Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 10th

Tony Gracci by JR Williams
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Kudos Gandalf!

Homeland actor Damien Lewis recently said that when he was in his 20s, he became concerned that if he didn’t break out of the theatre in time, he worried that he...

'would be one of these slightly over-the-top, fruity actors who would have an illustrious career on stage, but wouldn't start getting any kind of film work until I was 50 and then start playing wizards.'

Well... The wizard of all wizards struck back! Kudos for Sir Ian McKellen for responding so wonderfully to this incredibly ignorant statement. Lewis is a good actor, and I loved him in season 1 of Homeland. Quickly though, after reading some of his interviews and seeing him on talk shows and award shows I began to think he came off as a bit of a douche. I was proved correct.

Favorite Click Of The Week

Most of you by now have probably been introduced to Beau and his puppy brother Theo. Since FH is devoted to exceptional photography, and because these images are so incredible I wanted to share for the few who have not seen them. I often throw the word 'natural' around when discussing photography, natural look, natural light, natural location. There is no way gave a baby and a baby both 'pretend'. Pretend to cuddle, pretend to sleep, prepared to love each other. These images, so lovingly celebrating the relationship between boy and dog (one of the world's most powerful relationships really) were taken by Beau's mom and she graciously has shared them with the world. They are all over the net, but you can see 20 or more HERE:

Tony Gracci for N2N Bodywear by JR Williams

Signature shots can be risky. You have to be careful not overuse them and ensure they fit the model in front of your camera. I have seen photographers in the past put each and every model in a similar pose or theme even when it may not fit the body or personality in front of their camera.  Photographer JR Williams knows better than to make that mistake.

JR Williams shoots bodies, strong, fit and muscular bodies. The Honolulu photographer knows exactly what pose, what angle, what look is going to bring out the best, and showcase his subjects physique to the fullest. In this recent shoot with Tony Gracci for N2N Bodywear, JR perfectly incorporates his style of shooting to have the viewer want both the product, and the man wearing it.

One of the purposes of the clothing most of us wear, is indeed to cover. In the case of men's underwear however, another part of the appeal is to ensure that the covering has another purpose. Through color, it's cut and outline, underwear also must enhance, and give a hint of what lies beneath it. JR knows how to do this brilliantly. Using his skill at capturing the male form, including throwing in his signature shot, which in these images so beautifully captures Tony's eyes, his N2N's and every inch of his incredible body!

Island Male Graphics on FH:

The Men of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Last year after seeing The Hunger Games, I did a post (found HERE:) saluting the men of the film. That post became one of the blog's most popular of 2012 generating quite a few hits. Although some of the Hunger Hunks (Wes Bentley & Alexander Ludwig) were killed off, Catching Fire still had a plethora of Man candy to warrant a follow-up!

Josh Hutcherson

I love Josh Hutcherson, I love his acting and his off screen personality including his support of the gay community. I still struggle however with his casting as Peeta Mellark. In some ways there is not much more Hutcherson could do with the role, he is often called upon to be weak and saved by Katniss. Although I have read the books, I preferred for Katniss and Gayle as a couple and therefore often found Peeta a bit annoying.

I loved Catching Fire, but it didn't hold many surprises for me. I suppose it is a good thing, but the movie seemed to follow the book so closely, that if like me you had read it, there wasn't really much new to get out of the film. I thought it took far too long to get the games going, but once they did, the movie moved quickly to it's climax.

Liam Hemsworth

My wanting Katniss with Gayle might have something to do with the fact that Liam is near the top of my list of favorite movie men. Gayle had a few more moments in Catching Fire than the first film, and if the movies continue to follow the books, an even bigger role in the next two films.

Below: Liam in Satisfaction (2009)
See my full post on Liam in Satisfaction HERE:

Sam Claflin
See my previous post on Sam HERE:

I was a little worried prior to seeing the film about Sam Claflin. Finnick was a great character as written in the books, but in some of the early promotional material Claflin seemed far too styled and made-up, almost mannequin like. Fortunately, this look was pretty much for his first scene (image below) only and once the games started going he was impossible to take your eyes off. Claflin has a quality on screen, beyond what his images portray...Sam Claflin is simply addictive.

Sam in Any Human Heart (2010)

Alan Ritchson

Great to see Alan Ritchson on the big screen as District 1's Gloss. Alan looked incredible in his few brief scenes, bringing together all the strength and determination of the character.