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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 19th

Scot Miller by MaleModel NL
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Happy Birthday today December 19th

Happy 49th to model and actor Tyson Beckford!

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Щасливого Різдва

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12 Days: Some of My Best Friends Are...

'Where do you go, when there's no place to go...'

This past June, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, TCM dedicated a night to LGBTQ films including; The Ritz (1976) Torch Song Trilogy (1988) and Some of My Best Friends Are...(1971). I had already seen The Ritz and Torch Song, but I was very interested in checking out Some of My Best Friends Are... especially after seeing some of the names of those in the cast.

Darling & the male cast of Some of My Best Friends Are...

'It's Christmas Eve at the Blue Jay, a Greenwich Village gay bar, a place where patrons believe they can feel free to be themselves as opposed to the straight charade many portray in their outside lives.'

The patrons at the Blue Jay are like one big family, a dysfunctional family, but a family of one's choosing. Making up that family included some familiar faces, especially if you were a television watcher in the 70's and 80's. They included comedian and author (Fried Green Tomatoes) Fannie Flagg, Rue McClanahan, (before th premiere of Maude) Gil Gerard, (Buck Rogers) and Gary Sandy. (WKRP)

Rue McClanahan

MClanahan plays Lita Joyce, who outwardly is just a fag hag, but who is truly just a ball buster in she only wanting to prove to herself she has what it takes to attract the opposite sex. She brought Scott, (Gil Gerard) a pilot, into the bar one evening with Scott in turn immediately falling in love with regular Terry, a graphic artist, the two for who Lita seems to have it out in wanting to destroy their happiness

Gary Sandy

Gary Sandy plays Jim, is a gay-for-pay hustler with Marvin as his latest sugar daddy. Marvin tries to pass Jim off as his nephew, who's he's planning on taking on a trip to Europe. Everyone in the bar however, knows better.  Check out a little more of Gary Sandy on PAGE 2 HERE:

The film also had a bit of a six degree's of Andy Warhol with Warhol Superstar and transsexual icon Candy Darling and gorgeous German model Uva Harden in the cast. Harden was one of the many people behind the start of Studio 54 and helped to get financing and get the club off the ground.

Uva Harden

Harden plays Michel is a French ski instructor, recovering from a skiing accident, and in love with older married man, Barratt Arden.  Michel spends the film trying to convince Barratt to leave his wife and be with him. Barratt refuses and leaves the bar, but returns at the end to be reunited with Michel, who is drunk and passed out.

I included the film in my 12 Day series as although it's not overly festive, the story takes place entirely over a few hours on Christmas Eve.  I watched the film twice, once, not paying too close attention, when it aired last June, and again, watching more closely, to prepare for this piece.  I was struck by the sadness during the second viewing, and the struggles of living authentically, even in the 1970's.   The film plays a bit like a British soap, throwing out a large group of characters, then moving from story to story in small scenes over the course of film.

The film had one nude scene, a quick, but surprising frontal at the very beginning of the film.  Even before the credits role Leo (Jeff David) gets out of bed naked before heading to The Blue Jay.  I hadn't heard of the actor before, and checking out his IMDB scene, it appears he was a regular on several television shows in the seventies and early eighties.  I attempted to find a decent copy of the film to do caps, but the only place I could find one was on Youtube.  The entire film is uploaded there and the quality isn't bad, given I couldn't find a DVD anywhere to buy.  I did notice the film is also available on Amazon Prime.

Jeff David

Kerstpakket.: Scot by MaleModel NL

My love of Christmas imagery stems from so many different places, my love for the holiday itself is just the tip of the iceberg. Christmas imagery tends to fall into two categories.  Vibrant and bright with dynamic flashes of color, or calm and serene scenes with religious themes or fields blanketed with snow.

MaleModel NL combines the vibrant and serene, adding in an intensely erotic edge.  I have loved the Netherlands based photographers work for many years, and have always looked forward to his yearly Christmas shoots.  I think it was seeing MaleModel NL's holiday images that helped inspire my love of Christmas imagery with the beautifully sensual way he weaves the naughty with the nice.

