Sunday, August 5, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 6th

One of my favorite shots of actor Aaron Johnson

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Aaron Johnson: Red-Letter Replacement

My favorite films are usually character driven dramas. I generally shy away from any movie where the actor or actress is holding any type of automatic weapon in the poster. For some reason however, even with the Oscar nominations, nothing was really drawing me to see Albert Nobbs. I love Glenn Close, but I also often hate Glenn Close. It is her skill as an actress I guess, but she either blows me away in her roles, or annoys the shit out of me. Some of my favorite, and least favorite, performances have come from Close.

On a trip into the city recently, I went to the biggest DVD store I could find with a long list of movies, most recommended, that I wanted to buy. I paused when I walked by the cover of the Albert Nobbs DVD. In all that I had read, in all the clips that I had seen, I had no memory of the beautiful male face situated on the right side of the cover. Yes it was shallow, but like an actor holding a weapon can turn me off a movie, the face on the cover of Albert Nobbs turned me, in this case, to make a purchase.

I had known of Aaron Johnson a little bit already, read some things on the net, and saw him in some small roles. I was not prepared however, for how drawn I was to the actor, and his character Joe in the film. From the his first scene, slipping on the snow covered stairs and 'boiling' his way into Morrison's Motel, Johnson was immensely watchable. Glenn Close was incredible, but like Albert, was understated, trying no to stand out. It was the supporting cast, led by Johnson, Janet McTeer and Mia Wasikowska who really got to shine. Any movie that can have me like Downton Abbey's Mrs. Bates (Maria Doyle Kennedy) gets extra kudos!

It was a surprise to learn Johnson was not the original pick for Joe. The actor stepped in when Orlando Bloom bowed out after his wife became pregnant. Too bad for Orlando as he really needs a decent role not on a pirate ship, but Johnson prooved an exceptional replacement. I am not sure my love for Johnson will have me rushing out to see Savages, but it has me eagerly awaiting his turn in the soon to be released Anna Karenina.

Aaron Johnson: Scene Stealer

Albert Nobbs (2011)

Dummy (2008)

Nowhere Boy (2009)

Savages (2012)

I am sure the DVD/BR release will bring about some great caps!

The Secluded Garden: Simon King by Suntown Photography

Earlier this year I profiled the work of Suntown Photography. (Cub Scout: June 1, 2012) In that piece I described a pure, untainted element to Suntown's work, and the models he photographs, that I really loved.

The English Countryside has been a theme weaved throughout the London based photographer's images (and books). I love when the beginning of a concept is a location, a feel, with artists placing models within it. Suntown is not so much trying to capture the perfect looking man, but rather, using his models to enhance the feel of the environment in which they are located. Suntown's love for the landscapes and countryside around him, especially that which is still left relatively untouched, permeates though out much of his work.

Recently, Suntown found such an oasis to shoot 21 year old model Simon King. Many of you might have seen shots of Simon recently as he has been busy this past year shooting with some of my favorite UK photographers. Obviously with the shed, not to mention the graffiti, civilization has touched the secluded garden in which Simon inhabits. Thankfully however, it has long been abandoned leaving a beautifully overgrown location of natural green perfection.

'In between showers I managed to do my first shoot with the rapidly becoming popular model Simon King. He was a real pleasure to work with and despite the logistics problems of getting from where he lives to me he duely arrived. I know he has already done a fair amount of work with other photographers it was therefore difficult to do something different. But we tried. This part of the shoot was taken in a secluded place I know. It does take a bit of a walk to get there but I think it was worth it. We managed to get quite a number of shots taken before the clouds began to darken and the heavens opened up'

The Washing Away of America

Over the past couple years, one of highlights of Seattle Pride has been the regular appearance of Captain America. This year we didn't only see the Captain in all his American glory, we also got the added bonus of watching America wash beautifully away.