Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 3rd

Image by Implicit Ditto

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Seeing Red:

If you watched Workaholics, you know actor Anders Holm had some memorable scenes in a red speedo (below)  The actor slid into his speedo again last month (above) to celebrate the premiere of Inventing Anna on Netflix. Anders was told to wear a suit and he did just that.  Anders also appears in one of my favorite nude scenes from the film Top Five. (HERE:)


Seasonal Sightings:

Scott Carson in Testing The Limits

'A weekend of total sexual abandon... is just what they all need.'

Mike (Scott Carson) and Toni, a couple who is about to marry, decide, in view of their strained relations in recent years, to go on a romantic trip to the mountains. Unfortunately, their car breaks down on the road and they have to stop for the night in a small hut nearby. Soon, however, the owners, Jen, photographer, and Kristin, a photo model, return. Hearing their story, they invite them to spend the weekend together.

Maybe it was due to the film's female director, (Brigitte Berman) or maybe the film's producers just knew what a hottie they had on their hands.  No matter the reason, I'm grateful for the full-frontal scene and view of actor Scott Carson in 1998's Testing the Limits.

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Man of the Month: February 1993

'This handy man  is keeping it on the straight and narrow'

Kent Massich 
Handy Man
Man of the Month: February 1993
Photography by Maxine Elliott Marten

'I have a taste for the simpler things in life, like soaking in a natural hot springs and sipping red wine with a strong-headed woman.'

Kent Massich
Age: 32
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215lbs

'Whenever something's getting to me, I just put on my blue jeans, pick up a hammer and start working.'

'In addition to carpentry, Kent also likes to collect kitschy art.  When he isn't pounding nails, this active Aquarius likes to spend endless amounts of time 'soaking in natural hot springs' and sipping red wine with a strong-headed woman who appreciates his taste for simpler things.'