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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 28th

Back to Bed by studioMGphotography
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Happy Birthday today April 28th

Happy 37th to Harry Shum Jr.!

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Harry was my favorite guy from Glee, and so glad to watch the success he's had in TV and film.  Glee showcased his dancing skills, but never really gave him much story or opportunities to shine as an actor.

What Now?

What is going on here.... Lift the Code of Silence on

Is There a Rump in Your Future?

Not if check out #6 of Rump Magazine on

studioMGphotography: Early to Bed...

Early to Rise...

Last month, I featured a series of images previewing Bedtime Stories, the newest book from studioMGphotography. For those who have experienced a great time Bedtime story, you know the feeling of wishing it would never end.  Frequent calls of 'Just one more' are often repeated when the story is stimulating and brings you pleasure.  You want, not make that need, just one more chapter to be satisfied before rolling over to fall to sleep.

 'A shoot isn't all serious business!'

If you checked out my first piece on the book, (HERE:) you undoubtedly recognized many of the models featured as Mark had previously shared images from many of his individual shoots with some of th models FH.  I knew from working on those pieces that for every one of the over a hundred images featured, there were more in Mark's archive I was hoping for a peek of.

I asked Mark if he might dig back into the images from the mattress room for some outtakes.  Like with most arousing Bedtime Stories, I wanted just one more chapter to share with with FH readers to help stimulate a good night's sleep.

Although Mark has literally thousands of addition shots from his many shoots, with dozens and dozens of models in the mattress room, I love the additional behind the scenes shots he shared.  The focus as you can see is the many of many faces in the many lighthearted and fun moments which occurred during the shoot.  As sizzling hot as most of the shots in the book are, I love these light and spontaneous captured moments.

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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 27th

Mirror Mirror by studioMGphotography
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At the Ballet...

Everything was beautiful at the ballet

Shirtless Saturdays

Archie gets most of the shirtless scenes on Riverdale, but Jughead more than holds his own

Favorite Click of the Week: Code of Silence

This post didn't begin as a favorite click, but instead as a Bottom Line. Scanning the Internet, as I do, I came across the image,(last one in this piece) of five hot recruits mooning the camera. I put it aside to use as a one shot in a Bottom Line post. As I usually do before posting, I 'googled imaged' it to find source and credit.

I initially thought it might be an amateur shot of actual recruits, but in taking a second look, the five ass's in view, were... well a little too perfect to have come together by happenstance. The image search quickly told me that the five butt's belong to actors in the Tony Dimarco directed porn, Code of Silence.

The Falcon studios produced film is actually a couple of years old and featured actors; Ryan Rose, Sean Zevran, Forrest Marks, Tommy Regan, Brandon Evans, Pierce Hartman and Kyle McMillian. The google search took me to a 'behind the scenes' photo feature on QueerMenNow, and FH readers know how much I love behind the scenes shots, so this was right up my alley!

The Recruits:

Rump Magazine: Volume #1 Issue #6

'Are you currently rumpless, a frump in the dumps, unable to jump on a bump or probingly pump your loving lump in a hot, happy hump?'

Until recently beginning my 'Back Issues' series, I had never heard of Rump Magazine.  I think if I had, it would have graced the pages of FH many times before...   Published by Magcorp, the magazine made it debut in February of 1992.  As far as I can tell, the magazine continued for about 5 years, ceasing publication around 1997 or early 1998.  Here, are highlights from issue #6 from December 1992.

Andy Brown

Andy Brown
Photographed by Derek Powers

Do Sa

Do Sa
Photographed by Derek Powers

The Rump Next Door

Rears to End