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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 2nd

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Halloween: Aftermath

He partied, he danced, he bobbed for apples yet.... nobody told him....

Every year, when I first post after the holiday, I feature an All Hallow's Eve aftermath. It usually consists of an image depicting a moment post holiday party or the morning after. Check out some of my previous aftermath posts HERE:

Angel or Devil?

'Unable to control his carnal desires, handsome and successful Mark gets caught in a dicey situation in this slick erotic thriller.'

I was going to feature this scene from the 2000 softcore thriller Passion's Desire in my Horror Hunks series, but because it really isn't a horror film, thought I'd save it for just after the end of the spooky season.

I first saw caps from the flick thanks to zander on Dreamcap. In the film, actor Lance Moseley plays Greg, a sexy stud who models both in a sexy Angel costume, and then later as a handsome devil.  Greg just happens to be shot by two female photographers who of course, given it's a softcore flick, he must have sex with. 

Over the years working on FH, I've watched (and skimmed through) many softcore flicks for the site.  Although I know they're mostly geared towards straight men, you can often find some nice scenes of male skin.  Although the amount of male nudity seemed to go down in the 1990's and 2000's, there was quite a bit of eye candy in this 2000 flick.

I could find out much about actor Lance Moseley except that his last credit was back in 2004.  He did however,  have a few other softcore films on his resume that I'll have to check out.  He has such a beautiful backside,  angel or devil, and hopefully he's had some good scenes in some of the other films he was in.  If I mind more, I'll be sure to let you all know! 

Although there were no frontals in the film, Lance did appear nude in Playgirl as well as on the old Australian Women's Form.  I've been looking for more from the AWF shoot, hopefully something will come up!

Total Composition: Casey by Aktis Creative

Back in September, while skimming through images on Model Mayhem, I came upon an shot that had me stop, and take a closer look.  I ended up heading to the portfolios of both the photographer and model to check out more of their work.  FH readers know I have little to no interest in images focused on just specific body parts.  They can often appear more clinical than sensual and tend it ignore and mask who the model is as a person and who the photographer is as an artist. 

As much as love imagery focused on the male form, my favorite images encapsulate more than a just a few inches of skin, but present the male form in it's entirely with a focus on exposing not only a model's  body, but also pieces of who they are through their use of pose, lighting, color, themes and location.

The image that had me stop was an image of model Casey S by Atkis Creative.  The shot was a black and white full nude of Casey holding a hose, a water hose.  I loved the 'completeness of the image.  Although Casey's fine physique was certainly in the spotlight, I also sensed that very detail surrounding the Ohio based model were also equally considered and equally important to the shot.

I had known the work of Ray from Atkins Creative from a previous piece on the site. Back in 2017, while working on a piece featuring model Brenden Besecker, (HERE:) Brenden had sent on some his favorite images, including many from his work with Atkis Creative.  I quickly got in contact with Ray about featuring more of his work with Casey on the site.  Ray was on board, but wanted to created something new.  So...  a date and time was set after Ray discovered a great spot under a bridge overpass in Indianapolis.

What got you started? 
I bought my first camera without know anything about photography, but I wanted to take good photos of nature — flowers and such. I then moved on to architecture (which I still love to shoot), then landscapes. Here in Ohio, the scenery is pretty dull, so portraiture was a natural next step. 

My partner, Grace, had already been doing it for years. I joined her for a random shoot and fell in love with the art. Posing for art classes sincerely exacerbated the challenge and I've really taken the plunge since. 

How did nudity and  male form focus begin? 
Completely by accident. A friend of a friend wanted to shoot dudeoir images for his wife. 

Very first shoot was nude

What was your first nude shoot like? 
The client and I were both nervous! For me, it was about lighting and posing him correctly. 

Super nervous! Hadn't a clue what I was doing and just started moving. Definitely not what I expected but I learned from it. 

Any strange or funny stories from your time shooting? 
I've risked my life on more than one occasion to get a shot. LOL I once did a shoot in an abandoned building that had extensive fire damage. We shot on the second floor, which had a huge hole that we literally had to walk around — on charred timbers — to get to the shoot location. 

It's all been interesting in some way. I like to have fun and I'm super open to life. Some take advantage of that and we make magic. Some focus far too much on the goods. 

How did you both connect? 
I think it was Model Mayhem. He had posted a beautiful film image he’d done with a photographer in his hometown. It’s still one of my favorite photos of him: True fine art work. 

Absolutely randomly. To be honest I can't remember if it was IG or MM. 

What was the first thing you noticed about each other's work? 
For me, shooting men is always about the jaw line. Next is the hair and then chest and shoulders. Casey’s look is a great combination of the four — and his mohawk is such a unique look! 

The total composition of implied nude, and his keen eye for what is happening "behind" the picture. And his lighting tricks can win anyone's heart! 

Do you have a dream scenario you're looking to shoot? 
A photography road trip: I’d like to shoot one model across the US from Ohio to Las Vegas in beautiful locations. The images would be a mix of fine art nudes, implied, and clothed. 

I've already modelled in front of a crowd at a nude beach. I would love to try my composure in front of a captivated audience! 

What were your thoughts about shooting in this location? 
I wanted a place that had a bit of grit. Since I’m not from his hometown, he suggested an area under a bridge — it had a great mix of graffiti and nature. 

HYPED! Nature and graffiti. What an amazing combo! 

Was it a difficult location to shoot at?
Shooting nudes in public always makes me a bit nervous. In fact, just after we finished shooting, other people showed up to do their own photo session. Close call! 

Not difficult but yes worried, for the sake of others, that they'd pass by. 

What is your favorite part about working with one another?
I really appreciate how much he enjoys the creative process and that he appreciates art! 

Directions. Directions. Directions.   Hoping for MORE ! Maybe  in the damn river when it's warmer …

Jackaling the Balls

Jackaling the Balls: Stealing the ball at the ruck before the ruck is fully formed.

In America, fall is for football, in the UK, it's all about rugby.  Although they're thought to be similar, they are several distinct difference. Football is an intense physical play complex strategies to gain pints by advancing the ball the opponent team's end-zone. Rugby is more a blend of football with the addition of the running required for soccer. 

Although both have two teams, football has 11 players where as rugby has 15.  Rugby is also played on a rectangular field, with the object being to run with an oval ball across the opponent’s goal line or kick it through the upper portion of the goal posts.

One similarity which I do see is the body type of the players.  Although with all sports, you have to be fit and strong, in football and rugby, not all players have to have the same body type.  Although there is more cardio required for rugby, with both sports, depending on the position you play, strength in different parts of the body are required.

These particular beautiful bodies are players from the  Beverley Rugby Football Club. The Club, part of the English rugby union is based in Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire. The players put together nude calendars for many years and these are outtakes from some of the calendars during the 2000's.  Thanks to MichaelAndrews73a and Naked Calendar Men for the shots!