Monday, August 29, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 30th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Succulent Selfies: Manu Ríos

I've been planning on doing a piece on Spanish actor and singer Manu Ríos  for awhile now.  Problem is, every time I start, I get little overwhelmed.  Manu's intense hotness is part of the problem, but I also never know where to focus.  Do I focus on his modeling shots,(above) or caps from his nude scenes (below) as  Patrick Blanco Commerford on the Netflix series Elite,

What to do, what to do.  Although I started Elite, I haven't gotten go Manu's character's introduction, so that made focusing on Manu's modeling the way to go.  Again however, I got overwhelmed.  Narrowing down favorites was impossible, so I decided I needed a theme.

My final choice for theme was actually an easy one after a quick glance at Manu's Instagram.  There were so many hot succulent selfies, I could have filled pages of FH with my favorites.  Below, after going back and forth a few times, are my favorites.

12 Days: Ektor Rivera in Groundswell

'Emma is a chef who travels to Hawaii and meets a surf instructor whose lessons help her to regain her footing after being on the heels of a personal and professional setback.'

I haven't watched a Hallmark movie in quite awhile, and I didn't expect to watch one this weekend.  I also never expected to get all hot and bothered watching a sappy love story, but I most certainly did.  I put the television on mute the other night while finishing the last few chapters of James Patterson's 1st Case.  When I glanced up at the TV,  I closed the book and put down on the coffee table.

When I glanced up, I caught a hot shirtless hunk running on the beach, Bo Derek style, towards the camera.  I released the mute button and had to watch for awhile.  I liked Lacey Chabert on Party of Five when I was a teenage, but I'm not a huge fan of films work on Hallmark. I didn't finish the flick, but I watched enough to ignite my crush on actor Ektor Rivera.

I began Googling and learned the sizzling actor is also a talented singer and visual artist.  Rivera has an impressive stage resume including roles in The US, London and Puerto Rico in Evita, In The Heights, Godspell, Rent, Hairspray and on Broadway in the leading role of Emilio Estefan in the musical On Your Feet!,  Groundswell is the last credit on Rivera's resume, but I'll be keeping my eye out for future projects and roles.


Ektor Rivera on Instagram

A Lake Near Sibculo: Bart by Jan Deuzeman

'When I uploaded this shoot and started editing them, I did it with a big smile,  I loved this photoshoot.'

One of the joys of working on FH is the ability to visually visit and virtually vacation in places that I've never been.  One of those locations is definitely the Netherlands, and it's near the top of my bucket lists of places to travel and spend time in.  Thanks to Vroomshoop photographer Jan Deuzeman, we get to spend one of the last days of August at a lake near the village of  Sibculo, part of the municipality of Hardenberg in the Dutch province of Overijssel.  I had never heard of Sibculo before and headed to Google to search and enjoyed learning more about the location. 

Many of you might remember Jan's work from previous pieces on the site.  Jan's Good Friday themed imagery has been a  part of the site the last few Easter seasons.  In addition to commemorating the day, Jan always manages to capture the deep emotion and meaning at the core of the holiday. For this summer themed shoot with Bart, the emotions are far less somber but at the same time, in their own way, they're equally compelling.  Bart initially discovered Jan's work on Instagram, and after discussing Bart's previous work and photoshoots, they decided it would be a good fit to collaborate creatively together.

'To me it is always interesting if models have a kind of hobby or fetish or something special, Bart loves to wear leather and rubber clothes and he has a nice collection. So to me it was one of the "special" shoots. And we already did several shoots. '

Bart had been travelling through Holland doing shoots with several different photographers. Given photographer had their own style.  For this summer themed shoot, Bart and Jan decided to to do something completely different from the shoots Bart had done in the past. Bart wanted to a shoot outside, to ditch the rubber and leather for a softer look. So, it was decided instead of covering his beautiful body with leather, he'd submerge himself into a body of water at sunrise.

They left early in the morning, driving the two hours to arrive by 7am at a lake near Sibculo.  It was sunny when they arrived and although early in the morning, the water wasn't too cold and felt wonderful on Bart's skin when he waded in.  When they began their shoot, it was a bit misty over the water, but for Jan, that only added to the atmospheric on the shots that they took. 

'Bart is a great model to work with, it's always a relaxed atmosphere and he really knows how to pose.  One of the best things about the shoot was how the sun touched Bart's body on a special way, when he posed in the water. He really sparkled in the water and sunrise. When I uploaded this shoot and started editing them, I did it with a big smile,  I loved this photoshoot. '

'Jan is a very relaxed photographer. I really enjoy working with him, we experiment a lot. There is no pressure of performance or ultimate perfection, the goal is to make beautiful things. Jan has a great studio where I can be on a regular basis. I  have a love for leather and rubber. When I wear these rubber and leather clothes I feel like someone else and Jan beautifully captures that.  I do hope I can work with Jan for a long time to come.'