Saturday, July 19, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 19th

I find this pic very hot, but is it just me or does this guy have an amazingly high ass! Must just be the angle, but hot!

Favorite Birthday Boy for July 19th Jared Padalecki

Actor Jared Padalecki who I loved in his first couple of years as Dean on The Gilmore Girls turns 26 today.

Also celebrating today July 19th

Also celebrating today July 19th

Australian rugby league player Mark Gasnier turns 27 today.

Former Real World guy and host, Danny Roberts turns 31 today.

Former rugby player Alain Penaud turns 39 today.

Model and Actor Roberto Farnesi turns 39 today.

The wonderful Anthony Edwards turns 46 today.

Actor Campbell Scott turns 46 today. (I really must rewatch Longtime Companion).

Hard to believe actor Peter Barton is turning 52 today. Such an amazing looking man he was and is! See my previous post on Peter.

I remember Dennis Cole on tv shows like The Love Boat from the 80's, blond stud if I ever saw one! R.I.P Dennis

Favorite Sports Guy for July 19th Matthew Mitcham

Australian Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham is headed to the Beijing Olympics competing in the 10-metre platform and 3-metre springboard events. Matthew is thought to be the first openly gay Australian athlete to attend the Olympics. Go Matthew!