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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 18th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Crotch Cleavage:

I love me a little male pelvic cleavage.  No matter how much I've tried, I just can't seem to get the trend to take-off, but that doesn't mean a few celebrities haven't given it a shot.   Argentine model and actor Jerónimo Bosia certainly works his crotch cleavage well, giving us a groin glimpse and hint of pubic hair. 

I was introduced to the stunning Jerónimo via the poster Charles on Dreamcap.  It inspired a hunt to find more images of the Buenos Aries beauty.  Check out my favorites on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

A Celebrity Olympics:

'Your favorite TV stars battle to the last laugh in athletic competition.'

ABC, CBS and NBC take their ratings war to the athletic field as 10 celebrities from each network participate in running, bicycling, swimming and obstacle-course relays, a tug of war, a baseball throw, tennis and a one-shot-nearest-to-pin golf tournament.  Robert Conrad (NBC), Gabriel Kaplan (ABC), and Telly Savalas (CBS) are team captains. 

Over the years working on FH, I've often posted about Battle of the Network Stars.  I think the only original episode I saw was from the last few episodes in the late 80's.  I was able however, to watch most of them, when they aired on Trio in the 90's.   I've posted images from the shows, not because it was such riveting television, but because some of the hottest male TV hunks from the 70's and 80's were stripped to their speedos for the events in the pool.

I thought it would be interesting, to look back on each of the television specials, bringing together as many hot images  from the celebrity Olympics that I could find.   Hopefully there will be some new shots you haven't seen before.  So let's start with the first Battle from way back in November 1976.  Check out more on THE NEXT PAGE HERE:

Physical Reaction: Curran by Lights On Studio

'With Curran, I just keep snapping as he keeps giving me good poses.'

Most FH readers are aware that love featuring the work of photographer Tom Nakielski from Lights On Studio. Many be also aware however, due to health issues, Tom had to give up studio shooting last summer.  Although Tom  challenged himself with a home shoot, shooting Hansel on Halloween, (HERE:) he wasn't totally comfortable with the constraints and restriction.  Although he put his editing skills to good use, Tom was entirely happing not having the equipment and resources that he is afforded when shooting in his studio. 

Since last summer, I have been bugging Tom to return to his archives, searching for unseen material featuring some of my favorite models that Tom has worked with.  Near the top of that list for me, is definitely Curran.  I think I was first introduced to Curran through photographer Chris F back in 2016, hen Curran was modeling under the name of Patrick. (HERE:)  I was Immediately drawn to both Curran's look, and emotive proficiency in front of the camera. 

I use the word sensual often on the site, and I don't think there's a model who better visually showcases sensuality than Curran.  Although sensuality is often connected with sex, it's actually more directly connected to the bodies senses.  Most of us have expressive reactions to pleasing bodily senses, whether that's tasting something delicious or hearing something beautiful.  We also have physical, and therefore visual negative reactions, like when we feel pain, after touching something hot.

In the contest of photography of the male form, the sensuality also stems from both pleasure and pain, and the feelings, emotions and the physical reactions connected to passion and lust.  It's these physical reactions that Curran expresses so beautifully and so well.  Although Curran may be alone in shot, his face and body realistically manifest the feelings and reactions as if another person was beside him, touching, caressing and stimulating his body to sexual satisfaction. 

It's so beautifully evident in ever body movement and  pose.  It's intensely evident in his eyes and facial expressions.  Often when I feature a model, the moments of sensuality are seen in one or two images, with Curran, they penetrate through the entire shoot and each and every one of Tom's images. 

Last fall, I featured Tom's work with Curran shot in an older historic home that friends of Tom's had purchased and redecorated. (HERE:)  Curran was shot in many rooms of the house and on the main wooden staircase.  Curran was also joined for part of the shoot, with another of my favorite models, Nas, for some couples shots.  When I was going through Tom's MM port for that piece, I also noticed that he'd shot Curran in other settings that I wanted to feature and share. 

I initially thought these bedroom shots were taken in Tom's studio, but they were actually taken at the Hilton hotel in Chicago.  Tom went to Chicago to shoot several models one of whom was. Curran, Tom had been wanting to work with Curran again, and was one of the main motivators to head to the windy city.

'From the get go Curran showed that he was excited to perform and be part of the creative process. Give him a prop and sit back and watch him take it to the limit. On top of his creativity he exuded a fun and exuberant attitude. It was a 7 hours session and Curran never lost his eagerness and kept the session filled with high energy. What fun!'

You can check out more of Tom's work with Curran, including more from this shoot, as well as some of their studio work, on the NEXT PAGE HERE: