Monday, December 1, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 1st

Favorite Birthday Boys for December 1st

Some favorites celebrating today December 1st

Talented actor Dean O'Gorman turns 32 today.

Actor Nestor Carbonell turns 41 today.

Actor Treat Williams turns 57 today.

Favorite New Model of the Day: Jeremy Tang

Above: Photo Credit: David Vance

Looking at the portfolio of Jeremy Tang, I was struck by the beauty of not just the man but the photographs. Jeremy has worked throughout the world with some of the leading photographers in the business. Some of his shots are works of art. Jeremy has not only a great body, but amazing face and eyes which leap off the page, or computer screen. The beauty in his work might be because not only is Jeremy a model, but also a photographer himself. Check out more of this talented beauty at his Myspace page found HERE:

Above and below: Photo Credit: Steven Nelson

Name: Jeremy Tang
Profession: Model
Origin: Chinese
Born in: Vietnam
Country: New York, United States
Hobbies: Travel
Height: 6ft
Weight: 165lbs
Waist: 29 inches
Eye color: DK brown
Hair color: Dk brown
Tatoo, piercing: No
Languages: Fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese.
Skills: Dancing, Surfing, Biking, Volleyball, Tennis, Rollerblading, Swimming

Above: Photo Credit: Sandro Bross

Above: Photo Credit: Hans Fahrmeyer

Above: Photo Credit: Sandro Bross

Above and below: Photo Credit: Ed Freeman

Favorite DVD of the week: 'R U Invited?'

Above: Director Israel Luna with the cast.

Last week I watched the flick 'R U Invited?' (5 Guys And A Sex Party). This is not a big Hollywood flick so don't expect huge production values, but do expect a powerful, character driven drama about 5 guys hoping to attend a sex party. The key is the party is invite only, and the invite only comes if the party planners approve your entrace based on a photo you send in.

The movie has a few nude scenes, but that is not a reason to rent it, this is a movie to rent or buy if you want to watch an interesting story exploring the relationships between 5 very different men. Written and directed by Israel Luna, I was very impressed with the powerful writing laced with the 'truth' and 'pain' which often flows through relationships. The cast, many of whom are making their first movie, do a great job creating some small, but powerful moments aided by the capable direction of Luna. I would highly recommend checking out this movie. It does not have the gloss of say 'Another Gay Movie', but then again that is why I enjoyed it so much. It will not be for everyone, but to me it packed a punch and had me rewatching it again a few days later.

Above and below: Ben with his resident sugar daddy, Anderson (Phil Harrington). In some ways the most interesting relationship in the film.

Gabriel Praddo as Mondo (Below).

Oscar Contreras plays Gordy in the film. Gordy is in some way the heart of the film, yet he was the character I liked the least. His story had some powerful moments but yet there was something missing in the character, or the actor which made him less effective than he could have been.

Below: Christopher Jones as Charlie. A character I grew to like near the end of the flick.

Actor John de los Santos plays Ben, an interesting character on the surfacem resident hunk, but he was also a mix of arrogance and compassion and was of the most caring and interesting characters in the movie.

My favorite character in the movie was Jason played by David Matherly. I identified with his character the most, and some of his scenes hit close to home.

In the middle of the character drama is a great scene with the characters of Ben, Mondo and Jason taking pictures of themselves to gain an invitation to the party.

Had to add this pic of director Israel Luna who is quite a hottie himself. Check out his myspace page HERE: for more on the movie including some videos.