Friday, March 1, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 1st

Matt Eldracher by Chris Teel
-Check back in a few days from more of their most recent shoot together!-

Happy Birthday Today March 1st

Happy Birthday to Dirk Benedict who turns 68 today! Check out my Blast From the Past post on Dirk HERE:
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An Unlikely Place to Find A Hottie?

What Is: On The TV Show Jeopardy

I know I am not the only one who when watching Jeopardy roots for the cute guy. There is no real reason, no good reason anyway. They might be an idiot, but somehow shallowness takes over and you want them to beat the portly professor to the right and the English teacher in the middle. The worst scenario is when the portly professor is in the lead, and the English teacher cock blocks the hottie from gaining by getting in the way by daring to answer a question.

I go through phases with Jeopardy, sometimes don't watch for months, even years, other times watch daily. Last week I got back into the show with the tournament (I know another one) of champions. Back on screen was the adorable face of Dan McShane. Dan became a bit of a celebrity after his last appearance, mostly because he is so darned cute.

When I saw Dan on the show I remembered a previous post I made about the men on Judge Judy (don't Judge me!). When Googling, I had no idea there were Jeopardy Hottie tumblrs or an entire group of women who try to contact winners for dates, and eventual marriage. I guess a guy who just won a hundred grand might be worth having some chicken parmesan and green beans with. I guess if there are women contacting the dead beat dads on Judge Judy and wife killers in prison, contacting an intelligent money winner is a slight step up the ladder. Hopefully there is not a similar group devoted to the men from Cops...

Smash: SHAR (p) K Reversal:

Scientists have shown that because their pectoral fins are unable to bend, sharks lack the ability to swim backwards. They even struggle to remain still and are constantly on the move. In the case of NBC’s Smash however, the it’s shark jumping is beginning to show signs of reversal.

I wrote earlier this year that I had pretty much given up on Smash before the end of last season. I did give it another shot due to the massive publicity the second season was getting and in particular the addition of Andy Mientus. Now I know it is Jeremy Jordan and especially Jennifer Hudson who were supposed to lure us all back, but although both immensely talented, neither character has peaked my curiosity to see more the way Andy’s has.

Hudson always brings down the house when she sings (maybe a little too much sometimes) and Jordan’s Broadway: Here I Come song was haunting in the first episode, but although intrigued with the season premier, it was not until about midway through this past weeks episode (the season’s third), that I got hooked.

Mientus and Jeremy Jordan

Finally, story lines began to come together and there was really something to be interested in. The who’s going to play Marilyn, angle had long ago turned to ‘who cares’ (especially with the ill advised addition of Uma), and the show needed to switch directions awhile ago, finally it has. It began turning a corner two episodes ago, but finally committed, and made the sharp turn last week

Below: Jordan in Smash, and on stage with Chad Allen in Little Dog Laughed

Katherine McPhee remains a weak link to me, but this season is surrounded by enough acting power to make it less of an issue. Megan Hilty continues to always shine and Jordan and Andy help fill the massive gap in the cast of characters that plagued season one. If you have not tried Smash, or have been turned off by the bad press, I suggest giving it a go. If you have watched, and given up, I suggest finding the first three episodes of season 2 and giving it another go. A show centered on Broadway should be a must see, but, like most new Broadway shows, they take awhile to find their footing. Consider season 1 the out of town previews, and season two the actual Broadway premier!

Deuce: Brandon Connelly by Cadeography

Two weeks ago, I featured part one of my interview with one of my favorite models to profile, Brandon Connelly featuring images by Kate Gansneder. (No In-between) Today, in the second part of the interview, Brandon is captured by Seattle's Cadeography. Cadeography produces unique imagary and I loved spending time immersed in his portfolio. Stylized and modern, yet the same time beautifully classic and cinematic with a gothic, moody feel.

'Brandon and I were discussing ideas about a cool way to push the edge in a our next shoot. What better way than to strip down, sneak into an abandoned house, throw oil all over him and snap some shots? Brandon is a the real deal when it comes to professionalism, the look & motivation. I love doing things a little different from a lot of photographers, I continue to learn new ways of shooting and love throwing creative ideas together with the people I'll be working with.'

Brandon Connelly
Interview -Part 2-

Was this a difficult decision on whether to shoot nude or semi-nude?

'I kinda= of just thought to myself that I am not doing porn and the photographer and I are creating artistic images and there is a beauty behind every image that is created or at least that’s the way I think about it.'

Have you ever been asked to shoot something you were not comfortable with?

'I have only had one shoot where I was uncomfortable with the poses and camera angles. I guess I just thought to myself hopefully these won’t come out as bad as I think they will, but unfortunately they did! The main focus was on my penis and I just felt uncomfortable using them in my port.'

You have said that one of the reasons you went into modeling was to face your uncomfortably with being in front of the camera, has this happened yet?

Honestly I don’t think its happened yet, I’m still not happy with my smile in photos and the way it comes out. I have to develop way to smile without it looking forced. If I don’t have to smile in front of the camera I’m more than comfortable with getting my picture taken.

Do you have a dream shoot in your mind, or a photographer you hope to work with?

'I dream of one day working with Photographer Jason Christopher. Jason’s pictures have been in many different magazines including Vogue, and Italian Vogue. Jason says "Be prepared, or prepare to fail." Which I think everyone should live by these words. The Pictures he creates are stunning, beautiful, and romantic.'

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