Monday, November 12, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 13th

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Happy Birthday today November 13th to:

Actor Steve Zahn (here with Paul Walker from the famous scene from Joy Ride)turns 44 today.

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EXTERIOR: Joe By Clean Slate Photography

I have sadly come to realize, that I am a bit of a creature of habit. I obviously love photography of all kinds, nature, animal, portraiture and of course the male form. Great work, shot in either studio or on location can be equally enjoyable depending on the model, the concept and skill of the artist behind the lens. There is something about shooting outside however that sometimes sparks more of my attention. For most people, when the temperature drops, they move inside, for me, as weather the gets colder, my desire for anything exterior heightens.

I prefer to hike over baking in the shade, love skiing more than swimming, and although still play on an adult softball team, my favorite part of the season are our playoff games in September when the sun is setting, air is crisper and crickets are chirping as I stand out in right field.

It makes sense then that during Autumn months of October and November, I am drawn to exterior shoots when looking for work for FH. Although hard to find, I especially love images where models are surrounded by the vibrant colors of fall foliage.

Although these image of 21 year old Joe Bond may not have been taken in the fall, they are full of everything I love about location shoots. Natural light, incredible greens, sky and tree's and a beautiful blending of model and environment. I had previously seen some incredible studio shots of Joe on TMF, but when I saw this exterior shoot from Clean Slate Photography, I knew I wanted to feature them on the blog.

John from Clean Slate Photography specialises in portrait, physique, fitness and glamour photography. John loves to work with models who are as enthusiastic about quality photography and modelling as he is. Basildon, England's Joe Bond certainly met the challenge. Joe describes himself as cheeky and up beat and dedicated to putting energy and ideas into his work.

Living just north of London gives John the opportunity to work with some great models in outdoor locations. He generally just uses just two or three locations, and it always amazes him how different models react differently to shooting in the same place.

'Joe Bond is a live wire - full of the energy and cheek that Essex people are renowned for. These pictures are from my second shoot with Joe, and as usual he was looking to climb cliffs, perform acrobatics on fallen logs, and generally mess around. Yet he knows how to hold a pose and has the confidence and poise that comes with having a naturally great figure.'

Minority Report:

There is really nothing inherently wrong with stereotypes. Most are based on a degree of truth. The problem is the stereotyping, using a stereotype to belittle, diminish, make fun of or spread hate.

Black people and food have been historically connected to diminish. There is nothing wrong with enjoying watermelon, grits or fried chicken, most of us do. The problem is how it was used. Despite what some of the ‘not so bright’ may think, there is nothing in a person’s DNA that has them particularly attracted to any of these foods. It is cultural of course. Due of course to slavery, many black people were dragged to the South. In the South, these foods are more commonly eaten, they have become part of the stereotype. As many white Southerners know, these foods as part of their history as well, but that is not as often mentioned...except maybe by Paula Dean.

People in Maine eat more Lobster, People in Florida eat more oranges , people in Phoenix and California generally eat less stews and hams and roast beef, simply because these foods are often reserved for the colder winter months. Foods you love and eat a lot of are usually connected to where you live, the temperature there and your family norms. Not always, but usually.

The stereotype of the angry black man is another that has been used when one group has attempted to demonize the other. There is again, nothing in one’s DNA that causes an entire race to be more angry, or happy for that matter. There are however factors in circumstance that can. Black Americans have a long, complicated , violent and bloody beginning in America. Minorities in general, regardless of what some want to believe, still encounter much greater struggles than others to achieve success.

Good looking white people struggle with this concept, and so they should, it is not a fun thing to believe. I know that the facts say there are more crimes committed by minorities, and my experience and education has led me to know this has nothing to do with color or race. It is about majority and minority. Whenever any group of people are put into a second, or third class role, with less support, fewer opportunities for financial success and prosperity, anger can rise and crime can be seen as a more effective way to support yourself or your family.

Is the return of the white rapper just around the corner?

I am white, a man, do ok career wise and don’t generally have to worry about paying my bills. That being said, as a gay man, although I have never felt inferior, I certainly have felt on the outside. Minorities, women, gays, the disabled, the poor have all felt this and for many it can be crippling. For some, the anger and despair sometimes leads to acting out in a way they might not normally act if not pushed to the fringe of society. This anger is not black, it is not Hispanic, it is not gay or female, it is based on the way our society so horribly treats anyone in minority. We seem to like a pecking order, and that pecking order has been hard to switch up.

Until, this past week. Many of course may dispute my theory, but the past seven days were sort of an eye opener....but do you think they see it?

Is there really any parent in jail, for theft or dealing drugs, to pay a bill or feed a child that created any greater criminal act than the behavior this week (and in the past) of Donald Trump?

The new minority is angry. They have a right to be disappointed, sad yes even angry. But the lashing out, the racism, the sexism, homophobia and hate coming out of the previous majority has been interesting and frightening to witness. I hope in time it might become a lesson of sorts, but in the meantime we have unearthed a new stereotype to deal with, the angry, wealthy white man!

Glee's New Direction

Speaking of minority, I seem in to be in the minority about this season's Glee. I have sort of been surprised to read how many critics are loving the shows transition from high school. Currently the show juggles Will and New Directions with the drama of New York.

My problem with this season is my favorite part of Glee was always when the writers balanced the large ensemble cast and the 'lets put on a show' theme remained the focus. This season, the show sort of is doing directly, what it is always did in the past indirectly, focus on writer/producer favorites Rachel and Kurt. Now I love Rachel and Kurt, but I don't love The Rachel & Kurt show.

I cannot believe we waited til November to get our first glance of Mercedes and Mike with Santana, Puck and Quinn only have brief appearances. The new cast has some good eye candy and some interesting characters, but I can't help but think the new direction of New Directions is not going to be able to sustain interest for all 24 episodes.

Now...if the producers have more episodes without Rachael and Kurt and follow Mercedes, Mike, Puck and Quinn on their adventures they might win me back, does not seem the direction they are heading.