I think the fact both the models and the artist are from Netherlands is part of the fantasy and appeal. So many of our Christmas traditions come from the Dutch culture, from the hanging of stockings to those chocolate letters we often give and receive which stem from the Dutch holiday of Sinterklaas. (Saint Nicholas).

Our town had one Dutch store which I loved to visit every December.  I also loved the wooden toys, and got a few in my stocking as a kid.  I had visions that all Netherlands towns were quaint Christmas towns filled with chocolate and toy shops.   Not the reality I know, but fantasy, especially at Christmas, is an element of the holiday that's important to hold on to.

Dutch model Scot Miller is definitely fantasy inducing.  The flashes of red and white perfectly hug the 21 year old porn stars body, like a beautifully decorated package, ready for unwrapping.  If you want to see more of what's under the red and white packing, there's is much more of Scot to be seen on MaleModel NL.

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 18th

Image by MaleModel NL

Happy Birthday today December 18th

Happy Birthday to Michael, the creator and writer of Entertain Me!

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Seasonal Sightings


Gary Sandy in Filthy Pictures

Gary Sandy was born on Christmas Day, and starting back in 2008, has often been featured in my Christmas Day birthday posts.  Every time I search for 'hot images' of the talented actor and singer, I come upon shots of Sandy in a black speedo from an episode of WKRP.

After seeing Sandy in Some of My Best Friends Are...  I decided it was actually time to watch that episode.  Except for a brief shirtless bathroom scene, Sandy didn't show any skin in the film, but his WKRP jean, especially how tight they were, hinted at a firm form lurking beneath.

I found a copy of Season 2' 'Filthy Pictures' to download to finally see what that black speedo scene was all about.  Except for a few repeats when I was a kid, I hadn't seen much of the sit-com, (1978-1982) but downloaded the complete second season, so look forward to checking out more!

In Filthy Pictures, Andy (Sandy) and Jennifer (Loni Anderson) are asked by their boss Mr. Carlson to pose in swimsuits for a fundraiser for his Kiwanis Club.  Andy is nervous about posing in a speedo, and holds a beach ball in front of his crotch until cajoled by Jennifer and the photographer to toss the ball around.

The story takes a turn when the photographer (unbeknownst to Jennifer) shoot naked pictures of her changing.  The rest of the two part episode is about how the WKRP crew try to get the pictures back.  As part of the story, the photographer tells Jennifer he's gay which freaks Andy out thinking the photographers 'Wowza!' comments during the shoot were about him.

Given the episode was filmed in 1979, it wasn't surprised to see a few gay stereotypes thrown in, especially in the scene where Herb (Frank Bonner) pretends he's gay in order to get Jennifer's pictures from the photographer.  Turns out the photographer wasn't gay, and although the scene would be insulting if filmed today, was sort of funny given the context and time of filming.

FaVorites: Oleksandr Kalinovskyi

'Ви насправді не бачите світу, якщо дивитесь лише через власне вікно.'

(You don't really see the world if you only look through your own window.)
Ukrainian Proverb

Anyone who opens a newspaper or turns on the news (mistake #1) knows that Ukraine has is involved in many of the stories.  Ukraine didn't necessarily want to be discussed on cable news each night, but was dragged in by the idiot in The White House and his Gollum like looking lawyer.

Image from Stas Vokman

Given that so many politicians are using Ukraine to create smoke for their on agenda's, I thought it was time to clear the air and focus on something beautiful created by Eastern European country.  Although the incredible Black Sea coastlines, and the Carpathians and Crimean mountains are magnificent, I think model Oleksandr Kalinovskyi more than matches their beauty.

Only recently discovered the 27 year old model's work, but I have enjoyed the time spent with catching up!  Oleander has an incredible body, one he knows how to position so his best angles are captured.  As beautiful as his physique may be, Oleksandr's beautiful blue eyes and expressive face provide stiff competition for the viewers focus.

Image from Thomas Synnamon