Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 13th

Adam by Bodytorium

Happy Birthday today March 13th

Happy Birthday to actor, singer and writer Brandon Ruckdashel!

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Seasonal Sightings:

Mike Bock: Playgirl, March 1976

Calm, easygoing and gentle...
He's a mature version of your high school sweetheart,
that first real love, and the only male friend
you could confide in....

Mike Bock
Contest Finalist, March, 1976
Photography by Bob Seidemann

I love me a hunk for the 70's, especially one with big poofy hair.  Mike Bock has a bit of a Weird Al vibe going on, but a much hotter one for sure!  Love to see him without the mustache, but I guess it goes with the overall look.

Ed Quinn: Pectacular!

Actor Ed Quinn is incredibly likable and appealing with his shirt on, especially one One Day At A Time.  I was really hoping they would have kept in on longer as a romantic interest for Penelope.  As you can see though, the Netfilx sit-com, like many of the show's Ed appeared on, wisely didn't let him get away without a shirtless scene or two.

One Day At A Time



I always meant to give Eureka a look see, maybe now knowing Ed is part of the chance, I'll give it a go.

Two Broke Girls

I have to admit, I was not a fan of Two Broke Girls.  Although the cast was appealing, the writing was lazy and often sounded like it was written by two horny, and un-creative, teenage boys.  (maybe that was the point...)  I think the show had potential, and often turned it on, only to turn it off just as quickly.

That being said, the casting department did bring on a slew of hot hunks.  Although I didn't watch the show, it did have me tracking down clips to feature some of the actors after seeing promos for shirtless scenes from their guest starring hunks. (HERE: & HERE:)  I may have to go back and check out Ed Quinn's arc as it appears the CBS sit-com had his shirt off a lot!