HERE:
Special thanks to Chris Teel for supporting my Halloween edits to his incredible shots!

The Revealing Mask: Josh Mosier shot byKent

Drawings of Josh byKent

Give a man a mask and he will show his true face...
Oscar Wilde

Except around Halloween, I am usually not a huge fan of masks and face make-up within imagery of the male form.  For me, the male form is not complete unless you can view it in it's entirety, especially the face and eyes.  I have often felt that with some artists and some images,  a man without a face can be too easily dehumanized with the singular focus being a models genitals, seemingly ignoring there's also a man attached.

The more however I've featured, imagery utilizes masks and make-up, the more I understand the honesty within Oscar Wilde's quote.  All I had to do was think back to Halloween and the many costumes I wore as a kid.   Even before I knew for sure who I was, and long before I shared it publicly, I gave hints through my Halloween costumes I chose to wear.   I thought I was using the holiday as a way to hide, but in reality, those costumes and masks were unveiling the invisible mask I wore most of the rest of the year.

I remember distinctly how I felt in some of the costumes I chose, especially when running down the street in my superhero costume, or when bobbing for apples at a party I went to as Lady Di. (A friend went as Prince Charles)  The right costume or mask has the power to not only change your appearance, but also how you feel about yourself while wearing it.  That was certainly the case for me, and also seems to be clearly case for Josh Mosier in this set of shots byKent. 

Josh seems a little more dapper in his top hat, a little more regal in his feathers and a little more uninhibited and free in his traditional tribal mask.  After first featuring byKent's work with Josh this past summer, (Cool, Calm & Collected)  I was eager to see more of Kent's work with Josh so artist and model got together to shoot some Autumn and Halloween themed images, including a set I featured last month. (Sunflower Season)

'I wanted to do something non traditional. Since Josh was going to be nude, I didn’t need to deal with costumes, instead I assembled props that I had that either could be used for someone going to a costume party or that would make someone think of Halloween. A nude model posing with props adds an unexpected aspect to them, like the ones of Josh posing with top hat and cane.'

'I also like to give my pictures a hint of humor, such as the one where he’s holding the mask over his crotch and his penis is playing the part of the mask’s tongue. I had an idea of the mask appearing to be sticking out it’s tongue by Josh getting aroused and his penis becoming larger/longer, but since Josh’s penis is already so big, I was certain he wouldn’t fit comfortably in the small hole in the mask if he became erect so I didn’t suggest that pose... Josh indulged my quirky requests without question, making him a great model to work with. Photographing Josh nude with a Halloween theme was a real “treat”.'

Horror Hunks: Tom Atkins in Halloween III Season of the Witch

Happy Happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
Happy Happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock!

Every Halloween, I try to to choose a horror franchise and spotlight the male nude scenes within the series.  I have featured scenes from both Friday the 13th (HERE:) and the Nightmare on Elm St series of films. (listed HERE:)  This year, with Jamie Lee Curtis and Halloween back on movie screens, it seemed the perfect franchise to feature next.

Problem was... there was very little male nudity featured in the franchise.  If there are any skin scenes, I'm missing, but the only one I found was actor Tom Atkins in 1982'a Halloween III, Season of the Witch.  For some reason I always escaped seeing this part of the franchise, even though I have seen some of the others multiple times.  Season of the Witch is a departure from the other films as Michael Myers is not featured, the big baddie is a novelty company with Halloween masks being their biggest seller.

What the film does have is a frighteningly catchy and creepy theme song, Maidie Norman (Whatever Happened to Baby Jane) as Nurse Agnes, and a brief nude scene from actor Tom Atkins.  Atkins was a part of quite a few big budget films in the early to mid eighties also appearing in Creepshow, Escape From New York and The Fog.

Full disclosure, I wasn't immediately drawn to Dr .Challis (Atkins) when he first appeared on screen, but he is a good actor and there was something about him.... By the time he and Ellie (Stacey Nelkin) hit that motel in Santa Mira, I could understand her attraction.  Atkins has one of those bodies that looks surprisingly hotter when the clothes come off.

The Fog (1980)

Although they never connected in the Halloween movies, Atkins and Jamie Lee Curtis did connect in John Carpenter's The Fog in 1980.

Season of the Witch