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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 22nd

Vlad by Rob Colgan
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Happy Birthday today June 22nd

Actor Douglas Smith turns 27 today.
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Douglas in Big Love

Curry Up!

I love Ann Curry, she is a highly skilled journalist who as part of the Matt, Meredith, Ann and Al quartet fit in really well. As a lead host she is clearly not able to use her formidable skills in quite the same way. But... Thumbs down to The Today Show for what is currently going on. Whether not Curry is great or not, she has been on the show for close to 15 years, she deserves better than what is currently going on around her. Curry looked deflated this morning and watching the show throw her to the lions is beyond cold.

I really like Savannah Guthrie and Natalie Morales but replacing Curry with one of them is not going to add anything to the show, only take something away since both are already a part of the Today family. Instead of losing Ann, how about changing her role to unitize her talents, something the show should have known to do last year before giving her the co-anchor slot. The Today's Shows ratings dip is due to many reasons, least of which can be blamed on Curry. Matt and Al's schtick is also getting a bit old. If I was to dump anyone from the shot it would be Donny Deutsch. He is up there with Dr. Phil as one of televisions most annoying (not to mention skeezy) on air personalities. After the whole Norville fiasco, the morning show really should know better.

A Major Distraction: Vlad by Rob Colgan

Once I have narrowed down the images for a feature the decision then becomes which photo to choose as pic of the day. Many times this is an easy choice, I often choose the image that first led me to the photographer or model, the image that sparked my initial interest. If I am struggling to choose, I then will then look for one that sums up the piece, or the theme of the post, one that once you click on FH will make you want to scroll down to see, (and hopefully read) more.

Photographer Rob Colgan does not make the process an easy one. I think I spent more time today trying to choose just the right image of Vlad for pic of the day than any post in awhile. Initially I thought I would use the shot of Vlad opening the picture window, as this was the first image of Vlad by Robert that I saw. Then...I thought the shot of Vlad lying in the tub was my absolute favorite and a perfect one to introduce the series. Then...I changed my mind again, and again and yet again.

Finally I chose Robert's shot of Vlad behind the window shot from outside. I chose it for a couple of reasons. Regular readers may remember I have a particular affinity to images which include windows and mirrors, images of reflection. I also felt the image, being the only shot looking in from out, set itself apart from the others in the series.

Despite my struggle to choose pic of the day, spending time with Rob Colgan's work is always both a pleasure and an honor. Some of my favorite features on FH have been profiling Robert's work. Bank Job remains at the top of my list of not only favorite posts, but my one of the most creative locations I have seen a model photographed within. In that piece I talked about Robert's ability to so flawlessly blend model with environment. When enjoying this exquisite series, Robert's placement of Vlad, angle and pose, within and around, windows, the fireplace, the stream and the bathtub are magnificent.

Robert describes 19 year old Vlad as an amazing model with absolutely no problems being nude in any situation. Vlad was incredible dealing with bizarre locations and had no problems whatsoever creating amazing shots.

'With Vlad I have explored a new but close location that has recently become available – a foreclosed house in my neighborhood. I actually spent a few days trying to clean up the place and make it somewhat presentable after the previous tenant rapidly moved, abandoning lots of garbage, broken appliances, computer parts, tools and an occasional moth-eaten piece of furniture. Vlad and I also had to endure the most vile cat stench ever known to mankind… thank God it doesn’t reflect in his images!'

'After exploring this dismal house, we later took a trip to a local stream and cleansed our visual palates with some amazing shots in nature. Once again, Vlad's enthusiasm shone through and we produced several lasting images. While shooting by the stream, we were stumbled across by a family and their kids. Ooops! The first time I've ever had a shoot interrupted. Vlad remained both nude and calm and shook it off as a minor distraction.'
Rob Colgan

Thanks as always to Robert for sharing his work and be sure to check out more of Robert's work on his website HERE: & blog HERE:

You can also spend some time with my previous posts featuring Robert's work HERE:

Just Because: The HuntsMan

Ok Chris Hemsworth, I am officially paying attention.
Now...time to do a movie I actually want to see!