Saturday, September 30, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 1st

Marcel by Hans Fahrmeyer
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Down Stream

Martin Milner: Tempting

I have not seen 1960's The Private Lives of Adam and Eve, but I was intrigued after seeing a promo still from the film on Instagram. The story involves a modern couple who dream that they are Adam and Eve with some of their friends and acquaintances taking on the various characters from the Book of Genesis in fantasy sequences. Although Mickey Rooney is listed as the star, (playing the Devil) Adam, is played by actor Martin Milner.

Milner is maybe best known for his TV roles in the 60's and 70's in shows like Route 66 and Adam 12. A little googling let me know Milner wasn't really known for his 'hunky' roles, but he fills out his 'creatively designed....' loin cloth just fine in this flick. What intrigued me about the shots was how vulnerable Milner's Adam looks, clearly being tempted and devoured by the female characters he is in Paradise with.

Given the 60's was the John Wayne decade, it is rare to see images of a hot hunky guy who is not the hero of the movie. As much as I was intrigued by these promotional images, I am not sure they were enough to have me actually look for, and watch the film. If anyone has seen it, and think it's worth a look, please let me know!


I'll never forget when I first discovered Bravo Magazine. It was the late 80's and I was about 12 or 13. We were sharing a large cottage on a lake with another family for a weekend. On one of the days we were there it was raining, hard. Everyone decided to go into town to kill time until the rain let up. I decided I didn't want to pile into the crowded car and convinced my parents to let me stay back alone. When everyone left, I started poking around the rented cabin for something interesting to do.

In one corner of the living room there was an old chest with glass doors. The shelves inside were piled with old board games, playing cards and a ton of old novels and magazines previous guests had left behind. In the pile of magazine there were a few issues of a magazine called Bravo that I had never seen before. At first I was excited, the tag of the magazine was the magazine for film and television and it looked along the lines of Tiger Beat. The magazine was in German, but that was ok, I was mostly interested in the pictures.

As I flipped through the magazine, I quickly saw that Tiger Beat it was not. In addition to articles on Rob Lowe and Michael J. Fox, the magazine had a bit more of a sexual vibe, with ads an images far too racy for an American teen magazine. The pièce de résistanc however was a section at the end of the magazine called Body check which featured a small clothed image of a teen aged guy, as well as large full frontal image. I hid every issue of that magazine in my suitcase and enjoyed them long after my vacation.

I later found an international magazine dealership in my city and continued to buy Bravo for many years. I haven't purchased an issue in years, but the last time I visited that store, Bravo was still on the stands. I later found out the magazine was quite controversial outside of Germany given that age of consent in German is much younger than in America. All of the models I included in this piece are between 18 and 20, the oldest model they seemed to feature in the section.

The body check section, also known as 'That's Me' was basically a 'get to know me' page for teens to introduce themselves to readers and the nude shots were promoting positive body image for both young men and women. There were a variety of body sizes, and a wide variety of penis sizes. Of course when I was a teen, it was all about the body, but as I got older I appreciated the magazine's, casual and positive depiction of the male form. There was no shame or embarrassment, just a sort of 'nice to meet you, and this is who I am' message that although erotic, which unlike most depictions of the nude male body in American media, was neither overly sexualized, or sensationalized.

Most of these images came from an old blog I used to love to frequent called Over Our Heads. I added a few more shots on THE OVER-FLOW HERE, or you can check out the archived Bravo posts from Over our Heads HERE:

Cover Boy: Marcel by Hans Fahrmeyer

While putting together the forward for The Naked Truth, I was struck with how many of photographer Hans Fahrmeyer's shots and models influenced my love of images of the male form. I have written before that my introduction to Han's work when I first got on-line was his work photographing the men of Vista Video.

Most video sites promote their product through images, but Hans' shots of the Vista models were works of art that caused thousands to join the site to see more of the men in those promotional images. One of my favorite Vista models, and a favorite of many others I know, was Marcel. I have seen images of Marcel from other photographers but there was something special that Hans captured that causes them to stand out.

It was no surprise that Hans chose Marcel as the cover for his photo compilation, The Naked Truth. When I think of Hans images, Marcel is one of several models that I consider synonymous his work. After seeing Marcel on the cover, I thought it was time to revisit his early work with Hans, and pull out some of my favorite shots.

Some of these images you have seen before, but I also tried to choose a few edits that have not been seen before. Marcel has an incredible ass, and beautifully captured every angle and curve. One of Hans signature shots is capturing his models with their jeans pulled down, both exposing, and beautifully highlighting their backside. Hans perfectly captures Marcel magnificent and muscled physique which is why these images remain popular and classic depictions of the male form.

These shots have me wanting to track down some of Marcel's old videos from Vista. I must find out if they are still available anywhere online... In the meantime, if you want to see more of Marcel, and more of Hans work, check out The Naked Truth on Amazon HERE:

Hans shares that he found Marcel indirectly through Phil Fusco. Phil was then working for Ron Williams who created the Vista films with Phil, Marcel and other models. I remember finding the site alive and active a few years ago, but sadly today, the link seems inactive.