Monday, March 28, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 29th

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The Bottom Line:

Chest in Show:

Shawn Mendes looked hot, but I'm guessing when he walked the red carpet he was a wee bit jealous of all the attention Timothée Chalamet was getting.  I'm guessing when he was shopping for his Oscar look, he wishes he too had dropped by the Louis Vuitton womenswear section. 

I did watch the Oscars last night, well, most of them anyway. I DVR'd  them, and mostly skimmed through.  I thought the hosts, especially Amy Schumer were great, wish we had seen more of them.  I loved Troy Kotsur's acceptance speech and all the love CODA received.  

Although both Mendes and Chalamet looked great, my award for favorite tuxed hottie of the night was actor Jacob Elordi.

And...As for the night's jaw dropping moment, I team Rock all the way.  I'm was shocked how many people on social media were  justifying an assault.  

Rock guesting on French Prince (1997)

Crackback Block

'Championships are won at practice.'

I've been gathering images for a 'FaVorites' post on German model Jakob Jokerst for awhile now.  After seeing this series however, I knew these shots had to be the focus!

Shot by Paris based photographer Alfonso Anton Cornelis, these shots of Jakob and company were taken for the current issue of Yummymagazine.  This sizzling series of images are extra's and outtakes that Alfonso shared on his Instagram.  Can't wait for my copy of the issue of Yummyzine to arrive!

Jakob Jokerst on Instagram

Alfonso Anton Cornelis on Instagram


Saki: l'auto-préservation

When I was a kid, I took my camera everywhere.  I loved taking photos of myself, my pets and my friends.  When I was in my twenties, I took fewer shots of myself, fewer shots of my pets and friends, and more shots of architecture and landscapes. When I hit my thirties, I pretty much stopped taking pictures all together.  

In part it was because I was working full time, so there was less time to hike and travel with my camera.  I also had boxes full of pictures of my pets, and after you've lost a few pets, you quickly learn you only really that one great image to remember them by.  The rest, just made me sad.

I still pulled out my camera, and then my phone, on trips, at weddings and  on special occasions, but documenting my life became less important.  Like most, I went through a short phase of taking daily selfies, but never really kept that many of them.  Now, I don't really like pictures just of me, I still like having to have my picture taken, but not with the focus just on me. I like to have my arm around a friend, in a group, or be posing  in front of a unique building or location. 

I think in part, it's because I'm less creative when it comes to taking images of myself.  When taking pictures of others, or of other things, I till  look for ways to creatively capturing them in new and different ways.  I think many can relate to how I feel, and the changes in my shooting habits.  I also know there are others, that do not.

Over the last ten years or so, I've come to respect and admire those artists who are able to turn the camera on themselves.  I'm not necessarily taking selfies, but creative self-portraits that contain the same care and creativity that goes into shooting another.  Artists like DirtRoad, Luke G, JayK and many others, artists who continue to create dynamic, erotic and unique contacts with themselves in focus.

Also at the top of that list would be model and artist  Saki.  Although the Paris photographer shoots models other than himself, it was his self-portraits that first drew me to his imagery, and it's  his self-portraits, that keep me checking out his Flickr page and Instagram to see his latest work.

I first featured Saki's work back in 2015, and have continued to feature his new work and images on a regular basis.   My 'selfies' all tended to look the same, but Saki's self-portraits are always creatively posed with a quiet beauty and sensuality that I really both love and respond to.  I recently found myself back in Saki's portfolio choosing new favorites that he's posted since my last feature from 2021.  I narrowed my favorites down to these ten shots that Saki again graciously welcomed me to share.