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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 23rd

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The word Weihnachtsmann fits today's theme perfectly.  In German, the word translates to Christmas Man.  Beyond  just the iconic Santa Claus, the holiday hunks I feature both give and receive. They ignite the yule logs of many who check out the site each festive season.  Thanks to TR Pics, and his image of Jesse, for getting our visual voyage into fur hats and leather boots started with a bootylicious bang. 

Culleoka Concepts: The Phallus Pileus

This time of year, a lot models don the Phrygian cap. The Phrygian or Pileus, *aka Santa hat), is a pointed, or horn shaped felt cap that was worn in Ancient Greece, Etruria, Illyria, later also introduced in Ancient Rome.  Around Christmas time you find models wearing them on their heads, or using them, as this sexy Santa is doing, to keep another of their heads, covered and warm.

FH readers know how much I love holiday inspired imagery, and today's themed posts, are certainly Santa inspired. Even if you're not a huge fan of holiday shots, who can really resist a hot male model, completely naked except for little red velvet, caressing their bare skin.  

I've been hoping to feature the work of Culleoka Concepts for awhile now, and we've been working on a piece spotlighting his work.  When I recently saw some of his holiday inspired creations, I asked to begin with a little festive foretaste.  Check out ore of Culleoka Concepts's holiday hunks on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

12 Days: Nick Bateman in A Christmas Miracle for Daisy

'Whitney begins designing a Santa's float for the town's annual Christmas parade when a potential job opportunity comes her way: the full redesign of a landmark house by Christmas Eve. Despite the challenge, Whitney and Andi sign on to the job-- then discover the home's new owner is Whitney's ex-boyfriend Connor, who has moved to town from Los Angeles with his bright-eyed young daughter Daisy.'

First off, let me share I watched A Christmas Miracle for Daisy before realizing it first aired in 2019 on The Great American Family Channel.  I found a copy to watch on-line after discovering model and actor Nick Bateman was in the cast.  Had I known where it originated, even my lust for Mr. Bateman would have had me pass.  It wasn't until looking for the film's poster for this piece that I realized my mistake.  

Everything I've read about the network, including it's stance on marriage and LGBTQ issues, is so far from the Christian values that I grew up learning all those hours when I forced to go to Sunday school.  The movie was actually pretty slow, it lacked the magic Hallmark is usually able to muster up and produce.  Still.... Nick Bateman is totally watchable, even on mute, his handsome face and eyes light up the screen.

Models don't always make the best actors, but male models have had a great deal of success in television Christmas movies.  The acting isn't usually too heavy, and the skills required are a bright smile, and a craveable body, both things Bateman has in spades.

Bateman was actually one of the better actors in the film, a testament to the focus he's put into his acting career.  The Canadian born actor began acting on the Canadian version of the show 'Just for Laughs' about fifteen years ago and has worked steadily on-screen since.

Included in his on-screen resume are two films that smartly ensured we got a few brief glances at Bateman's beautiful butt.  You can check out caps and clips from those films; The Matchmaker's Playbook HERE: & The Perception HERE:

The North Pole: Bart by Jan Deuzeman

'Even Santa has his desires and fantasies.'

Every year at this time there are a lot of male models channeling their inner Kris Kringle.  The season is full of hot and sexy Santas and Saint Nicholas, both naught and nice.  This year, photographer Jan Deuzeman and Bart Heemstede decided they wanted to push the boundaries of how bad this Santa could actually be.

Neither Jan or Bart are strangers to boundary pushing.  Given's Bart's Instagram handle is mature leathermen, you know his version of Santa, wouldn't be hanging out at a shopping mall...   I introduced FH readers to Jan's work with Bart this past summer with Bart's erotic dip in a lake. (HERE:) I  followed it up with a rousing horror themed shoot this past Halloween. (HERE:) It seems as the month go by, Bart's  lascivious  levels rise, climaxing as the year comes to a close.

Jan has done a lot of work with character and costumes, mostly for Halloween, but this was he and Bart's first time creating something for Christmas.  Because they've worked together so many times, both artist and model know what expect and Jan loves that Bart is always up for something exciting and new.  

Bart is completely comfortable in front of Jan's camera, allowing his creativity, and his sexual urges, to freely flow.  This year, they began with the theme of bad Santa, but I think Bart went a few steps beyond just being bad.  This Santa is naughtier than normal, this is Santa is dirty, leaning into his carnal urges, one only heighted by the holiday.

