Saturday, July 9, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 10th


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Seasonal Sightings:

With summer now in full swing, I'm going to be slowing down a bit on my postings until the fall.  I'll still be updating FH regularly, but there may be a few more lulls than usual over the next couple of months. 


Logan Wall has one of my favorite OnlyFans pages.  Although the 'hot' stuff is on his OF, Logan often also shares some fun and sexy stuff on his Twitter.  Love this video of just a hot guy cutting a little wood... naked of course.  Be careful with that axe!!!

We Need to Talk About Kevin!

'You know, an aquarium is a submarine for fish.'

Reading about Chris Hemsworth butt scene in the new Thor movie had me thinking.. yeah thinking.  I'm not really into Marvel films, and except for the Spiderman flicks, haven't seen any, including any from the Thor series.  My love, well lust for Hemsworth, stems mostly from images, especially all those shirtless beach shots when he's surfing. 

I had to really think about my favorite Hemsworth performance on film and surprisingly, it came from the 2016 female version of Ghostbusters.  Now the movie gets a really bum rap.  When the franchises films are rated, it's usually last, or just above 1989's Ghostbusters II.  I'd definitely put it second, I wasn't a huge fan of last years Ghostbusters Afterlife

Now I'm not saying the 2016 version was great, but the four female leads all pulled their weight, and there were some genuine laughs.  Problem was, there wasn't really a story, and the writing didn't make-up for that with more comedy bits for the cast.  Chris was a stand-out however as Kevin, the dim witted, but incredibly hot receptionist and part-time big baddie when inhabited by evil spirits. 

I re-watched the film recently and really enjoyed it, even more so than when I first saw it.  Now, for full transparency, I had eaten a cherry cannabis edible prior to watching, and I'm sure that played a part in increasing the fit of giggles that overtook me several times while viewing.

One thing I do know for sure, with our without the edibles, Hemsworth dance moves during the films closing credits are a highlight, high or not...  Oh, and that Thor butt scene, check out a teaser below.

Thor's Tuchus

'I mean, it was kind of 10, 11 years in the making, that shot. In each film we’ve taken off another item of clothing, and now we just kind of took it all off.'
Chris Hemsworth

John Turturro: Actors & SKIN

Although actor John Turturro bared his butt briefly in 1990's Men of Respect and 1992's Mac, it was Box of Midnight (1996) and The Jesus Rolls (2019) which gave us the most exposure, and the most interesting nude scenes. 

Box of Midnight (1996)

'An engineer finds his first gray hair, takes 6 days off from wife, son and work, rents a car and meets different people.'

Although Turturro has a 'quick or you'll miss it' frontal in the film, it's the numerous full frontal scenes from actor Sam Rockwell that most remember from Box of Midnight.   Although The Kid (Rockwell) tried to get Al (Turturro) out of his undies when they swimming, the boxers stayed on. 

Rockwell's Rump

The Jesus Rolls (2019)

'A trio of misfits whose irreverent, sexually charged dynamic evolves into a surprising love story as their spontaneous and flippant attitude towards the past or future backfires time and again.'

In Box of Midnight, Tuturro's character frolics with a naked Sam Rockwell, in The Jesus Rolls, it's the hunky Bobby Cannavale.  Cannavale is no stranger to being naked on film and his scenes with Turturro are both fascinating and fun.

Although Jesus (Turturro) tries to get Petey (Cannavale) to fool around with him, Petey is more comfortable having a threesome with the female Marie.  Below, Petey sits by as Jesus takes his turn.  Christopher Walken also makes an appearance in the film.