Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 20th

David Needham by Shotbygrant Photography
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The New Green Arrow!

I loved me some Justin Hartley, but Canadian actor Stephen Amell is certainly not a disappointment donning Oliver Queens's green leather suit! Executive producer David Nutter says not to expect another Smallville, and says this Arrow is a different show, darker and harder-edged. Some of you might remember Stephen from his recent role on Hung and his breakout role in Dante's Cove (see below).

Stephen from Dante's Cove

Thumbs Down: A Trump Hunt & Dump

Dr.Seuss I respect, but I know I am not
But a couple of things are stuck in my thoughts
With so many Trump's making news and events
I thought it was time that I gave my two cents

His offspring took guns and shot Zimbabwe mammals
There were Elephants, crocodiles, not sure about camels
I know there there were leopards, and even some kudu
And all got an unwanted bullet hole tattoo

As the clown clones took life from the beautiful creatures
Their bloated sperm donor flapped his jowl facial features
With ratings for Apprentice dipping too low to mention
The red haired buffoon once again sought attention

The follically challenged rarely stay cozy
So again he took aim directly at Rosie
Shooting her down is just what he meant
Thank FUCK he will never be the President

This family, these stories really disgust me. I have no issue with hunting, but elephants? Water Buffalo? Really? I guess a common American deer or rabbit would not be good enough game for a Trump. And no matter what you think of Rosie, Trump's need to kick anyone when down only speaks to what a tool he truly is.

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Ascension: David Needham by Shotbygrant Photography

David Needham caught my eye the second I laid eyes on my first image of the 23 year old model. David has a great body but it was his face, especially the combination of a strong face and jaw structure along with beautiful, expressive and sensitive blue eyes. Together, the strength, along with the sensitivity, create a great look which enables David to move fluidly from fashion to fitness as well as more character and story based images.

From the seaside town of Bridlington, East Yorkshire, David does much of his work in London but loves to travel throughout the UK for shoots. And ex British soldier,David's focus is now solely and passionately on his modeling work. Self describe as both hard working as well as bubbly, David looks forward to working with new photographers and trying on new concepts and creative ideas.

David's portfolio is both extensive and beautifully eclectic containing, as stated, many different looks; fashion, fitness, artistic nudes and character driven work. David worked on a series of shots with Dame Nellie Better which are just a little naughty, a little sexy and a whole lot of fun. Most of David's best work, including the shoot with Dame Nellie were taken by London's Shotbygrant Photography.

Artist and model obviously have a great working relationship with trust at it's base. Grant has ensured David's portfolio spotlights a variety of looks and makes great use of both his body, face and most importantly personality. Grant's has extensive experience in both color and black & white, has worked extensively with actors for their portfolios and is as well a sports photographer. He brings each of these skill sets in his work with David and some of my favorite images I am showcasing here.

Below: Love Grants fun shots of David with Dame Nellie Better

'Grant is really the guy who gave me my break. I was only doing local shoots, before he spotted me. Grant brought me to London and since then I've not looked back! Becoming professional and published! He is a fantastic photographer with a great portfolio but has as well become a very close friend.'
David Needham

'I can honestly say in all the years I have been taking photos he is one of the best models I have ever worked with and I thoroughly enjoyed the shooting days. Everything from early morning beach to formal clothing at Whitby Abbey. Some stunning shots and I can do no more than really recommend David for any type of shoot. Good looking, confident and takes direction really well. We have done several shoots now each better that the last and I know I can always rely on him.'
Grant Williams, shotbygrant photography

For more information and images, or to contact David about work or an upcoming project, you can reach him at one of his sites below:
David Needham Official Site:
David Needham on ModelMayhem & check out hundreds of images on his Facebook Fanpage

Shotbygrant Photography Official Site & on ModelMayhem

Favorite Click Of The Day: Mariano Vivanco on Homotography

Above: Kerry Degman

Homotography has been brimming over the last few months with incredible new shoots from internationally renowned fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco. Stolen Moments featuring one of my all time favorite models Parker Gregory is not to be missed!

Parker Gregory in Stolen Moments

Kevin Freed In The Woods

Cyril Giustiniani