'A Christmas shoot with Jan not only puts me in the Christmas mood,  but also makes me super horny!'

And who can blame him!  Surrounded by a excess of elves and Mrs. Claus, clearly his beard... a Santa needs a a safe and satisfying form of a release. I mean you can only lick and suck so many lollypops and candy canes before needing something just a little more substantial to wrap your mouth around, especially this time of year.

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 22nd

Jerry by JW Johnson
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Happy Birthday today December 22nd

Happy Birthday today to actor Pat Mastroianni!

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Anyone who was a kid in the 80's will be excused if they gulp reading Degrassi Jr High's Joey Jeremiah turns 50 today.

Felt & Fur

Christmas With Family: Jerry by JW Johnson

''I got started with the Christmas theme while shooting some of my calendar models on the holiday themed portrait backdrops and it just snowballed from there, pun intended.'
JW Johnson

It was a holiday image that first led me to contact photographer JW Johnson.   It was a shot of a model falling out of a Santa's sac that I spotted on Pinterest.  Thankfully, the person who posted it didn't crop off JW's watermark, and I was able to find his site and Model Mayhem page and get in touch.

My first piece featuring JW's work was back in December 2017. (HERE:)  It featured a selection of holiday themed images with a selection of different models.  One of my favorite models in the piece was Jerry.   I loved his long, lean body and the beautiful poses he created.  I also loved his welcoming face and smile and like all good Christmas elves, the bright twinkle in his eye. 

Since that first piece, I bug JW often about featuring more of his work, especially at Christmas.  His years of shooting calendars meant a he has large selection of Christmas themed imagery and JW"s imagery has an authentic retro Christmas vibe that so many of us remember.  The wood walls and decorations remind me of my parents old rec-room and I can almost feel and even smell the room on Christmas morning.

I would have loved to have woken up and run downstairs to find Jerry in my stoking or under my tree. That particular fantasy however, would have to wait, well at least until I moved out on my own. JW describes Jerry as as a really opened minded guy, up for anything.  Although he had a girlfriend, he seemed to really enjoy the attention he got from nude modeling, especially with the fun festive shoots.

'Jerry was a great guy to photograph, and talk to each and every time he came to shoot. He was very opened minded, up for anything and fun to work with.  We got to know each other quite well given how many times we got together to shoot over the years. I always felt right at home with him, like he was family or something. :)'

Culleoka Concepts: Red Hats & Full Sacs

There's something about a man in a Santa Claus suit that just drives me absolutely crazy! 

For so many of us, our love all things fleece, felt and faux fur goes back to our childhoods.  Not to get too Freudian, but for some... Santaphilia is real.  Yes, there is such as thing as having a Santa fetish.  For some it's about looking for a kindly father figure, for others, it's just about wanting to sit on a on a firm, hard lap. 

It's really not surprising given how visuals of Santa dominated so much of our early childhood holiday memories.  Even if you didn't celebrate Christmas, Santa was everywhere.  In movies, on television, posters, decorations and greeting cards.  Most of us drew Santa on construction paper, or created his face with paper plates and cotton balls.  Many of us were also taken to the mall to sit on his lap, tell him what we wanted and leave with a sugary treat.

Santa is also a comforting mixture of masculine energy and nurturing dominant.  He's kind and giving, yet can also dole out a lethal punishment to naughty little boys. To add to the list of reasons, his black leather belt and boots only add to the elements of fetish.  Santa's also a giver, that's his shtick, he gives, you receive, nothing complicated about that. 

I remember when I was younger watching an episode of The Golden Girls with my mom.  It was the show's Christmas episode and the character of Blanche a fetish with the jolly elf, and a quote that perfectly summed up exactly why.

'There's something about a man in a Santa Claus suit that just drives me absolutely crazy! I don't know. Maybe it's-- it's the warmth of all that red hot sweaty flannel, set against the austere coldness of those Black panther leather jack boots...OR maybe it's because those rosy cheeks and twinkling eyes bespeak a passion that is about to erupt from a man who just spent a cold lonely year cooped up with a pack of dwarfs! I'm not sure. All I know is the sight of a Santa sets my body aflame with unbridled desire!'

I wouldn't say I have a Santa fetish exactly, but I would say that like Blanche, at this time of year, the site of hot man in the red fur hat sets something in motion.  This selection of models and visuals from Culleoka Concepts certainly did.  I asked about sharing just a few Santa shots, but was blessed with a slew of sexy Santas, all of whom are ore than capable of heating up the longest of winter's nights.