Thursday, May 21, 2009

Favorite Birthday Boys for May 21st

Favorite Birthday Boys celebrating today May 21st

Actor and Dancer Tom Mickers turns 28 today.

Actor Eduardo Verástegui turns 35 today.

I profiled actor Brett Tucker just a week ago, Brett turns 37 today.

Richard Hatch turns 64 today.

Below: Richard with Doug Chaplin in 'Best Friends'.

Congradulations Kris!

Congraduations to Kris Allen who won American Idol last night!

The internet of course is full of posters and bloggers today giving their views on why Kris won. Yes I saw the anti Adam sites and ads and yes I saw posts and got emails from those who were pushing for the first gay winner. Both equally bugged me.

Maybe some group did have a hand in the outcome, but it is hard for me to care that much as I thought both men were talented and deserving of the win. I hope that things other than talent did not play a part but I also wish everyone could handle the outcome as well as Adam and Kris did. It will be a shame if the win is overshadowed by weeks of anger about it. Adam and Kris were friends and I believe both happy for one another.

Adam's Mad World was one of Idol's greatest performances, but week after week I generally prefered Kris's performances. Both men are deserving and I wish it could be left at that.

My only complaint about last night was selfish and it was that I did not get enough of Matt Giraud. I will let Idol off the hook if it is true he and Scott were supposed to perform with Billy Joel (which did not happen because Joel could not make it) But I was really hoping he would get a duet or a chance to shine.

Dylan Rosser's Anthony

Dylan Rosser just added a new set on one of his hottest models, Anthony. Here are a few pics, but as usual you can see much more of Anthony at Dylan's site The Male Form found HERE: Dylan just got back from a trip to NY and will be posting some new guys soon, so be sure to check them out.